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5 things you didn’t know

I found it interesting while talking to my roommate a while ago, when she said that I don’t show my “other side.” At least the side she knows anyways. So, I thought it would be nice to share 5 things about myself, that my readers probably didn’t know. Also, I wanted to give my readers a chance to ask me anything in the comment section below. So, here goes:

  1. I am a registered Republican. More towards fiscal standards and less government interference.
  2. I have surfed 8 Category (Cat) 3 or better hurricane swells.
  3. When I was 6 years old, I won 1st place in a beauty contest. My “speech” was on how awesome the Thundercats are.
  4. I have had 9 concussions, 17 broken bones, countless stitches, meniscus repair on my right knee, and had 2 eternal fixator pins in my right elbow due to a compound humeral and ulna head fracture. All of which stem from some sort of outdoor or “extreme” sports. I just call it stupidity.
  5. If I could do anything, I would earn my Ph.D. and teach part time in a communications theory or post-modern theory arena. Also, I would open my own gastro-pub/hotel situated between some vineyards in Northern Cali. I would then get to do the 3 things I love; teach, entertain, and cook. That would truly make me happy.

So, what would you like to know about JP?



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