Winter Wonderland

Normally I really would post about the weather, unless it was a hurricane and the waves were really good. However, during my second week in Deez C, it got a little cold. Well, really effin cold. So, last Saturday this was the scene at my apartment:

My poor car!

My friend getting covered in snow

The entire complex was covered

Ahh the joys of trying to do a beer run in the snow

So those of you still enjoying 70 or 80 degree weather, just remember your friend in the great white north.

P.S. As I write this today, all of that wonderful snow has melted and it now looks like a swamp in front of my place. Boo for that!



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20 responses to “Winter Wonderland

  1. Marie

    But it’s so pretty!!!! Expect more of this. 🙂

    I love it!

  2. Take solace in this: further north, we just get ice. Also, so pretty! (the snow, although you’re handsome as well.)

    Flattery will get you everywhere with me!

  3. dude. -11 here this morning when I woke up.

    Boo for that shit! Stay warm my friend.

  4. Im not a fan at all of coldness.

    Me either

  5. I think the lesson here is that you should always make sure you’re stocked up on beer. Then you don’t need to venture out. Right?

    Actually, we ran out and had to get more. Thought we had enough. Lesson learned, lesson learned.


    It was funny cause the snowballs I was throwing at her was sticking to her sweater. Yes, I am that guy.

  7. I think I love snow. But that’s only because I live somewhere where it rarely snows and never really sticks to the ground and I never wake up to a winter wonderland.

    I totally dig the snow, but not the melt afterwards.

  8. A nice welcome, eh?

    I did enjoy looking out the window and seeing it.

  9. Welcome to our fair city!

  10. Jordan

    This fascinates me. It snowed on Friday here and everyone panicked and closed the schools…but none of the snow even stuck to the ground, hardly. HOW DO YOU PEOPLE UP THERE LIVE??

    Booze, tons of fucking booze!

  11. kim

    I like to think of snowbanks as “outdoor beer fridges”
    Takes some of the sting out of shitty weather.

    I have been keeping the beer outside. It reminds me of being in the UK. Love it!

  12. what the hell? we JUST got our first flurries on friday, and haven’t had any stick to the ground yet. NONE. just a little frost on my car. i don’t know why, but i am actually excited for snow this year and pretty damn sick of waiting for it!

    You can see it soon my dear!

  13. If it makes you feel any better, it was 45 degrees here in LA last night– a perfect “hell freezing over” moment, I know, and I was too cold to appreciate it.

    My mom called me today to say it was 80 in Orlando.

  14. v8grrl

    whatever you wuss…it was -22 here today…I hate the cold…35 and above is good for me…

    it is pretty tho…its real purdy…
    I have an idea…
    have a hot toddy


    I like where your head is at with this!

  15. Wow…I hate to be “that girl” but…

    Suck it up. You could be with me in Chicago WISHING for just snow. Wait until it’s 15 below, that’s when the real fun starts!

    (I kid…you know I lurve you. You’re a delicate flower used to the warmth, it’s ok)

    Teee heee

    You could never be “that girl”, trust me, thats the kind I used to date. And a delicate flower… thats a first! Hehehe

  16. k8

    I love the snow! LOVE IT! My mom and dad got over a foot, my brother got 18 inches, my sister lives in the mountains, so she’s already stocked up. I got a measly six inches and -45 degree windchill to go with it. But I do not complain about the cold when there’s snow. If there’s no snow and it’s that cold, the universe can go suck it. Enjoy!

    I agree! If snow is on the ground, I am okay with the cold. No snow, forget about it!

  17. Isn’t the ‘Great white North’ usually refer to Canada? Which is for good reason! We got TONS of snow and there’s no chance of melting for the next 3 1/12 months!

    It is close enough to the arctic for me!

  18. Isn’t the ‘Great white North’ usually refer to Canada? Which is for a good reason! We got TONS of snow and there’s no chance of melting for the next 3 1/12 months!

  19. Sorry for the double comment. Weird.

    No worries.

  20. Liz

    WEIRD. Your apartment complex looks like the one right behind the condos I used to live in last year. I’m fascinated. If so, I’d like to apologize for constantly having my friends poach your guest spots.

    Hmm. Let the stalking begin.

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