I am leaving dis babylon

A couple things short and sweet:

If you like reggae music you should check out the album Movement by the Rootz Underground. Bad ass tracks. Picked them up last night. God, I have a horrible addiction to ITunes.

I received an email yesterday from a large university in the DC metro area telling me I was accepted to the Master’s program I have been sweating for about a year. I have a Fall (like 4 weeks) option or Spring option. When I got the news I did a happy dance similar to this guy:

So I have to sort out my life very quickly and either pull the trigger or take a breather. Either way, I am totally stoked. Stay tuned as I will probably flip a coin or something like that to decide.



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13 responses to “I am leaving dis babylon

  1. k8


    Thanks K8!

  2. v8grrl

    Even as an old jaded Punk Rocker, I still honestly believe everything happens for a reason and the timing always seems to fall into place.

    Considering your “one foot out the door” comment last post and an acceptance letter the next day…would all lead me to believe, that now is the time.

    Run Brotha Run!!!! You will do awesome, You know you always have skills you can fall back on…and just for the record, you aren’t getting any younger… DC is gonna love you.

    I’m so excited for you…now we can both bitch and complain about school together.

    I am totally excited. I have been bored for about a year now. Bring the ruckus!

  3. Malnurtured Snay

    Hey, congrats!

    Cheers mate!

  4. kim


    Thanks Kim!

  5. LivingWicked


    Whhhhhaaatttt??? OOOOHHHH KKkkkkaaaaayyy

  6. Liebchen

    Congratulations! That’s so exciting!

    Thanks! High five.

  7. f.B

    Congrats, man!

    Oh, and that video? He did all that and was still losing 10-1. Haha.

    Thanks bro! I now have a mission.
    Yea, he has issues, but that is an exact replica of the dance I did in the car.

  8. Masters in what…baiting?

    Thank you! Thank you! I’m here all week!

    Oh I have a Ph.D. in that area!

  9. JPP

    Hells yeah! Goodforyou!

    I guess that’s one word now.

    Bam Biggity!

  10. Congratulations! Maybe you could do that dance that guy in the video was doing to those co-workers who were bugging you earlier! LOL

    Oh, I have a better in your face dance than that.

  11. bakingwithplath

    Awesome! Congrats! I will drink seven beers in your honor.

    As will I.

  12. I’m going back and catching up, so just seeing this now and…HOLY CRAP, CONGRATS!!! I’m so damn happy for you!

    Thanks babe! It is pretty epic. We need to hang out when you come back to the right coast.

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