JP goes to DC… for good!

I am finally back after a very busy week. Hmm, where do I begin?

  • Thanksgiving, got to hang out with a portion of the extended family out in Tampa, which was very nice to see everyone. Packed up last Friday and said my good bye’s to all of my friends. I shoved my entire life’s collection of crap into a Uhaul.

Truck and Car ready for the trip up

  • Friday night/Saturday morning, we were properly sent off by 2 close friends at 1 am. My sister, dog, and I set out for DC all piled into a very tiny truck cab.

The view from the porch of where I just left. I will miss this view.

  • Saturday, rolled into town around 2:30 and got ready for the UF v. FSU game. During the first quarter I unloaded all of my shit into the house. Seriously, I just slammed and jammed all of it into the house. By 4pm I was sitting on the couch, beer in hand, watching Florida kick the piss out of FSU. What a great gift!
  • Sunday and Monday I spent my time unpacking and playing the “I haven’t seen or used this item in a year, so it goes in the trash” game. It’s amazing how much crap I truly have.
  • Tuesday, went to an interview at a temp agency and felt out right dumb after all the “office skills” testing, How do I not remember fractions? I so won at life that day.
  • Wednesday, my birthday. First off, thank you to everyone for the calls, tweets, texts and other various messages.[1] I went to an interview, which I was not very excited about to be honest. A friend of mine set it up for me and I went to hear out what they had to say… I was blown away in every way, about this job and possible career. It was one of the best interviews I have ever been on and was just chill. I met with the Project Manager and the Team Manager and the entire time we were cracking jokes and having a very serious conversation at the same time. I was a gleaming bright fucking star at this thing. As we parted ways they told me if I was a fit that I would receive an email with an application for hire.
  • On my drive home from the interview, I got an email from the job saying they want me! Got home and got an email that read “JP Welcome to DC! I am submitting your offer letter and putting it in for a shit ton of money.” You have to love when your friend is in control of your hiring status after the initial interview!
  • Thursday, had to be up early for an anal probing by the government. Seriously, I spent almost 4 hours of my life filling out paperwork about my life. It was a very odd and eerie feeling having ones life on paper for the government to see. My paranoia is still not under control.
  • Thursday night, went on a date with a very cool woman. At first, I didn’t know if we would have too much in common as she is not my typical “type”; no tattoos, nor piercings and well-educated. We met up with and  I was very impressed with her candor and conviviality. There was not lag or lull in the conversation and we joked all night long. Initially, had a few beers and discussed where we were from and what we would like to do with the future. It is very nice to sit and converse with a smart and sharp minded individual. After a few beers, we hit the town to see the National Christmas tree. It was a beautiful scene with the tree lit and the White House in the foreground.

  • After the tree we traipsed all over town in search of a bar, which was an adventure in itself. During our tour of the city we quoted random episodes of Sunny and just laughed. I had a really nice tine last night and would go out with her again. If it doesn’t work out on a dating level, I can see the two of us being friends.
  • Today, I have to get more probing from the government and I have dinner plans with some friends[2]
  • Tomorrow is the Florida v. Alabama game and I totally stoked. I have nothing but bloody mary’s and beer planned for the afternoon. Time to put the stresses of life on hold while I get tanked and yell at the tv.
  • Next week, after the massive hangover I will have, I will be back on the job hunt for some kind of temp work until the government clears me. Back to the hustle I guess.

I want to say thank you to all of my friends that have helped me in the past few weeks and everyone for their support. It has been quite a ride so far and there will be many more obstacles to over come in the next few weeks. Just know, your support keeps me hustling strong… PIMP HAND!

[1] @Ihatesomuch @Livitluvit I so would have come out and met you, but I had a very early and important meeting the next day. Rain check bishes!

[2] Actually, I was told that we have plans. This is why I need a social secretary!



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12 responses to “JP goes to DC… for good!

  1. USA!



    I have no idea why that has any pertinence to this.

    Totally acceptable!

  2. k8

    So, if I’m going to have any fun, I have to move to DC now? Hrmph. Congrats on the anal probing. It’s awesome that you got a job right away!

    Pretty much. Thanks, still a long road, but it is awesome.

  3. that is fantastic that you had such a great week! Seems like everything is falling into place for you and that is awesome, I hope it keeps up! 🙂

    Thanks! Slowly but surely.

  4. Congrats on everything! It sounds like it’s all coming together for you!

    Also, this:”During our tour of the city we quoted random episodes of Sunny and just laughed,” is the sign of a great date. Love it.

    Thanks! Slowly, but surely. Yes, I had a lot of fun hanging out with her. Always good to laugh.

  5. Welcome to DC! Great to hear about the job, we’ll have to hang out and see a hockey game or something.

    Thanks bro! Yes, I am totally in for that.

  6. Awesome about the job and the date! And I’m so glad you’re in the city now. I can’t wait to catch up over drinks.

    That said, my favorite quote? “[S]he’s not my typical ‘type’ ; No tattoos, nor piercings and well-educated.”

    That made me lol at the library. Well played, sir.

    I am very much looking forward to our drink and nonsensical conversation. You are missed sir.
    Thanks! Some times my honest view is a bit tweaked.

  7. Moving blows. I’m sitting on my bed right now, staring at the 13 boxes awaiting my attention. They’re mocking me, but I’m happy for you that you’re finally in DC!

    Thanks! Moving is a whore, best of luck to you.

  8. For having just moved back to D.C., you are a damn busy boy! Congrats, JP. Sounds like things are really on track for you. So happy to hear.

    Just doing what I do best!

  9. Marie

    Once again my friend CONGRATS!!!

    Boo Yea!

  10. You are forgiven, as long as we see you on on Friday!!!

    Welcome to the hood, my dear.

    I will totally be there! Thanks, I feel at home.

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