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Music for a Monday

With all the discussion on Twitter (are you following justjptweet) about the VMA’s (I have not seen an actual video in years on that channel) I feel compelled to discuss some music. I really hate some of the commercialized music out there these days. I mean, Lady GaGa, what the fuck kind of name is that? Kanye West, is and always will be a whiny bitch. What happened to bands like Nirvana and artists like 2-pac and Biggie? Story tellers that had a sense that music was to be created and expressed, not just soullessly generated.

I am not a music snob by any measure, like my beer choices, it all depends on my mood. I used to say I only liked one type of music, but that was ignorant of me. From old country crooners to hard-core in another language, I like at all. So, below are some different artists that are a little off the grid, but are in heavy rotation on the ye ‘ol IPod. Check them out (all are safe for work). Also, let me know if there are any artists you feel I should chack out.

Rock en Espanol:




The Black Keys

R. L. Burnside

Samuel L. Jackson covering a R.L. Burnside classic


Ray LaMontagne

Citizen Cope



10 Ft. Ganja Plant


Hilltop Hoods


Tiger Army


Reverend Horton Heat



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