With all the new and exciting things going on in my hood, reality kind of kicked me in the balls the other day. I was on the phone with the admission director for the masters program and told her I would accept the Spring 2010 position. Hung up the phone, looked around, and said, “oh shit. This just got real!” Had a small, “what the hell am I doing” existential freak out and my mind was going a mile a second. I just made shit real.

Its mellow. It took me by surprise a bit, in a good way. See, I have been dragging my feet a bit and just “going through the motions” of relocating and pulling my shit together. Well, now that I have a goal set things are finally feeling as if I am on my way; to where I do not know. Well, I have got school locked down and 2 days after I got the news, I lined up an interview with a really significant place that will only improve my resume. This goes down next Friday and I am totally pumped.I am way under qualified, but I feel if I give it a shot, it will be great practice for anything in the future. I hope it works out, but I know the reality involved.

In preparation for this interview and other things I started boxing more of my shit up. I mean to find out how much shit can fit in a Lincoln Town car. The interesting thing that kind of sealed the “feeling deal”, was a conversation with the girl I have bee seeing the past few weeks. She told me that she heads to Chicago the day I leave to DC. Side note: This is not the first time I have had a temporary relationship while plotting my next move, it seems to be my thing. Anyways, it just put the nail in the proverbial coffin for me, knowing that while I am here, it is temporary.

Another realization after this past weekend, is that I am ready to move on in life. I want a professional career and a strong woman to be with. For years I struggled to put things together. I was not disadvantaged but at the same time I had no edge. I know what it means to struggle and have nothing. To make it on your own and do things your own way. Lots of lessons learned on this path. Now, I am ready to explore, not necessarily jump into, the potential of a long term situation. Let’s face it, I am not the best looking guy and a bit over weight, and I am sure over time it will only be in decline. I am 28 and feel a new chapter is ready to be written. The good thing is, I am focused challenged have a goal insight to thwart my boredom.

So, renewed with confidence and potential on the horizon, I am moving more of my shit to my empty room in the DC metro area. I am coming in next week and hope to meet up with everyone. It could go 2 ways. 1) Totally pumped from the interview 2) totally bummed from the interview. Either way means that I will be out on the town Friday night. So look out DC, JP’s coming home!



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13 responses to “Transition

  1. Just A Girl

    I’m crossing my fingers and toes and eyes for you. I feel like I should say something totally lame and cliche like “go get ’em tiger!” or whatever but instead I’ll just stick with “Stop being a fucking dinosaur and get a job!”

    What kind of dinosaur would you be? Velociraptor!

  2. Matt

    Make sure you tell your employer about your vast beer knowledge. That should help.

    If it doesn’t help, you probably don’t want to work there anyway.

    *Daps. I feel that. Screw em if they don’t.

  3. liferehab

    I’m so excited for you. It sounds like everything is coming together. Good luck!

    Slowly coming around. Very slowly.

  4. i’m gonna be “lame and cliche.”

    go get ’em, tiger!

    Eye of the tiger baby!

  5. Good luck with everything. It’s good you know what you want. Me, I have no idea what I am doing.

    I have no clue what I am doing. I am going with the “fake it til ya make” action at this point. Seems to be working so far.

  6. Appearances smearances…a bit overweight…whatever…girls see past that shit quick…
    you are smart, funny, can cook, know good beer and wine…have worked from the bottom and are heading up….you are


    Thanks Babe! I appreciate that.

  7. Sounds like cause for celebration all around. šŸ™‚

    Hell yeah!

  8. kim

    It’s never interesting to “move on” until you nail a few “no backing out” things like school. Now the fun starts….. How exciting for you.
    (And I totally concur with Matt- if they don’t care about beer, why should you care about them?)

    I know right! Little bugged out, then again totally excited.

  9. Since you have quite a few fun DC Bloggers on your blog roll, I’m assuming that someone will be organizing a get together. So many bars, so little time!

    I think something is in the works. Keep a look out as the details are coming soon.

  10. i like this pep talk – it’s time for you to shine jp.

    and yes, i know “shine” sounds kinda fruity but whatever, go with it.

    Its mellow. I apprecaite the kind words, Alexa!

  11. Glad you are starting things here.

    I feel ya…when does life start? NOW. No more putting it off.

    Right! Back on the hustle and grind.

  12. Don’t forget to tell them that you shave your balls in the interview.

    It goes a long way in describing your attention to detail.

    Seriously. That shit’s bumpy.

    HA! That is the best example of attention to detail ever. Seriously, if you are not paying attention, you will be in serious trouble.

  13. JPP

    The self deprecation wasn’t necessary. You’ve got the charm and the humor which makes you sexy.

    Get it? Good.

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