¡Viva la Revolucion!

It wasn’t long ago when change was everywhere. Change that required hard work and great sacrfice on all that participated. Lives were lost and ideals were either proven or rejected. Regardless of the end result, these hearty men and women stopped talking and made shit happen. These days, we as a society are too weak to truly stage a revolution of the past, but instead we have our own personal struggles and strife. It is the assault on one’s personal identity and comfort zone that is this generations claim to independence. As much as I want this post to be a valiant profession of my internal struggle, it is really just a scared guy trying to sort it all out.


On Friday, after I unloaded all the stress of my week onto print, I decided that my life needs to go in a new direction. The firm feeling that I am truly on my own, in all matters, boiled over and shook my core a bit. I have accepted that I am on my own and I will be in control of my success or failure. I had been holding off on all concrete plans about moving and starting school, all the while saying, “I am just not sure what I am doing yet.” That all changed on Friday afternoon. I rang the school that I was accepted to in the D.C. area and told them I will be attending class in January. BAM! Trigger pulled on grad school.

Toxic friendships, career futility, brazen alcohol abuse, and a reckless love life seemed like poor choices until I saw It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

On Sunday, I told both roommates that I would be out of the house and back into my apt in VA the weekend of Thanksgiving. I figure that I will hang out with the extended family before I go that way we all can spend time together before I am all broke. The problem with my moving plan is that I will be doing all of this a few days from my birthday (December 2) and of course a month before Christmas. Never said my timing was perfect, just doing what I can do.Today, I have handed in my formal resignation at work. I am giving them 5 weeks notice to get someone to fill my spot. Whether they fill it or not, its their issue. I am giving them ample time to get things off the ground. So, now that I have put this plan into motion (not really a plan, more like action) I have to do this. I do not have a job lined up where I am going and have never left a job without having another one lined up. I am freaking the hell out, but it is a calm and focused sort of energy.

Here is how this will go down:

  • Move the rest of my stuff to D.C. before my birthday.
  • Find  a job, any job, within the first week or two.
  • Start a full load (3 classes) the second week of January.

Here is what I am worried about:

  • Will have a trouble finding a job and will run into financial difficulty. Nothing like a 29 y/o male with no job to really attract the ladies.
  • Will be 29, broke, and really up a creek.
  • Will not be able to give christmas gifts to those I love. Christmas in my family is a huge event and it looks like I will be spending it alone. I don’t mind the lonely part, its the not being able to get anyone anything that really bothers me.
  • I could fail and fail hard.


  • I am finally doing what I have been talking about for over a year. Maybe not the way I wanted to, but it is on.
  • I have the potential to succeed and do great.
  • There are people that support this decision and really don’t think it is too crazy.
  • I am advancing my education in a way I have always wanted and no one can take that from me.
  • I have done crazy shit before and come out on top.

So, I am going to see how it all plays out let it ride. I just keep telling myself one man’s genious is another man’s insanity.




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20 responses to “¡Viva la Revolucion!

  1. i’m so proud of you for pulling the trigger!!!! i hope it works out for you, actually i know it will because it’s what you want to do : )

    Thanks Alexa! Time to get da hustle on. I hope you put in a good word with Jay for me.

  2. Um WOOT!

    That is all.


  3. Yah! That’s the best way to do something. Just dive in. You’ll be fine. Don’t worry.

    I like using this theory when diving into the shallow end of a pool as well.

  4. Very glad to hear. Godspeed.

    Thanks homie. We need to have that scotch.

  5. k8

    Dude! You have balls. And that means a lot. I have been hemming and hawing over graduate school for three years now. And nothing. No action. AT ALL. I’m sure you’re freaking the hell out inside, but taking action is what means something. You are living the dream baby. And that means something.

    Not sure if this is ballzy or insane. I guess time will be the measure of that. I am freaking a bit, but its all good. Thanks for the kind words K8!

