When have I ever been too qualified

This morning I heard the strangest thing I have ever heard: I am too qualified. Let me qualify this by saying, I am to qualified to answer phones. Lets think about this for a hot minute…. when have I ever been too qualified to do anything? Is there such a thing? I would think if you have a job to fill and someone with experience to fill can, why wouldn’t you take them. Oh, too much experience? Gotcha! I see how this is.

This is just a coup on my voice and you just don’t have the balls to say, sorry we are looking for someone with a phone-sex operator voice. I have a sexy voice! Think Barry White after a pack of smokes and a whiskey hangover. Hell, if you let me drink on the job, I can give you a decent Paul Hogan circa 1986 with a strong “G’day” and “How ya going”.

I get why I was passed over and how I am too qualified, but for fuck sakes! I am 2 days away from day labor over here. I was envious of the guys cutting the grass at my apt complex today. Maybe I should call them? I am just tired (I am more than sure my friends are tired of hearing me) of worrying about a temp job, while I wait for the hotness to come through. Why should a hard worker “dumb down” their resume?

Anyways, I am just mouf’n off. I am the one that put myself in this position and the only one that can pull up on it. I have tons of time and very little money, for now. Hell, maybe I should go hang out and volunteer at the fire department while I wait. Oh well, guess I will go to the gym and work on my glamour muscles.



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18 responses to “When have I ever been too qualified

  1. Marie

    Call them up and show them that Pimp sexy voice of yours!

    You also just put Barry White song in my head that won’t go away.

    Mission. Accomplished!

  2. You should go in there and show them your sexy voice and demand they give you the job.

    I will go in there and show them something!!!

  3. Yeah, dude. I’ve been ‘overqualified’ for a job before too. I think it just means “we’re afraid you’re going to find something better and quit right away” or “we want to mold you into one of those rabidly loyal weirdo employees at this shitty job who wants to stay here forever and work hard for minimum wage, but you have had experience in the real world of good jobs and we know you won’t fall for our ruse”.
    Which are true.

    But it totally sucks anyway. No fair!

    Totally bullshit. Oh well, day labor here I come.

  4. k8

    Are you working with a temp service? Because they usually know how to hook you up, whether you’re “too qualified” or not. Because it’s their job to put a body in a position. They don’t care, as long as you show up.

    Yeah, its just all around weird.

  5. Mags from TX

    Don’t you just want to reply that while you may be too qualified, what you are really hearing from them is that their job and/or company is so god-awful that you would run away as soon as you could.

    Sometimes you just want a mind-numbing job that pays the bills, and lets you get away from the stress and pressure of the jobs for which you are qualified.

    I left a 16-year job with stress/pressure that introduced me to gray hair and Prozac and took a part-time job verifying insurance for my doctor at minimum wage. I only did it for 6 months but it was a vacation that my nerves and mind desparately needed.

    Yeah, it is just a short term gig, but still pissing me off.

  6. Jordan

    This post made me really appreciate how little ambition I have.

    I have low ambition, but pissed that I am being passed up for answering phones. #lame

  7. This and “I don’t want to ruin the friendship” should go down in a book of things to never say if you want someone to take the answer seriously. Honest criticism never hurt anyone and at least you’d know to start drinking before interviews to reach Paul Hogan status.

    Although, if you need a reference…I’d happily tell any employer that if they hired a “Barry White after a pack of smokes and a whiskey hangover” voice, I’d never stop calling.

    Oooh, give me a call anytime! Yes, I shall reach Paul Hogan status soon.

  8. did you talk like a surfer dude? because whenever i hear you talk like that, i automatically think “man, i’d hire him for anything.” especially when you say “yea we’re gonna be groovin’ in there around 4, will you be playin’ the game?” man.

    just kidding. i just think it’s awesome when the surfer dude in you comes out.

    also, i’m pretty sure “you’re too qualified to work for us” means “you’re better than us.” be honored.

    So from what I gather here, JP’s surfer voice= wetness for the Ginger.

  9. Love the glamour muscle reference. A lot. I’m also very anti the idea of dumbing down. I’ve been in that position – so very *very* annoying. Good luck with the temp stuff!

    Your understanding of my reference, is why we are friends. Thanks!

  10. you only work on your glamour muscles! I could do more push ups than you

    There is no way you can do more than me!

  11. HA, love all the Sunny references here.

    Wait until tomorrow.

  12. did they also tell you that you’d totally still be friends, too? PSH. LIES and HATERS.

    No kiss or lube. Bastards.

  13. Oh man, been there more times than I can count. But those that mentioned it before are completely right, said company is well below your competency level and standards. They’re all afraid that you’ll blow that popsicle stand as soon as something better comes along.

    Yeah, they would be right…

  14. Hang in there. And ignore the idiots. xo

    Thanks babe.

  15. Just going out on a limb here and maybe stating the obvious, but…

    Doesn’t the fact that you can breathe make you overqualified to answer a phone?

    I don’t want to meet the person who JUST meets this criteria.

  16. As someone who was a “fundraiser” and made outgoing phone calls in a shitty job long ago, trust me, be glad you’re overqualified!

  17. kim

    If you’re over qualified doesn’t that just mean that they should pay you more to do it?

  18. I am definitely working a demeaning job right now, and I don’t mind at all. They told me I was overqualified at first, but since I went for the pay they were offering they finally took me. I kind of feel like maybe I should have waited just a little longer, but in the end- at least I’m working! And I still have time to look for something else…

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