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Luck of the Irish

I would like to welcome you to Foxy Friday! Foxy Fridays features female artists, tattooed females, or women that are sexy, intriguing, and artistic in their own right. Going on the principle that ink and art is sexy and vastly becoming a societal norm, rather than counter culture. These individuals hold both traditional and non-traditional roles in our culture and they need to be celebrated for their overall beauty. Plus, who doesn’t like seeing hot women on Friday’s?

Today The Gospel brings you Jeney from Shamrock-On:

Upon first impression, I am probably not someone you think would need to take off a sock to count all her tattoos.  Hell, I’m not even the kind of girl who jumps into a long-winded explanation when any Tom, Dick, or Harry asks me about them. My answers are typically simple and vague. This is because the ink that adorns my body is exactly that – mine. Although each piece has been inspired by important individuals and instances in my life and they were all designed and put there by someone else; the artwork and the stories that put them there belong to me


Don’t get me wrong, I am proud of my ink and I don’t keep them a secret.  I just feel as if my tattoos are like scars – I’m not going to flash them to everyone I meet, but if you ask to see it or want the story behind it, I’ll tell you.


That is what is so beautiful about body art and body modification to me. Every piercing, tattoo, and implant has a story attached to it that is as unique as the person it belongs to. Each inch of colored skin on my body is just as sacred as each scar, birthmark, or unblemished piece – because it all belongs to me and me alone.  From the tiny Libra symbol on my wrist to the shooting stars that line my ribcage, it is all a part of the glorious and wonderful person that is Jeney.


I don’t think I will ever stop adding to my collection. I have so many plans to expand on pieces I have now as well as for whole new pieces. As a person I am always changing and growing – I expect the same of my body. After all, I’m never getting out of life alive, right? I might as well enjoy this body while I still can – live hard, and rock on!

Want to learn more about Jeney and her ink? She does a feature Tattoos-days where she showcases one piece that she has every Tuesday. Also, you can follow her on twitter at Jeneypeney.

Are you a beautiful woman that may not be considered “typical” housewife material? Do you enjoy the spicer things in life? Then you may be a Fox! If you or someone you know would like to be featured on Foxy Friday, please contact JP, live and direct at justjpblog (at) gmail (dot) com for more details. You can also follow me on Twitter @justjptweet Do it, Doo it.



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