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A week in review

Hello once again! I have returned from my epic journey to the District. So, here is a play by play, day by day:

Saturday- The last day the girl and I were together. Was kind of bummed out because I really got to like her and felt like if given the chance it could have really worked out; we both knew the score of the short term relationship. Story of my life. Meet a great girl and she is plucked from my arms.

Sunday- Took girl home. Shane’s wake. Bad day.

Monday- My friends funeral was at 2 and felt an odd sadness the rest of the day. Went to Texas de Brazil with some co-workers and Roomy #1. This place is a carnivores dream land with every kind of meat on skewers on demand. We had so much meat, I was dying of meat death. The place is awesome! Though, on the way out, like within 5 minutes of leaving the restaurant, my roommate says,  “um, I need to use the restroom all that meat went right trough me.” I asked if Burger King would work and she said it would, thus proving it’s emergent nature. She was gone for 20 minutes. When she finally emerged, I asked WTF? This is what she tole me after dropping a deuce: “I was in the first stall and there was no toilet paper, so I had to waddle to the handicap stall. I get there and not only did they not have tp, there were no paper towels either! Looked in my purse and there was nothing. Took a deep breath and said a prayer and waddled out to the main floor of the bathroom to get paper towels with my pants around my ankles, still in desperate need of a good wipe.” I about died from laughing so damn much.

Tuesday- Went to work with a meat hangover and yes, this can happen. Was a slacker at the best description. Went with Roomy #1 to get sushi with our friend. Great evening of catching up and reminiscing about the mid-west.

Wednesday- Alarm went off at 3:50 am. and I was on the road headed north by 4:30. After a cup of coffee, 2 red bulls, 2 waters, and a half of a slim jim that I shared with my dog, I arrived in my apartment in Va. at 5:30. Showered and hungry, I met up with the DC Princess for dinner at Oyamel. Though I was the social equivalent of a zombie, it was a very nice time. The food there was beyond amazing. We had the guacamole (could have just eaten this) and their salsa, which was nicely spiced. A couple of tacos and a few margaritas. This was truly a great way to start my trip off.

Thursday- Went to lunch with Lizard Breath at Gordon Biersch and hit on the waitress and stared at women. It was a good time. I was going to head up to the University to fill out paperwork, but opted for a nap. Made a few strategic phone calls about possible career opportunities. Then the friends showed up and the vodka flowed. Around 11 our neighbor Jude showed up and it just came unglued. This girl can drink! She left around 3??? I think I fell asleep around 4.

Friday- Woke up slightly fuzzy. Went out to my car to get my Smart trip card and a pair of sunglasses… What. The. Fuck! My car was GONE. Yes, gone. Now, I may or may not have overreacted at this point (please see JP melted the fuck down) when went to the leasing office to find out what had happened. It was parked in the visitors section, but parked right next to the space that had visitor written on it. Oh yea, did I mention it was 12 and my interview was down in the heart of Georgetown? Yea, it was like that. Found out it would cost me $150.00 to get my car. Caught the Metro into town. Got off at Foggy Bottom and decided it would be quicker to walk to to my destination, in the middle of a warm Summer day, in a suit. Fail! Made it with 10 minutes to spare, sweating my balls off! Had the interview that was supposed to last an hour, it went an hour and half. Very cool. I did my best, but I am very worried I will get beat out by someone with more experience. Made it home by 7pm. I was wiped and broke. Here is where I totally apologise to everyone who came out to happy hour. I really wanted to go but just didn’t have it in me time or money wise to make it back into town. I promise I will make it up to you!!!

Saturday- Went and got my car and paid the $150.00 while talking shit the entire time, because some times I can’t let shit go. Loaded up the car and went to Fredrick Maryland to see some friends. Went to Brewer’s Alley for lunch and ridiculous conversation. Got home around 8 and went back out to Champs to meet some friends. By this time I hated people and was drained.

Sunday- Alarm went off at 4:30 am and i was on the road at 5. 1 cup of coffee, 2 red bulls, and half a hot-dog I shared with my dog, I made it to my house in Orlando by 5:30 pm.  Wiped. Out.

Today- I am still wiped and a bit stressed about the potential job. I think it would be an awesome fit for me and I could do amazing things there. So, I now must play the waiting game. Shoot me! So, it is what it is and I will keep you posted.



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