Good times

I just had a solid weekend. No real non-sense, in fact no non-sense at all. It was peaceful and reflective. Here is the top 10 highlights of this past weekend:

  1. Friday night I changed my spark plugs and brakes on my car. Now, I know this does seem like a fun thing to most, but it was nice to get lost in a project.
  2. Went swimming with my dog. He loves the water, the little psycho.
  3. Watched disc 1 and 2 of HBO’s True Blood season 1, as recommended by LiLu.I am now hooked.
  4. Boxed up more of my stuff in preparation of my “cannot happen fast enough” move.
  5. Talked with my sister for an hour discussing a variety of issues, such as the upcoming Northern VA Beerfest. I may even be there, if a certain phone call goes well today.
  6. I made a killer pot roast (while listening to Wu-Tang Clan); which I will eat the rest of the week. I love left overs.
  7. Caught up on sleep. (this should be at the top, but there is no real order here.
  8. Went to Sat. 5 o’clock mass. I had to laugh at the little old Hispanic lady that starred at my tattoos and refused to shake my hand as I said, “peace be with you.” #failedatchurch
  9. Got a random phone call from Australia and a text form Maryland. I love random communication from beautiful girls. You know who you are!
  10. For once I actually looked forward to a Monday, or at least the start of the work week.

Well, off to do offical type things. Enjoy your day!


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16 responses to “Good times

  1. You looked forward to a Monday? But why?

    You should have told the little old Hispanic lady that your tattoos won’t bite. Too much?

    Today is phone call Monday, where I harass inquire about things I have floating out there.

    Yeah, I understand her position though. I mean I do have a devil and the sacred heart tattooed on my elbow. It may be a bit intense.

  2. oh true blood, how i love thee.

    and i’m impressed with the cooking, i’ve never made a pot roast.

    I was very impressed with this series.

    I cook a lot. Hit me up and I will email you the incredibly easy recipe.

  3. f.B

    Which Wu-Tang album? I cleaned (sorta) the house last night while listening to The W.

    I had Enter the Wu-Tang 36 chambers going. Thats how I got down.

  4. I wish I knew how to change spark plugs and brakes on my car. I’m such a dude.

    It’s mellow, I can teach you. Saved myself about $300 by doing so!

  5. True Blood is SO addictive… and after seeing the first two episodes of season 2, let me promise you… it only gets better.

    Sweet, cause I am hooked.

  6. kim

    If she wouldn’t shake your hand, you really should have leaned over and licked her face.

    Damn, where were you when I needed you?

  7. I’m #9! I’m #9! Look at how uncool I am!!!

    Wanna know what else makes me uncool? I’m actually reading the Sookie Stockhouse books… all of them… in order.

    Yes you were. I love the, “hey try this beer it goes good with (insert pain killer of choice). That is why love ya!
    I prefer the movies, less effort on my part. Gawd, I am lazy.

  8. Just Playing Pretend

    You make pot roast? By yourself?

    Will you marry me?

    Yes. Of course, it’s too easy not to. As long as Elvis does the ceremony, but don’t tell Lemmonex.

  9. I so need to get all up on the True Blood. I should have done that instead of leaving my house this weekend. Epic weekend fail. But hell yeah, pot roast!

    We all have an epic fail no and then (see tomorrows post). Pot roast was a win over here!

  10. True Blood is ORSUM. It’s official (even though we don’t get it over here). Didn’t know there were books though (am a lazy viewer). Will seek them out (thanks to JoLee).

    I’ve only ever changed my HT leads (and I broke 2 nails doing that). Brakes sounds complicated. Well done you!

    (that wasn’t meant to sound so patronising. Seriously, though, well done)

    True Blood is orsum! Yea, it really didn’t take as long as I thought it would.

  11. Pot roast and beerfest? Let’s get married or at least be BFF’s.

    Why not both!

  12. Mags from TX

    Way back when I had my small pickup, I changed the spark plugs all by myself one day. A few years pass and I changed the battery when it died.

    The battery change out prompted the following conversation with an unknown female tenant in the same complex:

    Her: “What are you doing?”
    Me: “Changing out my truck battery because it died.”
    Her: “That is what my boyfriend is for” (said snootily)
    Me: Ya’ know what my boyfriend is for? He is currently tied to the bed anticipating the mind-blowing sex we are going to have when I go inside after doing this!
    Her: (scampered off in her fuzzy CMFM shoes)
    Me: LOL!!!!

    LOL! That is awesome!

  13. I tried to get into TB, I really did. Just couldn’t get past being annoyed. (I will now duck to avoid the onslaught of rotten tomatoes coming my way…)

    Sounds like an awesome weekend! Where are you moving to?

    I spent my weekend, and this a.m., watching Tiger et al. Weekends that involve watching sports, regardless of the sport, are just a wee bit better.

    Lol, duck! I am trying to move the rest of stuff to D.C. Tiger had a rough game with those putts. Damn, I was kind of annoyed with the weather interrupting the game.

  14. i SO SO SO wish i knew how to do stuff to my own car. i once said i’d never buy a car before learning how to work on one, but… that didn’t go so well.

    I just pretend like I know what I am doing.

  15. k8

    I wish I could entertain myself as easily as you appear to be able to.

    Lol, you should see what happens when I get bored!

  16. Um. Beerfest? Yes please.

    2 please!

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