5 things you didn’t know

I found it interesting while talking to my roommate a while ago, when she said that I don’t show my “other side.” At least the side she knows anyways. So, I thought it would be nice to share 5 things about myself, that my readers probably didn’t know. Also, I wanted to give my readers a chance to ask me anything in the comment section below. So, here goes:

  1. I am a registered Republican. More towards fiscal standards and less government interference.
  2. I have surfed 8 Category (Cat) 3 or better hurricane swells.
  3. When I was 6 years old, I won 1st place in a beauty contest. My “speech” was on how awesome the Thundercats are.
  4. I have had 9 concussions, 17 broken bones, countless stitches, meniscus repair on my right knee, and had 2 eternal fixator pins in my right elbow due to a compound humeral and ulna head fracture. All of which stem from some sort of outdoor or “extreme” sports. I just call it stupidity.
  5. If I could do anything, I would earn my Ph.D. and teach part time in a communications theory or post-modern theory arena. Also, I would open my own gastro-pub/hotel situated between some vineyards in Northern Cali. I would then get to do the 3 things I love; teach, entertain, and cook. That would truly make me happy.

So, what would you like to know about JP?



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16 responses to “5 things you didn’t know

  1. I did tours in Napa for a number of years. I’d totally be your wine girl.

    Done and done!

  2. I’m totally surprised by one of the 5, but not the others. Such a softy tough guy. I’m booking my reservation at your gastropub now.

    Which one were you surprised by? I will save you a room.

  3. The Thundercats are undoubtedly awesome.

    This is why you are my girl!

  4. blondie

    damn you sure done some shit to your body, wow I have never broken anything or even sprained anything. The only thing I had was my surgery for my boobs. I feel like I need to go fracture some part of my body so I don’t feel left out…just kidding. I don’t mind pain but not in that way.

    Go Thundercats!

    Let me get this right; Boobs, Masochism, and Thundercats? I think I am in love…

  5. Thundercats? Yes. Such a pretty face.

    Hell yeah Thundercats! Yes, I am a pretty boy.

  6. I’m a Republican, too.


    That makes two of us here blogging! We should start a club!

    I suggest it has something about screwing Sarah Palin in the oath, though.


    Sarah Palin.

    Are you suggesting a GILF train?

  7. Number one makes you my hero. I’m glad there are other Republicans like me blogging.

    And I would definitely visit a restaurant of yours in Northern California. And drink copious amounts of wine. I say do it!

    I am very “less government is more” kind of a guy. Yes, we will drink wine until we fall off the earf.

  8. k8

    Um. Can I join you in the gastropub arena? And co-teach your classes with you? Same interest. Same major. Same goal. We were meant to be together, JP. Just admit it so we can start our life together.

    Oh K8, how we have been separated this long, I shall never know.

  9. Marie

    I say you should do #5. But for real.

    Its a 30 year plan kind of thing. Seriously though, I have given this a lot of thought and I will be drawing up an action plan soon.

  10. Bwp

    I’m a registered Republican too. Sometimes I feel like the only 20 something who is. And people always assume you’re a super religious hater of the gays, which ISNT TRUE. Frustrating. Anyway..

    Also, I demand a reenactment of your Thundercats speech.

    Those asshat Christian Conservatives under the guise of Republican, really killed it for our kind. Really hate that shit.

    It went something along the lines of the Thudercats are awesome and I watch them. Therefore I am awesome. So, yeah. I was 6 and was bound for glory then.

  11. I already got my answer, nyah nyah nyah nyah. Here’s a question for you – why do we spend so much time talking about our poops?

    Yes you did! Our poop is awesome and must be discussed. Such as the phantom turd of yesterday…

  12. kim

    I would like to know if your pageant outfit included sequins.

    It was actually a grey 3 piece suit.

  13. Republican? Really? Never would have guessed, but I guess I need to re-think my political stereotypes. (The main republicans us Canadians see on TV are crazy, ultra-uptight and religious types who want to bomb anything that isn’t nailed down. LOL. Which I guess doesn’t accurately describe everyone on the right.)

    Oh my dear, those are Christian Conservatives and NeoCon’s. They are the devil spawn of politics, but well organized I give them that.

  14. Did you get a tiara? Sash? Details, man!

    Lol, I got a trophy and a sash. It was cool.

  15. f.B

    Whoa whoa whoa, dude. A pageant? Gotta hear more about this. You had a speech? You’re a hero for making it about Thundercats. And I hope you mocked the other kids for losing.

    I thought it was lame then, but I got wear a cool suit. Plus, I still had a cast on my arm. I wish we recorded the Thundercats speech, it was awesome.

  16. Las Vegas may be the temple of hedonism you need to visit. Extreme fun has no redeeming value, except having fun! You get to roll bones, not break bones. My son will be back from Baghdad in 2010, and we plan on a hobo holiday in “sin city” with no guilt trip.
    Don’t worry, be happy!

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