Today I had a really great rant about how DC does not love me, as much as I love her. However, in light of the Red line accident last night, I have decided to postpone this post until tomorrow. I hope all my friends and their family are safe. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers. See ya tomorrow.


P.S. If you want to laugh at a douchebag, check out Moog’s contest over at Mental Poo. I receive honorable mention, because I am awesome!



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6 responses to “Postponed

  1. God that was a horrible crash. Just glad most people are ok.

    Horrible indeed.

  2. I like rants — looking forward to it!

    Combination plead and rant.

  3. f.B

    We’re all accounted for. Now just waiting on some answers as to why it happened.

    Good to hear brother!

  4. Thanks for playing, JP. Heading your way is a $5 coupon for CafePress which you can use to buy my shit!!

    Winners, all around.

    Especially me, you know…if you buy my shit.


  5. As fB said, we’re all here… waiting for answers.

    Looking forward to the rant, nonetheless. Thanks for your thoughts.

    The rant is up and running!

  6. This crash is horrifying.

    I thought of you, then saw your FB post. That sucks babe!

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