When the devils nipping at your heels, you know this time it’s for real

Woke up Saturday morning with serious issues. Head pounding and throat sore. More specifically, the taste of chili cheese fries and smoke on my breath. Seriously, not attractive. Yes, I was still drunk when I woke up and it was pretty hard-core. After a mild lobotomy shower I started to feel a bit more human and started to evaluate my current state of overall health… Let’s just say it is rather poor.

I need a solid holiday from the booze and pretty much everything else that is not good for me, that I like oh so much. The usual chain of events is Booze–> Smokes–>Fast Food= shitty next morning. In fact my roommate, who is the voice of reason at times said, “you know if you smoke you are going to feel like shit, you always do.” I am kind of tired of it. There is no need to punish myself chemically, especially when I can beat myself up physically and in the long run feel better about the whole thing. Besides, I had someone that I know cares for me, say something to the effect of slow down, your liver does not like you. Usually, I don’t listen to others, but I heard this persons sincerity and appreciate them for it.

I am taking 30 days off to detox a bit. In fact, I am going to do things a bit differently than just taking 30 days off of booze. I have a tier system step up (in my head of course) to accomplish this small goal. Here is the step up:

30 days no alcohol.

No fast food. (not a huge issue)

No Soda. (not an issue)

After 10 days no processed foods. Crackers, chips, and anything that comes from a box.

Workout (weather permitting):

Biking on Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Swimming on Tuesday, and Thursday

All followed by push-ups and sit-ups to keep the core up.

I know it doesn’t seem like a huge plan, but that’s the point. These are things that are small on their own, but can really add up over a long period of time. Plus, I really push myself. 15 miles on day 20 the next. I tend to really go for it. It is all about my level of motivation and right now, I am feeling it.

My reward for all of this? Well, depending on how the rest of my life comes together, I plan on hitting up the Great American Beer Festival. The way I see it, 30 days of punishment will deserve a solid reward.

Do you have a detox program? How do you cleanse your system?



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24 responses to “When the devils nipping at your heels, you know this time it’s for real

  1. This is a good plan. You know I am trying to not drink. I have failed a few times, but the thing is, even if I only suceed half the time, it is better than where I was.

    I really haven’t had any obtainable goals lately, so I figured this would help out. I feel you on the 1/2 time thing, it would be better than what I have been doing.

  2. Just A Girl

    Just saying Great American Beer Festival gives me a mental boner.

    And I’m totally with you on this. After spending the entire weekend hungover, I’m kind of realizing that I can’t handle that shit anymore. And I’m hoping if I don’t drink, I’ll finally lose the extra weight I keep whining about…

    Epic goal at the end…

  3. The Sis

    Wow. The flying circus freak had to cut out smoking and drinking, enlarged heart when she was sick last week. Has an EKG tomorrow.

    So in solidarity, my smoking ends Wednesday. That way when Lizard is in NY and I am going through withdrawals, she isn’t ready to kill me.

    The drinking concession has been to light beer, but maybe I should try your plan, reward myself with beerfest in Sept.

    Well you know my theory, go full on or go home.

  4. “I know it doesn’t seem like a huge plan”

    It does to me! Good for you! Give it a try!

    Lol, I am not sure what I would consider a big plan.

  5. Rock on, JP!

    I’ve detoxed myself a few times… I usually do exact what you’re doing but I throw in a lot of healthy snacks to keep myself from hunger attacks and Taco Bell. Nuts, fruits, veggies… stuff like that.

    Good luck! I’m sure you’ll kick ass.

    Just need to cut out all the bullshit is all this really is.

  6. rock on! great idea, I totally don’t plan on doing anything like this anytime soon.

    Great American Beer Festival.

    I wanted to say that just to give Just A Girl another boner.

    Umm, you may need to join me in the Beerfest…

  7. I highly recommend the SB phase one for cleanse and getting on the right track.

    SB is not bad, but I am going with the Tree of Life plan. Raw foods and such.

  8. Marie

    This is a great plan. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

    It is! In fact others are joining me on this.

  9. Just A Girl

    Mandy is such a skank. I love her!

    Tell the skank she needs to come to beerfest!

  10. You are gonna feel like you are draggin behind the wagon for about 5 days, then you are going to rock that shit!!! You will feel better, look better and man alive…woop woop…

    hey you are gonna be in my neck of the woods.
    buy your tickets now…it sells out..plan on coming towards longmont, co…go to oskar blues,lefthand tap…and then head to ft. collins…go to New Belgium, avery…and coopersmiths…

    how fun…
    and ya know what,? your liver just texted me and said to tell you “thanks…the fatty white deposits were ruining his self image and he didn’t know how to tell you”

    LOL! Nice. Well if I do make it out that way, we will have to check out a few things. I will keep you posted.


  11. f.B

    Do it. You’ll feel like a champion. So worth it.

    I miss the days when I was surfing and living totally different than I am now.

  12. k8

    I’m always jealous of people who say they’re going to quit drinking for thirty days and then start back up again. But in concession, I will not quit smoking until I’m good and goddamn ready.

    Yeah, once I give something up I just drop it. But if I give up booze, I will in-turn quit smoking, as that is the only time I do. Then, By giving up those 2 I will also give up junk food, as that is my hangover cure.

  13. Blondie

    good for you! If you want someone to yell at you during the workouts I am your girl. I love that you are giving yourself a reward afterwards.

    Bring it!

  14. I’m not perfect and love sugar and caffeine probably too much, but to keep myself from becoming completely zombified, I do the following:
    -Drink lots and lots of water
    -Eat a salad every day-with a variety of greens, fruits, nuts and bit of cheese
    -Do Hatha yoga a couple times a week

    Best of luck getting healthy! 🙂

    Yeah, there is no way I am giving up my coffee. Everything else, but my coffee. I would kill someone…

  15. I cleanse it with the blood of Christ, vino.

    Is that not how this works?

    This is why I am avoiding church for 30 days…

  16. I stopped reading at no alcohol because I fell out of my chair.

    Oh babe, this is just a temp cleanse to get back on track.

  17. bwp

    I tried to stop drinking for a month one time. I lasted two days.

    If you need me, I’ll be in rehab.

    Hell I may join you!

  18. What?!?

    No colon cleansing?!


    You were not around to help!

  19. “How do you cleanse your system?”

    Prayer and holy water.

    And laxatives.

    A bit too extreme for this heathen.

  20. I need to stop smoking for good. I finish a pack a day…:-( Good luck on y0ur detox program and I hope you stick to it and succeed.

    I only smoke when I drink, so I thought this to be the best course of action.

  21. JPP

    I’ve only smoked a few times and my lungs were mad at me for days every single time.

    A cleanse every now and then is always wise. Good call hero.

    Boo yea!

  22. Cool idea…

    … my detox program? A lack of money! Broke-ass-edness will do that to a man.

    That too may have been a motivator…

  23. Sometimes I only order a ‘double’ instead of a ‘triple’.

    Damn, I should have consulted the Playa counsel before starting this plan.

  24. Water. Lots and lots of water. I’ve tried the lemon, cayenne and honey thing. Don’t recommend it. I’ve tried the herbal drugs. Yuck. And the non-herbal ones. Double yuck. So, your plan sounds damn sound. Good luck.

    Yeah, I am going with the, if its not natural, don’t do it plan.

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