Fun with a Bedazzler

Welcome to TMI Thursdays! As LiLu always says: Join us all in humiliating the crap out of yourself every Thursday by sharing some completely tasteless, wholly unclassy, “how many readers can I estrange THIS week??” TMI story about your life. Or hell, about someone else’s!

TMI Thursday

The other day Roomy #1 comes home from hanging out with the girls and making her new boyfriend a gift. So, the question of the day is, what do you get a guy that lives a solid 4 hour plane ride away for his birthday? Cologne, a jersey, new set of golf clubs? Nope. You break out bedazzler and create a gift that keeps on giving:

Bedazzled Underoos

Bedazzled Underoos

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, you bedazzle his name on a pair of thongs! I seriously had 2 thoughts. First, wow. Really? Second, so you are telling me basically you are gift wrapping your pussy for his birthday. Now in most normal conversations it would have stopped there, but in our house the fun had just begun. Because she showed me the back of said underoos:

Backdoor action

Backdoor action

Yes, that is a bedazzled heart on the back of the thong. So, in theory, the only thing visible is this heart and the top strap, as we know the rest gets, um, lost in the abyss.

Now, I really didn’t give too much commentary at first, but then we were at the bar watching the Magic finally posting a win. I was out with Roomy #1 and the Ex, when the Ex leaned over and said, “did roomy #1 tell you we went to the sex toy mega-mart?” Me, “no she did not mention that you went too.” I was slowly thinking to myself, that I was glad I ended up not going. Well, the Ex then says, “did you see the gift she made for the new guy?” The flood gates were know open. The following are some comments I made about the bedazzled thong:

  • Personalized gift wrapped pussy! There is no greater gift.
  • You can unwrap this gift in so many ways. Slow, fast, with you teeth, hell you can even pull the wrapper a side and peek in.
  • Putting his name on it is saying he now basically owns your nether region. “But do you have a flag?”
  • Instead of a heart  you should have bedazzled an arrow pointing down.
  • Even better, attach one of those flashing arrows people have on their bikes, that way he knows where to go in the dark!
  • No, no, no, better yet, leave the heart in the front and have an arrow in the back. Then you can avoid the entire “cool with the back-door” conversation. If that’s how you want to roll.
  • Who uses a bedazzler? I mean I know Mr. T is trying to make a come back, but that doesn’t mean everything from the 80’s is cool again. However, strong work on the strategic use of  the 80’s.
  • Lol, are you going to let him keep these as a souvenir? HA!

I am not kidding you when I say this went on for ages. In fact sitting and writing this I have come up with a few more. But I will save it for the golf course when I take the new guys money and harass him about this. Although it did get me thinking. This is kind of like a mail order bride in concept. She is flying to him, to give on his birthday, a gift that theoretically keeps on giving. Or at least until it gives out.

Enjoy the rest of your TMI Thursday kids!



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18 responses to “Fun with a Bedazzler

  1. liferehab

    I think those are so cute! I may have to make some… I’ve never bedazzled before though, so it will likely come out funny looking.

    Ah the ingenuity of bored females!

  2. “Do you have a flag?” Ha ha!

    As to the concept itself…hmm, yeeeeah. I guess, points for creativity?

    I think it is the perfect gift. I wouldn’t return it.

  3. Those are kind of adorable. I love classy bedazzles.

    Remember the personalized jean jackets!

  4. f.B

    “However, strong work on the strategic use of the 80’s.”

    haha. have you seen the 80s lately? yeah: they’re in her crotch.

    Nice! I will use this when I see her.

  5. Just A Girl

    I kind of love those. I wouldn’t put a dude’s name on them because that means if/when you break up, you can’t wear them anymore. But I want a bedazzler to make my panties shiny. FUN!

    But if you put my name on them, it would be 4-eva!

  6. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhyes. This is JUST what I needed (justwhatINEEDED) this morning.

    I love a girl who’s comment to me is “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhyes.”

  7. Matt

    I wish my name was Stevie.

    Don’t we all?

  8. SLG

    Just A Girl and I are going to bedazzle everything we wear to AC. Our panties? One big bedazzle.

    Hell to the yea! We need to talk with PQ Nation about this trip.

  9. an ex once gave me an awesome thong as a gift – plain black, with small white letters on the front reading “it ain’t gonna lick itself.” KLASS, BABY.

    Very good advise though.

  10. I have never understood the benefits of owning a bedazzler. Until now. One more reason we shouldn’t allow arts programs in schools to lose their funding. This project could have gone so bad. Kudos to your Roomie for creativity, talent and pizzazz.

    If you ever bedazzle anything I want to see the end result!

  11. she should shaved all clean and bedazzled her self.
    would be much better….I’m just saying..

    “panties…..the final gate” —Herbie Doo

    they will be lost in transition…or translation…or whatever.

    ps…I hate the cyrus kid too…with his stupid ass nice tattoos. little butthead

    LOl, I just yelled your comment to her and she is laughing. She may go with stick on’s next time.

  12. I must get a Bedazzler, STAT. In fact, I’m going to Google it right now… Bedazzled panties for all!

    I am excited! They seem to make things more fun.

  13. i was at a convention this past weekend, it was a CRAFT convention (for work, of course). i got so bored that i bedazzeled my name badge.

    it was surprisingly fun.

    Lol, well think of this as the bedazzled name “badge” for the “vag.” Too much?

  14. How did you know my anniversary was next week?


    Poor B, he has no idea what has just been done!

  15. At least she didn’t tattoo his name on her nether region..ow!

    I have been telling her she needs some ink!

  16. kim

    Sometimes i jiffy marker random stuff on my panties- does that count? What if I use one of those metallic felts?

  17. I think the word bedazzle is weird. Probably because every time I hear it, I think of Brendan Fraser. So the entire time I was reading this, I thought of Brendan Fraser in bedazzled thongs.

    That reminds me of Encino Man. What a classic Pauly Shore movie. What ever happened to him?

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