I got friends in low places… whores.

My friends never cease to amaze me. We all lead very different lives and typically hang out on the weekend, due to our messed up schedules. Well, I thought that my not drinking would possible alienate my friends, as we all go out together. Come to find out we are friends, because a real connection. We bust balls and talk shit, but thats how we show love. I have made it exactly 30 days with no alcohol being consumed.

I thought that it would have been harder than it has been, but really, its been very mellow. The above mentioned friends have been very supportive. Although Saturday, my friend brought over roughly 40 cases of beer (I am not kidding) the entire fridge (see below) was full on every shelf and drawer. So much beer that Chocolate Bear had to take half home with him. Speaking of CB, he kept pushing beer on me during the game, I love that guy. Ass.

The man cave is now complete

The man cave is now complete

Though, a very special mention goes to Justagirl as she has been on the same plan as I. Her supportive words and threats of violence have kept me on track in this little adventure. Texting each other complaining that we want a beer or dear lord Baby Jesus, the Russian Standard bottle is talking shit and calling me a pussy again. She was there in a metaphysical sense to keep me in line. For that, I am grateful. On Friday, I will be joining her for our first beer in 35 days then tackling the Great American Beer Festival in Denver; one I thought I would never have the opportunity to go to. Lets just say, all around I am wicked pumped.

So, Friday I bail out for beer fest then jam down to the islands for a week. Next week a few special guests will be popping in and filling the void. Before I embark on this small adventure I would also like to thank my readers. Those that left positive comments or the occasional, “dude, whats wrong with you?” I totally appreciate your support as well. Just another small accomplishment that reinforces that I can do anything I set out to do. Cocky? Yes. Point proven to myself… Priceless.



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21 responses to “I got friends in low places… whores.


    Um I rule. Also, I definitely would have said eff this noise if I hadn’t been so determined not to “lose” to you. And FRIDAY! I can’t even wait! 😀

    Pssh, you will so lose! Its time to bring the ruckus to Denver!

  2. Way to go JP! You are a far stronger person than I…

    Have fun with Just a Girl in at the Beer Festival. I am insanely jeal0us of you both!

    (Have at least a sip of Sunset Wheat for me?)

    Ugh. Sunset Wheat? Jeney, we have talked about this. Fine, just for you. Damn, I am easy.

  3. Marie

    You’ll have to tell us what it’s like having that first sip of beer after 35 days of no alcohol.

    Have loads of fun!

    I imagine it will be a lot like Unicorns driving the first beer carriage after prohibition, with crazy stripper drivers. I hope that is the case.

  4. blondie

    Good for you on sticking it out. Hang in there. If it helps you can send all that beer to my house…just an idea.

    Umm, you have to come join me!

  5. i can’t even fucking wait to hear the stories. seriously. i love you wild and crazy kids.

    Hell, we will make our own in 3 weeks!

  6. Congratulations! I am more impressed than you know.

    Thank you, I truly appreciate it.

  7. Congrats! That’s impressive!

    Have a blast at the beer festival – I bet it all tastes just that much better now.

    Oh, the anticipation is killing me.

  8. Matt

    Have fun at the beer festival man.

    *mental daps*

  9. k8

    Whoo hoo! Congratulations, my friend! And enjoy every moment at the beer festival!

    Oh, I shall. Thanks K8

  10. Holy crap that is a lot of beer!
    35 days sober? You’re going to be like me and get mildly intoxicated after one beer! LOL

    Yeah, that and I will be a mile high. I am amped about it!

  11. That fridge is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

    I am going to POUR TEQUILA DOWN YOUR THROAT on the 17th.

    I will gladly deep throat you…Um I mean, yeah.

  12. kim

    That fridge pic warms the cockalls of my black black heart.
    ps- what the fuck are cockalls?
    pps- Am proud of your will power!

    There will always be a beer in there for you! Thanks babe.

  13. f.B

    Never doubted you. Congrats. See you in a few weeks.

    Thanks bro! Maybe we can hook up for pancakes that weekend.

  14. I sooo caved on my 90 days. But it was the best drink ever! In my life. Ever. Best wishes on your re-entry to the land of booze.

    I could not even begin to imagine going 90 days. I am so stoked on this…

  15. Supportive words and threats of violence have always helped me too.

    Its the only thing that really works with me.

  16. tejasflood

    I would have commented on this post sooner, but I blacked out. Serious props, man.

    I hope to obtain a zen like black out state soon as well!

  17. Yep… that’s a lot of beer!

    Liver must suffer

  18. Supportive words and threats of violence are my two primary parenting skills.

    Except for the supportive words thing.

    That’s just stupid.


  19. You are going to have so much fun in Denver…

    a few fun spots?
    Grab a Westword when you get into town…
    Try to go to Benders (google it) and 3 Kings…

    i’ll be working then having a Dales Pale Ale and raising my glass to the beer gods
    bring a sweater…it has gotten cold here the past few days and at night…downright nipply

    I will take all of this under advisement. Thanks!

  20. JPP

    I’m proud of you. I really am.

    I went the first 25 years of my life without a sip of alcohol. It’s wasn’t hard.

    Now that I’ve started I think it would be extremely hard to even try to go 25 days without it.

    Damn that drink. 🙂

    Oh, its on Friday!

  21. Mr Wonderful

    I bring you all that beer and you refer to me as “my friend”? Full honors and benefits should be bestowed upon me! You could have at least used my name! Mr Wondeful demands respect! I knew I should have posed next to the fridge for the picture! LOL

    Dude, you get a fucking metal of honor. Oh, yeah, I am back on the booze, lets hit da baaar when I get home Friday!!!!

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