I am going to be that guy!

**To my loyal readers, you may want to skip this one. This post is me hating on fucktard readers**

I bit ago my friend Lexa and I were discussing how some people out there are real cunts. People have serious issues and take it out on others. I understood from my male perspective, which is quite limited to truly psychotic people, and could not comprehend what she was saying. Then I read her post about A cooker with a heart of gold. I got it but didn’t understand. The main reason it did not sink is was because of one simple fact; it wasn’t me. I could not grasp why someone would A) write someone they did not know, an email of such epically fucktarded proportions. B) Why they felt they needed to be anonymous about. C) On a woman’s (strong one at that) cooking blog.

I let it go in my normal, “well, it’s not me fashion.” Though I really didn’t. I thought about it and then it started clicking somewhere in the dark recesses of my brain. Then I thought, well this is an isolated incident and only happened to females. FAIL! Enter Mooog’s contest where he blast’s the little boy bloo. This stupid ass had it coming. Then, something amazing happened Mooog kept it up! With his rendition of the asshole blast. This had me laughing all day! So, my outlook slightly changed from thinking that people are singled out. I mean if you can say something more retarded than Moog (only love bro) then you have issues.

Why am I bringing this up today? Simple one tweets too many did it:  @whatagrandworld …after finding a post where someone linked to my blog & essentially said I was selfish, crazy and undate-able, I’m a little gun-shy now.

She is referring to an comment left by a dick-knuckle called “single guy”  on her Most. Depressing. Covo. Ever post. Please see above where I did not understand Lexa’s position. This time I saw it play out. I am not saying this is how I would have handled it, but never the less, shit went pear-shaped. I have to take some responsibility for what happened next. I tweeted to her that she should write the “single guy” (we now know why that is) off and post something to lift her spirits. I said, “you should post how awesome you are!” So, she did with the following post: Reason’s I’m Awesome. Then his popped up on my radar today from Captain Capitalism. To be a blogger and link such hate is purely infuriating. Seriously? You are that lame and self-righteous?

Here’s the deal. The DC blogging community is quite strong. In fact we kind of have a “Bro’s before Hoe’s” mentality. You the reader, are loved and cherished. We love your feedback and insight. Cool things have been learned from The Gospel. However, it is unfortunate that you are the hoe’s in this relationship. We love you, but if you go after a Bro, we are like a roaming gang of Tom Brokaw’s.

There are some rules to this shit that made me an animal, a step by step booklet or lets say proper etiquette to, well, civilized communication. I understand that we the sender, may not be presenting you the receiver, with an agreeable message. However, remember these few things:

  1. You came here, not the other way around.
  2. We may never agree on anything.If we do well then this post is not intended for you.
  3. Would you say that to me in a public place where you are liable to get your ass kicked?
  4. Would you be comfortable saying the same thing to your significant other?
  5. Is what I wrote so inflammatory that you have to go all Pat Robertson?
  6. If you don’t like it tell me. Debate me on a respectful level. Leave you hate for your Klan rally.

Everyone should get over themselves and their “holy-er than thou” approach. I have seen meth addicts, that pawned a friends stuff, preach about god and humanity to lesbians. This is no different. What you think is right doesn’t make it so. If you think so, go to Cuba and see if you can get away with the same thing. Welcome to Jamrock America where the opinion is feverishly defended and the right to have it; not your hate.

So to you haters, in the immortal words of Joey: SUCK A DICK!

P.S.for those that go my various music references today, I love ya!


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26 responses to “I am going to be that guy!

  1. Bros before hos! I have always wanted to say that and now I can.

    The thing is this–people do not even need to agree with me. I like discourse. Just don’t be a doink.

    Say it with gusto!

  2. Just A Girl


    Just kidding, I fucking love your face. And your blog. And the haters can’t sing at my dinner table (that’s for your other wife).

    What other wife? Yes, I have to ask, as it seams I am racking them up lately!

  3. I’m feeling all warm and fuzzy from the love today. This feels like one of those things where I’m like, “Hold me back! Hold me back!” and slapping my chest, like you wanna piece of me, to stupid haters while you stand there all tough in front of me and intimidate people for me.

    Oh, I would never hold you back my dear.

