Briefly interrupt your service

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Few reasons why I have not been on in a while:

  1. Since I quit my job, they have given me a replacement to train. This means I have the “new guy” sitting next to me all day as I show him the ropes. This will go on until I leave. This means no blog, Twitter, or sexy G-Chat messages ya’ll are used to. I feel disconnected.
  2. I am still recovering from all the parties that have been thrown in my honor.
  3. I have been very distracted with some new things in my life.
  4. Getting ready to move has been a bit stressful.
  5. By the end of the day, I have nothing more to say, to anyone.


I have been tempted to do V-Log if I can figure it out. So, stay tuned and I will try to bring you a few stories from the past few weeks.


Thanks for dropping in,




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15 responses to “Briefly interrupt your service

  1. Marie

    Why don’t you blindfold the new guy when you want to gchat/tweet/blog. This way he can’t say anything against you and you won’t feel so disconnected!

    I’m a genius, I know.

    Pure genius!

  2. Just send him out for coffee. Repeatedly. Like, all day. I miss you.

    I do need a new coffee bitch… thanks.

  3. Whatevs…just pimp hand the dude.

    I may hire a centuar for the job.

  4. i think you’re WAY falling down on the job here. shouldn’t you be teaching your replacement the important things, like the best ways to slack off at work..??

    I really wish I could. It sucks having a semi-serious job. I am just really good at getting away with stuff.

  5. Can’t you just blog and shit while your replacement is washing your car and shit?

    Think, man. THINK!

    Black Betty does need a new coat of wax…

  6. i’m gonna be sad for the days when i have to train my replacement…. i won’t be able to sit on gchat and twitter. unless i incorporate that into training, which i should. i’m just horrified of how much better my replacement will be at this job than i ever was. it’s gonna burn a little. (TWSS)

    Ah, who cares once you are gone. I am just making sure I cover as much as I can, then I am out.

  7. I agree with mooooog.

    That and getting me beers. This will be next weeks lesson.

  8. k8

    I miss you.

    Miss you too.

  9. I feel like a part of the training should be “how to be online without getting in trouble.” You know he wants to learn that.

    Yeah, just not sure I want him knowing all of the sites I visit, if you know what I mean…

  10. kim

    Drug him. Eye drops in his coffee. He’ll be shitting his pants all day and you can blog to your hearts content!

    Kim, I love you! Seriously, best idea ever.

  11. or just threaten him. or bribe him. tell him you’ll teach him nothing unless he keeps his mouth shut.

    Yeah, he does talk a lot. I have taught him that if done properly, you can yell at people.

  12. Maybe you should teach your replacement how to blog on the job, and to multitask while gchatting! If I had a replacement, thats all I’d be teaching them…

    Yeah, but these are lessons I feel he needs to learn on his own.

  13. As your replacement, get him to do a few posts for you. Just to switch it up some. Of course, he’ll never *really* be you and he knows that and has to live with that for the rest of his life.

    My life is pretty legendary…I can see where this would be intimidating.

  14. lbluca77

    You might as well teach him all about blogging and twitter cause eventually that is how he is going to be doing instead of his new job.

    This is true. Amazing how much time is spent doing those items.

  15. Interruptions are part of life, make the best of it. 🙂

    Welcome Walter. I shall.

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