Its time to get down with the get down

Hello again. Sorry about getting all heavy with you last time, the struggle is still a foot, but I have a date in which I need to pull the trigger by. Hopefully that will be the catalyst to get my ass on track.

Anyways, I am here to talk about a celebration! A orgy union that will be taking place Downtown DC this Saturday… I will be there!!! Unlike last time. In fact I am rolling in Track Suit Mafia Style with our three hot pants girls. There will be pain and debauchery a plenty.

Well, let me hit rewind on this track for a hot second. The other day I suggested that Track Suits are the way to go for all occasions, yes, I was hungover when this statement was made. However, 12minds and I decided that it would be the best idea ever. Then last night, The above metioned mafia blew up my phone with their discussion about Saturday’s wardrobe. Yes, I am concerned 4 dudes were discussing “wardrobe” but hey, they are cool and I will let it slide. Here is how it started and some suggestions thrown out there were:

Francobeans: “I’m rocking a pleated cape, walking stick and Reebok pumps.”

Dmbosstone: “wait so wifebeater a no-go?”

Malnurtured Snay: “I’m going with jeans, shirt, tie, sweater vest. Oh yeah.”

12minds: “I’ve got a presentation before #pbandtuna so there’s a chance I’ll be bus-casual. Maybe pleated khakis just for @LexaLemmy?”

Francobeans: “Fellas, what if Halloween came early and we went as Color Me Badd?”

JustJpTweet: “So I just noticed that 4 guys @dmbosstone @francobeans @12minds @malnurturedsnay are discussing wardrobe for sat. WTF guys? @dmbosstone @DCPrincessQ Umm WTF? What is going on? Okay, for the record no pleats. I dig the CMB idea that was tossed out there, but still track suits and gold chains are tops in my book. Oh and sweater vests are NOT an option for Sat. Only gay football coaches wear them. I’m looking at you Jim Tressel! See what I mean: Trending topic #tracksuitmafia just putting that out there…”

I am rolling into my apt. Friday (god it feels good to go home finally) as I have some business to take care of Friday afternoon.  After this minorly stressful event, I will be out and about town doing it proper. If you are going to be around, you should drop in and say Hi! In fact I hear many people will be in town and I would love to catch up with everyone if I can. So, if you are in the area and want to know about Friday nights dinner plans or Saturdays adventure, shoot me an email at justjpblog [@] gmail (.) com or DM me JustJPTweet.

So hit me up and let me know what you are doing, cause when you roll with the Track Suit Mafia, you never know what may happen….



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17 responses to “Its time to get down with the get down

  1. i think a sweatervest/pleated pants mafia would be just plain adorable.

    Yeah if we were gay…

  2. k8

    I’m so sad to miss this. As in, I was searching for plane tickets all last week. And well, $1000 to get there and back is kind of not going to happen. I want PICTURES!

    Umm its not that far of a drive. Just sayin

  3. I actually think track suits may be less offensive than pleated pants to me.

    You should join our mafia… Your ass in hot pants= Hotness!

  4. I need to find a way to develop pleated track suits by Saturday.

    Dude, you are so onto something here, tell me more.

  5. I know Just a Girl is against the track suit idea… but I think it would be spectacularly, amazingly awesome.

    Just sayin’.

    This is why I love me some Jeney!

  6. Why so anti the sweater vest? Unless you’re wearing short sleeves under it…then veto.

    But track suits and gold chains…ah, the mental image is just too good.

    I have an irrational hatred for Ohio State and their head coach. Yes, we are recruiting btw…

  7. tejasflood

    Always, always go with hammer pants. They are elegant, yet comfortable.

    Hammer Pants! I knew I was missing something in my wardrobe this season!

  8. f.B

    Hammer pants are comfortable. And aren’t they pleated?! I’ll have to go check my closet.

    Dude, Kangol and Track Suit combo… Old Skool!

  9. Wait, so you boys aren’t wearing hot pants?

    That’s it. Cancel my ticket, I’m not coming!

    (I think I’ll wear my thigh high stripe-y socks.)

    If you wear thigh high socks, I cannot be held responsible for my actions.

  10. Did you just threaten to molest Shine if she wears thigh high socks?

    Harumph. I just have one thing to say to that….


    Yes. I. Did! I see a tag team event coming on…

  11. Alright…ya’ll are killing me. I give up. Is that what you want to hear? You’ve beaten me.

    I’ll be stopping at the American Apparel that is near my house to pick up three pairs of gold lame hotpants *shudder*

    Yeah…I just threw up a little bit.

    hell yeah! Welcome to the mafia…

  12. Great.

    Just found out on here that apparently I’m a gay football coach.

    Stupid track suits. WHY MUST YOU BE SO COMFORTABLE?!?!

    Track suits are acceptable; however, sweater vests are not. Again, sweater vest=GAY

  13. kim

    Pleats are illegal in Canada.
    Just saying.

    As they should be.

  14. Marie

    Hoping to meet you tomorrow! So you’ll be the one with a massive gold chain?

    Oh it will be rad.

  15. HA! Please wear these outfits for real! PLEASE!

    Only if you wear the hotpants

  16. I wish this had actually happened.

    Right! I got vetoed on this.

  17. The epic is STILL coming out my ass.

    Thanks so much for coming, hon. My new goblet is basically my favorite thing of all time. xoxo

    I am glad only EPIC is coming out of there. Poop smell is my enemy.

    You are very welcome. Now, make us proud and use it for all occasions.

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