A Pop Culture Intelligence Briefing

Before I start I have to be upfront with something.

If you couldn’t tell I’m not JP. In fact I’m not even half the man JP is (I read his blog and I’ll easily concede that.)

My name is Patrick and I write a little diddy called The Definitive Dmbosstone. I am a fellow blogger who lives in the DC area and I’ve pretty much been blogging before it was called blogging.

However this is my first guest post, so besides not knowing what to write about, what to title it, and how to start it I think I’m doing good so far.

So I’m really honored and humbled that JP is trusting his online home with me today, so on with the show.

What show? I’ll tell you what show.

The_Soup_Celebs_800x600Two weekends ago I was up in Pittsburgh visiting my friends Melanie and Jim. While I was I up there I took in a baseball game, watched a football game, and discovered where all the undergrads go to party. I also watched a lot of TV- something I don’t get to do when I spend all day producing videos and stage managing shows.

Given the nature of my busy life, I often lose touch with what’s going on in the world of TV and Pop Culture. Until that is, I rediscovered The Soup. I used to remember when The Television recap show was called Talk Soup, but sitting on Melanie’s couch watching Joel McHale‘s humorous take on the latest in boob tube buzz was strangely cathartic. When we followed it up with Style’s knock-off show The Dish, I realized two things:

  1. Danielle Fishel is still totally hot.
  2. I wasn’t just watching TV, I was undergoing a Pop-Culture Intelligence Briefing.

Think about it, thanks to two shows that thrive on ripping the big buzz; I was getting caught up on what the big buzz actually was. After only an hour on the two half hour shows, I was all caught up on what I was missing when I’m not working or stage managing (which is pretty much all the time.) I also found it e1c291de254fc498_Dishso interesting how the two shows are clearly similar: snarky commentators, CGI backgrounds, and canned laughter. While it sounds like a recipe for a crappy show, I actually enjoyed the snarkiness.

So does that mean The Soup and The Dish are going to become must watch shows on my list? Unfortunately not, I’m still too busy to watch any television.

But I want to say that after watching Community the other day, I think The Soup isn’t that bad and if you watch The Soup, you might as well watch The Dish- it’s like getting a double dose of snarky commentary on reality television.

Because you want to make sure you get caught up on all your TV right? Why watch it when you can get all the highlights!



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8 responses to “A Pop Culture Intelligence Briefing

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  2. I don’t actually watch either of those shows, but I did catch Joel McHale on Community and I have to say, I laughed a lot harder than I anticipated. Of course, it wasn’t all him…but still.

  3. The Soup is my favorite thing ever of all time. Danielle Fishel is NO Joel McHale.

  4. Agree with LiLu– I’m not a huge community fan, but I love Joel on The Soup. Fucking hilarious.

  5. f.B

    Oh, Topanga. How this boy wanted to meet your world.

  6. Liebchen: I’m now home and I can’t wait to watch Community tomorrow!

    LiLu: That may be true but Topanga is so hot. Right f.B?

    Maxie: He appears to have a cult following…

  7. I’m watching The Soup right now. I heart Joel McHale.

  8. Jill, thanks for reading- I just watched Joel McHale on Community, it’s not that bad if you are a Soup fan.

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