  4. The Sis

    Meth addict, preach about god.. ahh yes, I giggled. People with glass houses, etc.

    Now a counter point, cause I don’t entirely agree (or missed a point in there):

    His blog, his message, his hate, his right to preach it. Believe it or not I defend hate speech. Because a person’s right to say what the want/think/feel overrules my right to not get my feelings upset. The reverse works for me too!

    I thought the quip about Jen would get your attention! Agreed. Have you hate, just don’t point it at me.

  5. I love this post. Would also like to give you a big hug for writing this. Pretty effing awesome.

    Hugs are always welcome around here.

  6. love it. love this post. hugs all around to the dc blogging community!

    i get that everyone is allowed to have an opinion. and that i’m apparently “asking for it” by publishing my thoughts on the internet, where anyone can access them. however, that does not mean i am required to tolerate assholes saying dickcheese to me, just because i was “stupid enough” to put something up online. sorry, kiddos, that’s not how it works. it’s still my little corner of the internet, and if you’re acting like a douchebag, i will reject your comment. you most certainly have the right to type the hatorade to your furious little heart’s content; i have the right to delete it into the ether before anyone else sees it.

    Exactly! Put the cap back on the haterade.

  7. I gotta say, I really respect and admire this community of bloggers. I think you all (dare I say all y’all?) are great. The bros before hos mentality is pretty spot-on as well.

    As the others have said, the issue isn’t whether someone disagrees with another; disagreements are fine and so long as we stay civil and show respect then that’s fine. But the infuriating thing is the hate, disrespect, and blatant dickless way that guys – and in the little I’ve seen it seems to be guys – attack our peoples’ blog entries. One’s blog is the place where you go to be honest and to let it out. One shouldn’t have to do that in fear that some jackass is going to heckle and disrespect.

    Thats the way it is. We haven’t met yet, but you are down. A agree with Lexa, it is about discourse. Open dialogue with vehemently different positions, is what makes a great blog comment. All I am saying is cut the crap and man up if you’re going to be a douche about things.

  8. I don’t understand the need for the hate (and I mean on the part of the commenter/reader, in this case). I really don’t.

    But everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion, so that chump is, too. I in no way defend his position and I don’t understand the need to attack in such an aggressive fashion, but his opinion is his opinion, suck though it may.

    I thought that Rachel handled herself very well. Some may think that blogging is all narcissism and that we all just think everyone wants to hear what we have to say. I disagree. I think it’s brave to share your personal shit with the world (or some small portion thereof), especially with the knowledge that this kind of crap may come your way. My kudos to Rachel, to you, to Just a Girl.

    Readers beware, we defend our own. Not just in DC (because I’m not in DC…). I think I just put myself in your club. Oops!

    I like my readers and at the same time I know what I write is not going to be accepted by all. Its mellow, opinions are to be shared. I have a serious narcissism issue, which means it’s all about me, so the comments really don’t matter. But when people are assholes, they need to get called on it. Bonus about having a blog, I can light them up publicly.

    If you are not in DC, but still roll with the Gospel, I have your back. No worries.

  9. JFo

    Word. Neglected google reader on my moving day so just saw grandworld’s twitter feed on the day in question and just now skimmed through the comments on her post. This sounds like a situation where being that guy is justified. Thanks for assembling and linking all those posts in one place. I have a sudden urge to brush-up-on-hyphenation-rules.

    It seems I am that guy all too often.


    sorry, i didn’t mean that. love you? um, yea. everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but at least we can all be mature enough to have a little respect. when they go all “anon” and start name calling, it’s nothing more than pathetic. opinions are like assholes. everyone has one, most of them stink. at least they can make theirs stink less by putting on their big boy pants and being somewhat civilized.

    LOL! I can’t keep up anymore! Yes, opinions are fine.

  11. Oh wow. I went through and read the posts and comments that you mentioned and just…wow. I’m so glad you wrote this. I have such a hard time believing that people can be so arrogant and ignorant in a public forum. It hurts.

    I took me a while as well. Just highlighting it.

  12. Wordy McWord! And how do I get on this Wife business? 😉

    And thanks to your linkage to Rachel’s reasons she’s awesomeness post, I now have ANOTHER tattoo idea.

