My life does not suck

Very random things happen to me on the regular. So much so, that I do not think twice when something “questionable” pops up on my radar. Last night was no different. I received this text message at 7:45 last night:

“Hey whats up? You probly don’t remember me. We met last month when your friend was “cougar hunting” Would you be up for a drink?”

Me: “I can’t say I do. Which friend and where did the hunt occur? I may be available.”

Her: Haha. Started at Dexters, then failed attempt at Circa, then Fids. I was the youngest blond from MI who drinks whiskey.”

Me: LOL! I remember you. Yea, I am in.

Ladies and gentlemen I met this girl during an epic battle with beer fest as highlighted in my Back to our regularly scheduled program post. This girl was totally awesome to hangout with, so I was totally in. Told her to meet me at the wine place and hit the shower.

Now, it can be very daunting to anyone who is going to meet up with someone that you met, when you basically drank yo’ face straight off. I remembered she was beautiful and blond, but that’s about it.

Wow! My memory was really fuzzy! This girl was 100% my speed. 5’3″ thick in the right places, blue eyes, blond hair, and very well dressed. Walked up and was greeted with a beautiful smile and a hug. *Bam*Sat down and we both ordered a beer. In fact she was like, I am going to try the watermelon beer, because it sounds interesting. *God, I hope you are not effin with me*

The conversation flowed. In fact this was a model date. Relaxed, interesting vibrant and intelligent. In fact, this girl is what I needed. She attends med school in my home state and is 9 months away from graduating. Is in town doing one of her last rotations and called me because she had fun, last time we were out.

We moved onto another bar and the tone and relevance of the conversation kept up. There was no trying and it glorious. We decided to call it a night, because we both had to show up to work and I walked her to her car. Opened the door for her, leaned in, and kissed the softest lips I have ever felt. Full, luscious, and unadulterated. What.A. Kiss! There is nothing worse than going out with someone and having a great time and then you kiss them… FAIL. Not with this girl. Like the entire evening, it was epic.

We parted ways smiling and making plans for a reunion tour later this weekend, both tinged with a bit of blush.

One the way home, I decided I needed to pick up some items from the 7-11 and who do I see? My old surfing crew from the mid-90’s! Awesome! They invited me back to their place for a beer and I obliged. Got back to their joint and I regaled them with my tales from the evening. I received several, well deserved, high fives. During this time, I received a text that read “Had fun tonight, call me soon.”

Just when I thought it couldn’t get better, as I am leaving, my friend Bonnie, who I have always had a crush on stopped me at the door and said; “I was worried about you back in the day. Worried about the kind of man you would be. I like what you have become and I am proud that you are not only a gentleman, but a success in your own right. I know you had a rough time when you were younger, but you have overcome.”

Wow, that just happened. I hugged her and kissed her on the cheek thanking her for the kind and passionate words.

Got in bed around 3:30 to be woken up by my alarm at 6:55 am. Smiling. Hell as I write this, I have a grin.I am going to play the lottery today.




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27 responses to “My life does not suck

  1. Well played, man. Next time you’re up in DC, first beer’s on me.

    Thanks bro! I will take you up on that.

  2. I hope things work out between you and the ‘blue eyed blonde’. Usually very beautiful girls tend to be shallow, dumb (*cough* Megan Fox!) and self absorbed, but this blonde girl doesn’t sound like any of those things. Best of luck!:)

    She surprised me too!

  3. Just A Girl


    Harumph. I hate her.

    Don’t hate.

  4. Awwww! Yes I did the whole “awwww” thing while reading this. I hope thing keep working out with her. 🙂

    It was very refreshing and I feel like a (hungover) new man.

  5. I’d be in the same boat as Just A Girl, but I secretly have a crush on her. Good job! High fives all around.

    Hell yea, High Five!

  6. Hmmm. As soon as you move to DC, I might slit your throat and steal your life. Just sayin’.

    It’s cool. I would understand. I hate me too.

  7. Sounds like an awesome night all around!

    Watermelon beer? Did you taste and was it good?

    I did. It was actually good. She said, “I like it and it is refreshing, but not a 6 pack kind of beer.”

  8. f.B

    Congrats, dude. It’s awesome when you get some real moments that are drama-free.

    I am feeling very refreshed by this.

  9. cavyfc

    i hope she’s good in bed, too.

    This is why I keep you around!

  10. Total balls on that one calling you after a month. You must have made an impression. Well done.

    Scored huge points with me. Huge!

  11. Mags from TX

    My 21 yo nephew is dating a “puma”. Same description applies to her. Blonde, blue-eyed and incredibly intelligent, totally grounded and comfortable in her own skin.

    His mom and me (Aunt Mags) are begging him to not screw this up and let it run its course.

    BTW – I think watermelon beer would taste pretty good also – just one though or possibly two.

    I am *that guy* that lets things get out of hand at times. I just remember to breath and let it happen, no worries.

  12. Hell yes. Good on you, dude.

    Also, “you have overcome” might be one of the highest compliments I would like to hear one day…you know, later, when I’ve actually done it. 😛

    This whole post had me grinning for you. Can’t wait to hear how this pans out.

    My night could only be called “EPIC”

  13. Congrats on the call back. Usually I never hear back from them. Even better is that everythying went so well

    Best part, I didn’t see it coming.

  14. That’s completely awesome! Good for you hon. If we could all have nights that awesome, like on the regular, we’d have a happier planet. Get it son!

    Yes! I would be a happier person as well.

  15. That sounds like so much fun! I love the dates where everything just flows so comfortably. They’re too few.

    I have been on some lately and prayed for an assassin.

  16. kim


    Boo yea!

  17. Wow, that kiss sounded awesome ! I’m glad things are going great for you 😛 Keep smiling and more good things will follow I’m sure !!

    It is a nice feeling that has been missing.

  18. Just A Girl

    Oh and of COURSE she would say that about the beer. I still don’t like her even if she is way cooler than me.

    Lol, put your cap back on the haterade. You get to have Mandy soon!

  19. This never happens to me.

    going to cry now.

    Chin up mate. I am still trying to break into the Indian community, but no dice.

  20. Is it trashy if I say I hope you nail her?

    Nope. We all have to keep hope alive!

  21. lexi_m87

    Man if the day is any indication I’ll expect an anouncment of your lottery win any day now

    I played, but didn’t win. Oh well.

  22. I love when this kind of shit happens to people.

    LOVE it.

    It was glorious. I am still pump about it.

  23. hautepocket

    Sounds like a great night! Want to come hang around me until I find a job? I need some good luck! 🙂

    Funny, cause I am still in the job market as well.

  24. You just warmed the fuck outta my heart.

    I mean that. Hope you’re still feeling the same.

    Things are still chillin over here.

  25. Matt

    no barking from the dog, no smog and momma cooked a breakfast wit no hog!!!!!

    I messed around and shot a triple-double!

  26. bakingwithplath


    You didn’t even have to use your A.K.

    Got a beep from Kim and she can do it all night.

  27. We are going to get an update, right? You’re not one of those “I don’t kiss and tell” types, are you?

    There’s a lot of crazy in my life, so I could totally use to live vicariously through your normalcy.

    I will share a little bit. Stay tuned.

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