Music for a Monday

With all the discussion on Twitter (are you following justjptweet) about the VMA’s (I have not seen an actual video in years on that channel) I feel compelled to discuss some music. I really hate some of the commercialized music out there these days. I mean, Lady GaGa, what the fuck kind of name is that? Kanye West, is and always will be a whiny bitch. What happened to bands like Nirvana and artists like 2-pac and Biggie? Story tellers that had a sense that music was to be created and expressed, not just soullessly generated.

I am not a music snob by any measure, like my beer choices, it all depends on my mood. I used to say I only liked one type of music, but that was ignorant of me. From old country crooners to hard-core in another language, I like at all. So, below are some different artists that are a little off the grid, but are in heavy rotation on the ye ‘ol IPod. Check them out (all are safe for work). Also, let me know if there are any artists you feel I should chack out.

Rock en Espanol:




The Black Keys

R. L. Burnside

Samuel L. Jackson covering a R.L. Burnside classic


Ray LaMontagne

Citizen Cope



10 Ft. Ganja Plant


Hilltop Hoods


Tiger Army


Reverend Horton Heat



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13 responses to “Music for a Monday

  1. Sacrilege alert: I really don’t think Nirvana has withstood the test of time.

    I agree. Nirvana was used as an example of a group that had a video on MTV, that gave them notoriety. Now, I always would like to imagine if The Marshall Tucker Band or The Beatles had a video on MTV, what would that be like?

  2. music nowadays is embarassing. whoever decided lady gaga needed to be famous and crowned her an “artist” should also be gagged, just like kanye.

    and nirvana is really only cool until you graduate high school.

    I feel like we are being robbed by these over produced acts. Its all about “reality” these days, but the entire set up is fake. No talent and annoying = popular? I am waiting for the next revolution.

  3. Jordan

    Fuck yeah R.L. Burnside

    Bam! That just happened.

  4. The Sis

    How did Devotchka not make that list???

    Just going off what I have been into recently. They still make it in the play list.

  5. I can’t listen to all of these now, but I love being introduced to new (to me) music.

    Although, I’ll admit it, sometimes I am in the mood for commercial pop. Like when I don’t want to think.

    The folk and blues has been doing that for me lately.

  6. k8

    I can’t wait to go home where I can watch videos! I love learning about new music. And this rockabilly thing. I know nothing about this type of music. I’ve been hearing ABOUT it, but never HEARD any of it. Thanks, JP!

    Yeah, they are not the best rockabilly examples, but it will drive home the point of the old school sound I want to capture.

  7. f.B

    sweet. new music. i didn’t get a chance to listen today, but something tells me tomorrow is gonna be a slow work day.

    and ray lamontagne and damien rice? geniuses.

    I have been finding awesome tunes via the Genius setting on Itunes of all things.

  8. It’s so sad that the only name I recognized was Samuel L.

    <— dork

    We will school you soon my dear.

  9. I agree with you completely, music genuinely sucks nowadays. Personally, I’ve been listening to this song (Maybe because it makes me picture Mr. Blonde dancing. LOL):

    The Clash also makes me happy:

    Ah, Mr. Blonde and the clash. A girl after my own heart!

  10. Um, are we the same person? Because I have seen like 7 of those acts live. And I totally partied with The Reverend Horton Heat on their bus after a Halloween show at The Middle East. I won the costume contest. Jim Heath is awesome. True story.

    That is awesome. I hung out with him at HOB after doing an interview with The Legendary Shack Shakers!

  11. I can’t so much comment on the music as I’m music-challenged (escape the rare exception), but I can’t help but agree on the Kanye comment. How could someone who was lucky enough to achieve so much STILL be such a whiny tool? Ungrateful POS, I say.

    I just don’t get him and I never will.

  12. Racquel Valencia

    Frig I love RL Burnside. I remember I saw this episode of The New Music (a Canadian show about, uh, music?) and it was all about the Delta blues… RL Burnside, T-Model Ford, and puh-lenty of history on ol’ Robert Johnson. It seriously opened my eyes.

    Thus further proving that you are one of my favorite peeps!

  13. JPP

    I don’t know ANY of those listed there.

    However we do have something in common. I’ve listened to music before in my life and I assume you have also.

    So there’s that.

    Gotta make our connections where we can!

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