This girl will leave you in suspense…

I would like to welcome you to Foxy Friday! Foxy Fridays features female artists, tattooed females, or women that are sexy, intriguing, and artistic in their own right. Going on the principle that ink and art is sexy and vastly becoming a societal norm, rather than counter culture. These individuals hold both traditional and non-traditional roles in our culture and they need to be celebrated for their overall beauty. Plus, who doesn’t like seeing hot women on Friday’s?

Today The Gospel brings you my friend Crash:

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

JP: Explain a little bit about what a suspension artist does? How did you become involved in this art form?

Crash: A suspension performer can mean something different to allot of people. In general it is someone who uses this as a means of entertainment, and adding their own interpretation of the art. Each has their own idea, or thought process. I just like to be half naked, bloody, and entertaining people! I LOVE IT!  I started doing suspension in 06. I have been around the industry for some time, and had friends that were already involved in the industry. I finally had the desire to experience it, and fell in love! Shortly there after I realized I had found something that I had a real passion for. Before I knew it I was doing shows, and couldn’t get enough!

JP: What kind of reaction do you get when you tell people that you are a suspension artist?

Crash: Depends on who you tell! 😉 Normally, “What in the hell is that? Weird! Why would you do that to your self?”

Photo Courtesy of MichelleK

Photo Courtesy of MichelleK

JP: How does it feel to be an “alt-artist” and exhibit your body in the realm of modeling?

Crash: I just consider my self an artist! Not alt, goth, fetish, or an other sort of classification. Not that it is a bad thing, I just enjoy being able to get my hands in all of it! It’s all about pushing yourself, and growing as an artist. I’m a total voyeur, so modeling is the best place to do it! Right? 🙂

JP: My understanding is that you have been featured on and several tattoo magazines. What is it like to be a strong, beautiful, tattooed woman and display your art?

Crash: Yes, you can find me all over! Magazines, featured sites, books, magazines, tattoo conventions, and fetish events! Come play! What is it like? It’s like living out all your dirty little fantasies every day!”

Photo courtesy of the

Photo courtesy of the

JP: How does your art and your daily life coincide? Would anyone know what you did if you did not tell them?

Crash: I have been around the industry for some time, and had friends that were already involved in the industry. I finally had the desire to experience it, and fell in love! Shortly there after I realized I had found something that I had a real passion for. Before I knew it I was doing shows, and couldn’t get enough. And no, I don’t think any one would have any idea of what I do! It isn’t a job where you can look at someone, and say, “hey, she hangs from hooks!”  Most people are surprised by what I do!”


Photo courtesy of Metal Disco Photography

JP: If there are any misconceptions in what you do, what would you clear up?

Crash: People are always open to ask questions and come up with their own interpretation. Generally, people assume I’m associated with drugs in some sort of way, or that I’m wasted when I perform. Actually, it is the exact opposite. I want to be as clear headed as possible! The adrenaline is the high!


Photo courtesy of

JP: If you weren’t modeling and doing suspension, what else would you be doing?

Crash: Be a very sad, sad girl!

Wanna see more of Crash? Check her out at the following venues:

Sept 15-20th Minneapolis, MN for the tattoo convention

Sept. 29th to Oct. 6th The Biggest Tattoo Show in the World at Mandalay Bay  Las Vegas, NV

October 31st Las Vegas Fetish and Fantasy

Jan. 10 Baltimore, MD Tattooed Kingpin

Feb. 10 Philadelphia, PA Tattooed Kingpin

Safe Websites:

Not Safe For Work Websites:

Are you a beautiful woman that may not be considered “typical” housewife material? Do you enjoy the spicer things in life? Then you may be a Fox! If you or someone you know would like to be featured on Foxy Friday, please contact JP, live and direct at justjpblog (at) gmail (dot) com for more details. You can also follow me on Twitter @justjptweet Do it, Doo it.



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15 responses to “This girl will leave you in suspense…

  1. I eat small children for the purposes of longevity, does that qualify? Because it totally should.

    Indeed it does!

  2. Crash is a beautiful girl but I have no idea how she can stand hanging off hooks. I consider myself to be pretty openminded when it comes to art and fetish stuff, but suspension performances kinda freak me out.

    It proves there is something for everyone.

  3. Can I just say how unpretty my darling cousin makes me feel? I don’t get the hooks but I would punch a baby for her back piece.

    Hush yo mouf! Yes, her back is pretty rad.

  4. Just needs to shut it.

    I love the last pic. Shawty got gifts.


  5. Svaha

    Very nice. Verrrrrrry Nice! (way hotter than all those half naked guys Courtni’s always pimpin 😉

    Love me some girls w/ ink and she is hottt. The suspension work gives me the willys a little. One of my daughters friends is into it. Never quite got that one, but to each their own.

    I agree, though I think the suspension is pretty badass.

  6. Jay

    Oh hell yes.

    Enjoy my friend, enjoy.

  7. Oh my god how does she hang from those hooks?!?! Ouch!

    Its so awesome.

  8. David


    Oh yeah!

  9. I LOVE THE ARTICLE! thanks a ton….

    and for my beautiful cousin….shut your mouth

    No worries! Yes, she needs to hush her mouf…

  10. Alyxherself

    @jill…so that’s your secret skin regimen…gotta go, off to the projects in search of unattended children.

  11. The hooks in the knees one KILLED me. This girl has bigger balls than most guys I know!!

    Yeah, that is totally awesome! Hard core, but awesome.

  12. Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow! More power to her for finding what she loves to do, and pursuing it with success.

    I wanna know what made her take that initial step, what made her think, “yep, I think I’d totally get a kick outta being suspended by my knee skin from meat hooks.” I live such a sheltered life.

    Join us over at the fun side of life!

  13. Anyone know how to get sperm off a computer screen?

    Better aim?

  14. She’s freakin hot. From a girl who loves men, I find myself gawking at her . . . in a totally good and hot way.

    She is off the chain.

  15. Crash is a goddess these images don’t do this lady justice. She is seriously beautiful even when she is all bloody from her hooks! I love this lady!

    She is quite the badass!

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