    Being a broke-ass skin virgin sucks…

    I think you just stake a claim in me???

    She is pretty cool.

    Yes. More ink.

  13. kim

    My hero.

    Nope. Just a guy… named JP

  14. I agree with shine. He’s allowed to have an opinion no matter how rude and unthoughtful it was. Not to mention there were a lot of comments agreeing with him so he’s not on an island.

    I’ll say this. Anytime you put anything on the internet that is public you put yourself out there to have someone take an opposing stance. Was this guy overly rude? Sure he was. But if I’m entitled to write whatever I want on my blog in whatever tone I choose, he is too.

    I don’t agree with how he said it, but I don’t think he should be castrated at the stake.

    Welcome to the Internet.

    If you’re not hated, you ain’t tryin’.

    I didn’t think I was totally blasting the guy, but I kind of did. I was going for overall appeal.

    I do (painfully) have to agree with you, just as my sister pointed out earlier, it is his right.

    Yes, its out there and once it’s out there you have to deal. Now I understand any publicity is publicity!

  15. There was a time, several years ago in the DC Blogosphere, where Blog Wars were prevalent. There is nothing new under the sun.

    This brings back memories.

    No wars. I feel my point was lost. I just don’t understand that kind of mentality. Then again, I am slightly retarded.

  16. f.B

    I’m so late to the battle…

    Look. The interwebs are just a big city. You can wade through it, scream at people and throw insults all you want. But blogs are like houses in that city. And, sure, we invite you in; our doors are always open. But if you come into our houses and start judging and insulting us, we will wipe the smile you came in with off your face.

    Great analogy.

  17. Well first up I love that you said cunt in this post.

    Second, yes I do think we are all entitled to our opinions but I do think there is a proper way to go about it. I have read posts from people that I did not like what I read but I just don’t leave a comment.

    But like rs27 said we are putting ourselves out there on the internet so we can’t really be surprised when these things happen.

    So far I have only gotten one rude comment from someone but never any hate mail. I kinda feel left out.

    Lol, I feel left out too!

  18. Just A Girl

    I’m so glad Mandy said it because I was about to say SHE’S THE OTHER WIFE IDIOT! 🙂

    And what I’ve been trying to get across on my own blog all is that you have the right to disagree. Just don’t assume that you know someone and call out their entire character based on a couple of blog posts. OF COURSE we’re all narcississippi (that’s not how it’s spelled?). It’s not like the public was begging us to blog – we do it because we think that someone gives a crap. But that doesn’t make us “everything that’s wrong with _____ (misc. group with a problem that may or may not actually exist)” or bad people. And to call names and not even have the decency to TELL the person you disagree with…I don’t know, it just doesn’t sit well with me. If I don’t like you, I’ma tell you or I’m gonna keep my mouth shut.

  19. Hard to believe anyone would waste that much time commenting and repeat-commenting (oops is that a typo?) on a blog that is clearly not their cup of tea. Whatev. Move on.

    Um . . . and more importantly, thanks for the referral to moog. He had me laughing all day, too.

    I know right! Dude, Mooog is a funny mother-shut-yo-mouf.

  20. you are utterly dateable. anyone who thinks otherwise is a fucking idiot.

    Where has your lovely self been???

  21. theblacktulip

    I love you like I love Cap’n Crunch….and that’s a lot.

    Why do people gotta be such fuckwits? Seriously though….

    I think it’s a full moon or something.

    Wow! Cap’n Crunch status. That is awesome!

  22. liferehab

    Wonderful! I’ve been lucky and only had a couple haters (prolly b/c I only have a couple readers too, lol) but its so sad when you get mean messages. There’s just no reason for it.

    I think that is the case for me as well.

  23. I want to get rule number 1 tattooed on my ass. Imagine…

    “You came here, not the other way around.”

    Maybe the vag would be more appropriate.

    Either way would be awesome! You’ll have to show me some time.

  24. You’re still pissed you didn’t get a mug, aren’t you?

    It’s okay. With this much pimpage, you may get one yet.

    You’ll have to pay for it, but whatever.

    Not getting the mug still chaps my ass.

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