1 Year ago…

Check out how it all began: Click Here



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18 responses to “1 Year ago…

  1. Now….I get royalties from this film right? What with being one of the “founders” of the production company and all.

    Of Course!!!

  2. missrandell

    Dawwww… right back atcha man.

    In related comments, after reading the urinal etiquette post I’m incredibly happy that I’m a girl. Yeesh. Who knew peeing in public was so frickin’ involved? That said, you guys have it easier when it comes to peeing outdoors.

    Yes, we have our advantages. I love peeing outdoors, its very freeing.

  3. k8

    Oh JP. I’ve enjoyed your blog. I hope for another great year. I kinda like ya.

    Thanks K8, I dig you too!

  4. Happy blogiversary! And happy early birthday! Exciting times ahead, JP! Hold on, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride!


  5. beer, food, and women. could your life get any better?
    Not really

    also, i haven’t talked to you in like 2 weeks and that bothers me.
    Bothers me too

    also, just become a hustler if money gets tight. put the pimp elbow to use.
    Check! Pimp Elbow = money

    also, call me.

    also, i love you.
    I love you too!

    also, this vlog made me a little sappy because i miss everyone. maybe i do have a soul.
    I call foul on the soul. I get to see you soon!

    now i really miss winston. WHY WASN’T HE IN THE VIDEO? sad face.
    Next video, I will put him in the shot.

  6. The Sis

    @ GingerMandy, Winston moves in on Saturday!!! I get to see him all the time. Wooohoooo

    @ Josh, those of us behind certain types of firewalls are restricted from seeing video.

  7. awww vlog anniversary post! congrats my dear and good luck with everything coming up!


  8. Woohoo…

    … guess this means you *might* be addicted to blogging.

    Yes, I will enable this addiction with nonsensical comments.

    As long as we are not about to stage an intervention, I am cool with it.

  9. Marie

    Oh you Pimp Elbow you.

    “Beer, women and food.” I think that’s what most men like. Yes? Any particular order for you? Or just all at once?

    All at once would be a pleasure overload…where do I sign up?

  10. Congrats on everything coming up, and happy early birthday!

    Can’t wait to hear more about beer, women, and food.

    Thanks! Yes, there will be more discussion of these matters.

  11. Great vlog and best of luck in grad school! I really admire your guts for going back to school.:)

    Question-Will we see some videos of your adorable puppy at some point in the future?

    Thanks, just trying to get my hustle on. Yes, next video, there will be a winston feature.

  12. Just watched with Maxie.
    You have a wonderful elbow.
    And maybe penis.

    Maybe me, you and Maxie could discuss my penis further some time?


    at above me.

    Yeah, *someone* has been drinking. I dig it!

  14. HAHAHA, yeah… Lexa’s comment was great.

    Congrats on the milestone, bro.

    Classic Lexa. Thanks bro!

  15. Kristin

    I want to read your blog so badly but almost everytime I do, my computer freezes. I’m not sure what I expect you to do with that.

    Maybe my sexiness is too great for your computer?

  16. baaaaaah cannot watch vids at work stupid IE6 and stupid work computer.

    Eff those hookers!

  17. Alyxherself

    Just curious about what you field you are doing your grad work in? Is it writing?

    Conflict Resolution; More on the international scale. No, my writing is sub-par and just a hobby, but thanks for reading!

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