Sticking with it

Thanks for all the supportive words last week about my detox program. I am proud to report that I am still booze free and today I start the second leg of the program. I am dropping all fast food, processed foods, and basically anything that doesn’t occur naturally. Now, this may prove to be the toughest part of the process, but I think I will do fine. So, here is a short re-cap of last weeks happenings:

  • Almost fell off my plan a few times. 1) A co-worker invited me to lunch for a slice and a pint. I declined after thinking about it. 2) My boss wanted to have drinks after work. Thank god my other co-workers have given up booze and have gone veg. 3) My friend, a bartender, it was his last night before moving to NY. I had to say I was out of town.
  • I saw Inglorious Basterds and it was everything a movie should be! Great plot, storyline, dialogue, and a really good ending. Just enough comedy and suspense to keep you in your seat for almost 3 hours. Really, I had no idea it was that long until I walked out. Go see it.
  • For some reason I cannot get the Clarence Greenwood song “Sideways” out of my head.
  • Still have not heard about the job I interviewed for, but have made the decision that if I do not hear from them this week, I am buying my plane tickets to Beer Fest and the Islands. I am totally going to Beer Fest, just need to sort out which airport to leave out of. The Islands is a current work related thing, so I need to slow my roll on that one.
  • A good friend of mine has helped me acquire about 30 G’s of music, so I will have some new reviews coming up on that front.

As you can see not too much going on, but hopefully things will pick up soon. Don’t forget that Foxy Friday is in full swing and if you or someone you know would like to be featured, contact JP at justjpblog (at) gmail (dot) com. Also, you can follow me on Twitter @justjptweet.



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15 responses to “Sticking with it

  1. My aunt used to swear by the “raccoon” diet (meaning, if it wouldn’t stand up to being washed in water, you didn’t eat it – ever try to wash a piece o’ chocolate cake?)

    Good luck on your quest! And hope you hear something positive about the job situation soon.

    I am going with the caveman diet.

  2. Just A Girl

    Yeah fuck you and your no fast food making me look all bad. I was all “mmm egg mcmuffin!” this morning and then I was like “no, I’ll just having this asshole fat free yogurt parfait…”

    LOL! See thats why I ate tropical chicken all weekend. That way, I would not be tempted.

  3. Woo! Way to go! Stick with it and you’ll feel like a million bucks in no time! 🙂

    Pssh 2 million.

  4. PQ

    Stupid stupid jobs. I wish you better luck with your search.

    The no-alcohol thing hasn’t been too hard for me…and I think I broke my addiction to Starbucks…and the no fast-food is going pretty good…but I’m allowed to break it once a week (Haven’t yet).

    IB was the BOMB! I’m going to see it again with Lexa this week 🙂

    I would so go see it again.

  5. k8

    Yeah for no booze! If you want, you can go to an AA meeting and get some shiny little chips for your effort.

    Just kidding. Kudos to you! And I’m currently eating out of my garden. I refuse to buy anything until the produce has been eaten. Fried tomatoes are my favorite so far. And I’m going to try zucchini fries tomorrow night!

    You couldn’t get me to an AA meeting if they were giving out free booze. Wait, yes you could. Fail.

  6. Inglorious Basterds. Rock.

    And um, eat some fast food so Just A Girl doesn’t feel bad.

    She is just whining. She so could have had one, but I would have called her a cheater.

  7. Good for you for sticking with your plan! I’m impressed.

    And I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you for the job.

    Thanks! I have been setting bench marks for things lately, hopefully I stick with it.

  8. Marie

    It’s makes it a hell of a lot easier when others are on the same sort of plan as you with regards to food/drink. That’s really awesome you’ve done so good so far.

    Oh, and um, with regards to my post, I promise to go see my doctor.

    Yeah, I am just going with it. Yes, that is a serious issue that should not be overlooked.

  9. I am sorry I missed last weeks FF.

    I was busy running freaking errands. Next week? I will be all up on that shit.

    I am happy you are sticking to it.

    I am so taking your name off my bathroom wall! Yes, this week, game on.

  10. f.B

    30 gigs? Dude. I need to do that, too. I’ve been checking out new albums on Imeem, but it’s not the same as having it all to myself.

    Yeah, I almost have 150 G’s of music as of this last round. I am thinking of stepping up to a terabyte and start seriously collecting. I love getting new tunes.

  11. blondie

    good for you for not falling for peer pressure. I know it isn’t easy but you can do it. Personally I would fail on the first day but that’s just me.

    Thats just it, I refuse to fail, but often do. Hrmp. Think about that one for a hot minute.

  12. I’m so proud of anyone who can detox. Congratulations! I feel like I’ve invested too much money in my vices to give them up.

    Oh god, I do not want to know the amount invested, at all.

  13. i want to do to an island. any island.

    Yes, a huge perk of my current job.

  14. Welcome to sobriety, friend. I have 59 days left. Not that I’m counting or anything.

    Ah yes, we should get together at the end of this and celebrate.

  15. So glad you’re sticking with the plan – congrats!! And I’ve heard NOTHING but great reviews about Inglorious Basterds, so it’s on my list for next weekend. Wasn’t planning to see it since Tartantino is very much hit or miss for me, and his last hit was a while ago with Kill Bill 1, but off I go, with fingers crossed.
    Here’s a recommendation back atcha, though – go see District 9 – fuckin brilliant.

    Thanks Em! You so have to see the basterds! Was very much worth it and similar structure to Kill Bill.

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