Ramble on

The other day I came upon an issue. Now, there have been many things going on in my unemployed life, such as dealing with the insurance company about my car, going out on a few dates, about to start classes, how fucking cold I have been, and working at a bar on the weekends. Those are all seemingly good issues to ramble about, but they are not what I want to discuss today.

The issue I bring forth today is the shaving mishap I had the other night. Now, I know some of my female readers will not understand my plight, then again they may. So, I got the idea of “I want to shave the mustache portion of my goatee” on a whim. This is not uncommon for me to get a wild idea and act on it. It is what makes me, me. Anyways, I put it on twitter that I had this idea and received solid feedback about my possible endeavor.

With the positive feedback fueling my idea, I went into the bathroom and broke out the clippers. Knocked down the mustache and trimmed the sides a bit. However, while shaping the goatee, I went in too far on one side and had to even it up. Well, that didn’t go too well and I had to take the entire thing off.

So, what should have looked like this:

Ended up looking like this:

It is amazing how one slip of the clippers will change the whole look of your face.

What is the problem with this whole mishap? It is fucking cold in DC and now may face is being wind burned by the cold ass wind! Couple that with my inability to fully grow out a beard. Wait, no. Scratch that. I should say my impatience for growing a beard. It should be said at this point that I am envious of guys that can rock out a full beard. Take Zac Brown, lead singer of the Zac Brown band. This guy has a wicked mountain man-esque beard. I mean look at this guy:

Now that is an awesome beard. So, with this all said, I am going to attempt to achieve the Zac Brown style beard. I realize this will take some time and some patience, but I am going to go for it. Call it my delayed new years resolution.

Anyways, this leads me to the second portion of my ramble. If you have not heard the Zac Brown Band before, check them out. Their new album is pretty band good for a bunch of good ol’ boys from Georgia. With that said here is one of their videos…. Enjoy!



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22 responses to “Ramble on

  1. Totally not a fan of the mountain-man beard…

  2. So glad I’m a girl and we don’t have to deal with facial hair issues. Well I guess some girls might, but they belong in the circus.

    Oh ya and also I’ve moved.

  3. i *heart* the zb band! ohhh… now youre on my cool music folks list 🙂 …and you go ahead …the whole “mountain man” thing is kinda sexy… to bears…
    & maybe a few sex kittens…

  4. I just tried leaving a comment and it somehow disappeared. I think I said something like glad as a girl I don’t have facial hair and something about the circus.

    And also how I have moved.

  5. hmmm…. i kinda prefer the fightin’ Irish look…but I’m sure that look is around every corner there in the DC…just as that scraggly, smelly,itchy,rat’s nest face is on every guy here in Boulder…
    but you know…it’s your choice and all

    missed you

  6. k8

    so if you squeeze your chin cheeks together, does it look like hairy ass crack? Just wondering.

  7. dude shave it all off YOU DO NOT NEED A LANDING STRIP ON YOUR FACE!

  8. 1) I’d never heard of the Zac Brown Band before, but *thank you.*
    2) I support the full beard – if only to see how it would look.
    3) It was good running into you this weekend. Sorry I was a bit…um…out of it.

  9. The Sis

    Ugh. No mountain man beard. You look good goatee etc.

    Men with scraggly beards look all pedo

  10. good luck on your epic journey.

  11. that dude does have an awesome beard

    and which bar are you at on the weekends?!

  12. Wow he’s ADORABLE. I didn’t see me thinking that but yes. I do. Also, please tell me you shaved the chin landing strip.

  13. I have experienced what you’ve described. Of course with my eyebrows. I’ve gone on the drunk pluck before and ended up with an entirely new set of eyes. I understand your need to post.

  14. Nice landing strip.

    I want to bang your chin now.

    I’m surprised you didn’t make it into the shape of a little heart or lightning bolt.

  15. I agree about the landing strip…

    uh, excuse me…girls know where to land…it’s the men who need direction….

    and if you ARE going to have one…please…do the lightning bolt…hahaha

  16. hahahahaha @ moog

    Seriously, if you do that mountain man thing i will not hang out with you anymore. FACT.

  17. Grow that mountain beard and be one step closer to trumping The Most Interesting Man in the World.

  18. Alyxherself

    just…seriously okay? groom it and, uh, i dunno the terminology…febreze it or something.

    on a related note…why the hell do chics hafta be all *neat and tidy* if guys can walk around with a 70’s bush dead on their mug? man, face bush gets paraded around in public like its acceptable, or something.
    anyway, good luck with the coffee strainer, i hope it keeps you warm, you big bear. cold sucks.

  19. Aww..girls have moustaches too (and may I add, it’s just a thin layer of hair over the lip that can get very annoying), so I can relate a bit. We’ll watch out for your Zac Brown-esque beard.

  20. Mags from TX

    I am totally into hairy men! Chest hair, face hair, arm hair – don’t care! I love hairy men.

    Ironically though, I think bald heads are incredibly sexy.

  21. i think it’s awesome how jealous dudes get of other dudes’ beards. every guy i’ve ever dated has been envious of whoever has / can grow a better beard than them.

  22. kim

    ok- a couple of things….
    #1- I will check out the band- I love new shit
    #2- re-think the beard thing- think from a gals perspective…… during those “intimate” moments ie; you’re down under, you better have some damn good hygiene baby or you’re wearing those goods till your next shower.

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