Musings of a Mad Man

Imagine if Hunter S. Thompson did win the election to be Sheriff, or Cobra Commander’s world domination plot succeeded and he overthrew G.I. Joe. What if Sleeping Beauty never got her kiss?


Why does the American ideal of “good” have to dominate our society so much? Why can’t Connor & Murphy McManus rid Boston of all the evil doer’s in their prescribed manner and not be shunned for their actions? Why is marijuana the scourge of American drug policy?


Think about it…



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11 responses to “Musings of a Mad Man

  1. DUUDE!

    There was an episode of GI Joe where that happened!

    Cobra overthrowing the world government, I mean, not Hunter S. Thompson becoming sheriff.

    Destro was leading the anti-Cobra revolution. GI Joe HQ was filled with cobwebs and corpses. I remember it was weird, because until I saw the episode, I didn’t actually think it was possible for people to die on GI Joe.

    I demand proof of this!

  2. k8

    Have you seen the parody of the Disney Princesses, where if they were to live out their characters in real life how they’d end up? I’ll look for it. Basically, Snow White does laundry and cleans for 12 little men, Rapunzel gets cancer and loses her hair, all that stuff. Sometimes I want the bad guys to win.

    I did! One of my favorite show’s is Drawn Together. Check it out, I promise you will die of laughter.

  3. I’m convinced we live in the matrix anyway… so… whatever.

    red or blue pill…

    there is no spoon…

    all of that.


  4. I feel like sometimes we manipulate TV, movies, books, etc so that good wins, mostly because we *know* it doesn’t always happen in real life.

    That said, I’ve rooted for the bad guy a time or two.

    I just feel we should make reality tv a bit more real.

  5. I *loathe* Disney Princess stories.

    Just sayin’.

    I like that about you.

  6. f.B

    Ever met an evil woman? Sexier.

    This is why we are friends.

  7. i’m with liebchen – we root for the good guys in stories so that we can believe they prevail SOMEWHERE, even if it seems like it rarely happens in real life.

    I just can’t buy into that whole story line.

  8. As alluded to already, justice is something we all want in our regular lives, but since that often doesn’t happen, we dream about it in fiction.

    Hey f.B-Evil men can be sexy too! Which I posted about on my blog today! 🙂

    I would like, just once, to see the bad guys win and win big. No happy ending, unless it is happening to me, at a massage joint.

  9. Ahh imagine if sleeping beauty HADN”T gotten her kiss. That is the beginning to my favorite kind of improv game…. and wow I’m a nerd.

    I think you are onto something!

  10. The villains are almost always more interesting than the heroes in movies.

    And I’ve always liked the antihero much better than the hero, anyway–that curmudgeon that never signed up to save the day but finds him/herself in that role anyway.

    Some days, I feel like the anti-hero of my own life…

  11. I am absolutely with you on this one. Ever since I was a kid, I’d be a bit bummed when the good guys always won the day. While it’s not necessarily easy reading, one of my favorite books that focused on the anti-hero was Goethe’s “Faust” and, to an extent, Milton’s “Paradise Lost”. Also, the movie “Fallen” is fabulous for that reason. You root for the badguy. It’s great.

    I always found the bad guys more charismatic, interesting, and persuasive. They had a unique outlook, and they seemed more realistic. Superman? He sees in black and white in a world of greys. I feel like the bad guys – the villains – are much more comfortable in a world of greys, and therefore inherently more identifiable, than the good guys.

    Good post. Good thoughts worth thinking.

    I have not read Faust’s work and will have to look into this. Agreed, the bead guys seem to have more fun with their life, well, until the obnoxious good guy come into the scene.

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