  6. w00t! It’s gonna be awesome, trust me. 6 years ago, I left N. Fla. in my rearview mirror and came to DC and it was the best thing I’ve ever done. Even when times were shittastic, I never regretted it.

    We will see how it goes. Only one way to find out I guess.

  7. Mags from TX

    I check almost daily to see what is happening that you have posted about. And I post a comment sporadically. Yes, I guess I am a voyeur (?).

    I don’t know you other than this blog. I am so freaking proud of you for doing this for yourself. I believe that you won’t ever regret it. I believe that you will succeed in school, work and living while doing both. I believe in you!

    As far as Christmas, my family decided a long time ago that the gift part should really be all about the kids – so only those under the age of 18 were given anything. Right now that is only the great nephew and great niece. It is so much more fun for everyone. And less stressful for the adults.

    Good Luck in your endeavors and I hope you will keep me posted via the blog.

    Houston, TX

    Maggie, I am glad to have you as a reader and you kind words are appreciated. I think that I will explain my situation at Thanksgiving and hopefully everyone will understand and if they don’t, screw ’em. Kind of harsh, but the only way I will make it out alive. I will most certainly keep this site updated.

  8. f.B

    I think you’re gonna do great. Just remember to ask for help if you need it; no shame in that.

    Thanks bro! I know that having supportive friends like you in the area, I can do nothing but succeed! I appreciate that!

  9. lemme know if you need a hand w/the move!! you’ll be right down the road from me!!

    Sweet! I will keep you posted on the events.

  10. I know this is scary, but also so exciting! I’m sure it’ll absolutely be worth it.

    And that ecard is just priceless.

    That ecard really made my day yesterday.

  11. Good on you for having the courage to make a decision. Many people can’t even take the first step towards changing their life.

    All the best in grad school. What will you be studying?

    Yeah I figured enough talking had been done. I will be studying Conflict Analysis and Resolution.

  12. that is scary. and fucking awesome. way to be 🙂

    Big boy pants, check. Time to go to the rodeo.

  13. Woohoo!! This is so exciting. It’s always terrifying to take your destiny into your own hands, but I have no doubt that you’ll kick ass at whatever you do. And congrats to grad school!

    If you need a friend during Christmastime, call me up. My family’s 3,000 miles away and I have nothing to do but eat, drink and be merry!

    Thanks babe! I would be honored to have you around during that time. Maybe we could do a refugee dinner or something. I will call you.

  14. So this means that when I come back to DC to lick some more faces, your ass will be there for sure?

    Yes, and you will certainly have a place to place!

  15. I think what you’re doing is awesome. Sometimes life presents you with an opportunity, and you can let it pass by slowly or you can just take it. Well done. I’m sure you will be fine.

    Thank you. The support is appreciated!

  16. Marie

    You know what? Everything is going to be OK. Just take things one at a time, one step at a time and it will all fall into a place.

    It’s overwhelming because you’re making such big changes, but before you know, you’ll see everything will be just fine.

    Also, yay for you!

    Baby steps, check! Thanks babe!

  17. JP,
    you are only 29? damn, son…stop worrying and start living. don’t worry so much about the shit you can’t control…you just need to start moving forward and it will come. sure there are always crap days, but go…go outside and play…stop fartin around…

    i wish I was 29 again
    You are gonna do great

    You add new perspective to this issue. I truly appreciate you for that!

  18. Plans? Are awesome. I’m pumped for you!

    Trigger = pulled… click click boom.

    Thanks! That song is so playing in my head now.

  19. We can’t wait to have you, darlin.

    Thank you! I am glad I am wanted.

  20. Lauren

    one of my favorite quotes is “faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase”-MLK, Jr.

    That is awesome that you are making things happen, that takes balls. And just having the courage to take these first steps towards your goals will make it possible for you to see them through. I will definitely look forward to hearing updates on your journey.


    Lauren, that is a beautiful and appropriate quote. Thank you for your support and I will keep you updated.

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