Annnnnd I am back!

I finally returned from Denver and the islands. A special thanks goes out to justagirl for her hospitality and showing me around town. I really had a great time and look forward to hanging with her and gingermandy on the way to the #pbandtuna wedding event of the century. Two important notes: my welcome back from sobriety beer was Kona’s Wailua Wheat Ale and the best fried chicken I have ever, ever, had in my life was from White Fence Farm; their chicken, corn fritters, and black bean salad combined with the beer, would be my death row meal. Write that down.

Beer Fest was epic! Once you make it past the mile long line that weaves through town, you come to beer zion. To quote Matt, “its like heaven!” We hit what seemed like 100 booths during our 4 hour power session. A few that stand out are:

21st Amendment Brewing (watermelon)

Sam Adams (Utopia)

Alaskan Brewing Company (smoked Porter and White)

Odell’s (Bourbon Barrel Stout, 5 Barrel Pale ale, St. Lupulin Extra Pale Ale)

Oskar Blues Brewing (Old Chub)

Kona Brewing Company (Pipe Line Porter and Wailua Wheat Ale)

Great Divide (Saison)

Some home brewers that were coming out with some phenominal brews. I had one chili infused beer that just blew me away, it was spicy and refreshing.

Then, I blasted down to the islands for work. I have to say, every time I go down there, I never get a chance to do too much. I did catch up with some friends, but pretty much just bounced between being seriously bored and then working my ass off. It did give me time to think about a lot though. Not sure how I am going to take that just yet, lot of life questions to be answered.

I also want to give a huge thanks to my guest posters that took care of things for me while I was gone: Gingermandy, DCPrincess, DMBosstone, and Justagirl.



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9 responses to “Annnnnd I am back!

  1. Your trip may have been epic, but no where near what #pbandtuna has in store!

    Its going to be scary good!!! I am rolling in 5 deep to crash your wedding!!!!

  2. Matt

    HA.. dude that Utopia was like taking shots of eyeballs. That was some strong shit.

    Glad you had fun while you were in town!

    Right! Justagirl couldn’t drink hers, so I got 2. It is what put me over the edge, I am sure of it.

  3. That Kona brew (the wheat with Passion Fruit infusions) is [F]ucking awesome!

    Gonna have to keep an eye for a few of those brews you listed.

    I was seriously impressed with the Smoked Porter From Alaskan Brewing. Give them a try…

  4. Just A Girl

    I’m not even joking that I’m going to the liquor store before I leave and buying several bottles of the Bourbon Stout and bringing it with me to the wedding. I’ll have to check my bag but I don’t care.

    Hell yeah!!! Very excited about this.

  5. this next 10 days is gonna take 4EVER.


    I KNOW!!!

  6. Welcome back! Hmm..chili infused beer. I want to try that!

    Thanks. The chili beer was on point.

  7. Marie

    It’s beer fest with my boyfriend everyday. And by that I mean he wants to try a new beer each day.

    Welcome back!

    Thanks. Umm, I want someone to bring me a new beer everyday, damn.

  8. Chili infused beer? Color me intrigued.

    Spicy, but not too intense, followed by cool refreshing lager flavor. It may be my next Summer brew at the JP brewery.

  9. Jordan

    Why won’t my job send me to work on an island? Unfair.

    It sounds all fun and shit, but it is kind of a pain in the ass.

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