JP goes Viral!





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10 responses to “JP goes Viral!

  1. You know what? I believe that IS actually killing Baby Jesus…

    Congrats on your first vlog….well done!

    I am sure we will hear that his return has been delayed due to this broad killing him.

  2. Marie

    I promise to never cock block you, ever. Besides, when I’m tipsy/drunk, I tend to just giggle. I don’t talk, I giggle.

    More JP Vlogs!

    Let the record reflect, Marie will NOT cock block JP. We need beers soon.

  3. Psst…it’s vlog. Like blog w/a v. 🙂


    What ever, I will say it how I want.

  4. I enjoyed the tale. I enjoyed the hat. I enjoyed looking at your tattoo.

    I would suggest maybe altering the “backdrop”. The glare is killing me!

    Thanks Playa! Yeah the video quality and the background will be changed for next time. Good looking out.

  5. More! Thanks for the tale even though it didn’t have a happy ending! Nice ink!

    Like I said, just one chapter of that night. It was early.

  6. k8

    I don’t get it. And I think that’s a sign that I’m never going to get laid.

    Awww, K8. We will get you there someday.

  7. lacaridad

    Great vlog! Would love to see more!

    Thanks darling!

  8. That’s the saddest story I’ve ever heard.

    Not sad, comical. It happens.

  9. Love the vlog – some stories just work better with gestures and tone of voice.

    Also, ditto Marie. I like to think that I’m hardly ever a cock block. More of…an enabler.

    I will keep you around then.

  10. i’ve totally done that before, but it’s usually when my FRIEND is the drunk one, and she’s allowing some highly, highly sketchy dude with missing teeth and shit to talk her up. i will cockblock the crap out of that situation.

    Lol, is it wrong that I am usually the stektchy guy? I thought not.

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