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Music for a Monday

With all the discussion on Twitter (are you following justjptweet) about the VMA’s (I have not seen an actual video in years on that channel) I feel compelled to discuss some music. I really hate some of the commercialized music out there these days. I mean, Lady GaGa, what the fuck kind of name is that? Kanye West, is and always will be a whiny bitch. What happened to bands like Nirvana and artists like 2-pac and Biggie? Story tellers that had a sense that music was to be created and expressed, not just soullessly generated.

I am not a music snob by any measure, like my beer choices, it all depends on my mood. I used to say I only liked one type of music, but that was ignorant of me. From old country crooners to hard-core in another language, I like at all. So, below are some different artists that are a little off the grid, but are in heavy rotation on the ye ‘ol IPod. Check them out (all are safe for work). Also, let me know if there are any artists you feel I should chack out.

Rock en Espanol:




The Black Keys

R. L. Burnside

Samuel L. Jackson covering a R.L. Burnside classic


Ray LaMontagne

Citizen Cope



10 Ft. Ganja Plant


Hilltop Hoods


Tiger Army


Reverend Horton Heat



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Chill weekend

Beside from the girl at Starbucks that could not process my order (medium bold coffee), I am coming off a great weekend that was very low key. Here are a few happenings that made it rock:

  • My weekend kicked off Friday, when I received several text messages from various bloggers around the country. These lovely Ladies sent photo of their lovely ladies…. I clearly made out like a bandit! BTW, to those who sent me boob shots*, you are awesome!**
  • Watched Taken with Liam Neeson. Bad. Ass. Flick!
  • Went out with my buddy Jimmy Jamz. Ran into a girl whose friend I may or may not have hooked up with. This girl (bigger than me) comes up to me and is all, “I let you hook up with my friend, you could at least buy me a beer.” Me: Umm, fine if that s what it will take for you to leave me alone, I will get you a beer.” Me to the bartender, “give her one of those dollar PBR’s to shut her up.” Later, same girl comes up to me and says, “Why didn’t you try to fuck me? Well, it doesn’t matter I am not like that anyways.” Me: “Ahh ummm, wha? Yea, I am just a whore.” Later same girl, traps me by the bathroom and tries pulling me into the girls bathroom. It was like wrestling a rhino! Seriously, I was struggling to save myself from this broad. I then decided it was time to break north with no delay.
  • BWP emailed me some porn, chock full of hot tattooed chicks. I love that girl!
  • I received this message on Sunday from Jimmy Jamz: “I didn’t think I had that much to drink, but there are some gaps in my memory and I woke up with the worst hangover ever. I remember being ticked off that Asian broad didn’t pay me any attention and that ex-girlfriend was talking shit about me, then I’m waking up the next morning.” I thought we were pretty mellow about things…. Guess not. Ha!
  • Talk with my friends Down Under and caught up with them while I was getting 3 am fish tacos from Del Taco. Damn those are so good.
  • Saturday my alarm failed me. Woke up at 12:30. It was glorious.
  • Watched the movie Notorious and texted how that slinging crack looked like an awesome job, until he got arrested. She was confused by my statement.
  • Went shopping and spent $75 at the grocery store. Shitty part was no food was purchased. I did have an in-depth conversation with my cousin who is getting married. It was good catching up with him.
  • Get a call from my Sister who went to the NOVA Beerfest. Rubbed it in that I was not there and told me how they had a great time. Sis, if you are reading this, you suck. I love you. Oh, she did say she got new pin-up posters for the apt. Surf art and women is our motif. Awesome.
  • Racked up many hours on Medal of Honor World at War for the ol’ XBOX. No better way to waste time in my opinion.
  • Laid low Sunday and did some shopping. Prepared sone veg for a pot roast in the next few days, which I will be posting the recipe for.
  • It is casual week at work and I have Friday off. So far, things are looking up.

*Please feel free to send any and all boob shots to justjpblog (dot) gmail (dot) com.

**The blogger’s names will be withheld from public record.


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Good times

I just had a solid weekend. No real non-sense, in fact no non-sense at all. It was peaceful and reflective. Here is the top 10 highlights of this past weekend:

  1. Friday night I changed my spark plugs and brakes on my car. Now, I know this does seem like a fun thing to most, but it was nice to get lost in a project.
  2. Went swimming with my dog. He loves the water, the little psycho.
  3. Watched disc 1 and 2 of HBO’s True Blood season 1, as recommended by LiLu.I am now hooked.
  4. Boxed up more of my stuff in preparation of my “cannot happen fast enough” move.
  5. Talked with my sister for an hour discussing a variety of issues, such as the upcoming Northern VA Beerfest. I may even be there, if a certain phone call goes well today.
  6. I made a killer pot roast (while listening to Wu-Tang Clan); which I will eat the rest of the week. I love left overs.
  7. Caught up on sleep. (this should be at the top, but there is no real order here.
  8. Went to Sat. 5 o’clock mass. I had to laugh at the little old Hispanic lady that starred at my tattoos and refused to shake my hand as I said, “peace be with you.” #failedatchurch
  9. Got a random phone call from Australia and a text form Maryland. I love random communication from beautiful girls. You know who you are!
  10. For once I actually looked forward to a Monday, or at least the start of the work week.

Well, off to do offical type things. Enjoy your day!


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