Old Skool

I am relatively young, as told by the cougars readers that stalk me on the daily; I love you all ladies. However, this week I am feeling a bit more off than normal. My 10 year high school reunion is this weekend and truly I didn’t think I would still be here. Not in the metaphysical sense but in the, my apartment in DC is missing me, sense. Why am I put off on the idea of a 10 year reunion? Because I never really was a high school kind of guy. The majority of people peaked in high school, some in college, and me, well I am still growing. I don’t really think I will “peak.”

In high school I was cool with everyone and had no problem with the ladies. In fact I was always out surfing or skating, because lets face it, being a white boy with long hair in the hood can be slightly uncomfortable. It was mellow. The core group of friends I had in high school i.e. our mini-gang of surf vandals, still hang out to this day. In fact one is my current roommate. I had no real need to socialize with “the cool kids.” I couldn’t care less what was going on around me as long as I had my board and a way to the beach. My other friends went to a completely different school and was located in suburbia, not the hood.

So, a really close friend, like I have known her since kindergarten, told me I had no excuses and I have to go. I believe her exact words were “I am coming in from Spain, I think you can make it!” I really do not want to go. I probably do not have anything in common with these people. Why? Because we didn’t have anything in common when we all went to school together as is. If I do go do i bring a date? If so, who in their right mind would want to endure this pain with me? What if I run into a few certain ex-girlfriends, who may or may not still hate me? What happens if in true fashion, I get totally bombed? My “wing-man” doesn’t speak much English and my Spanish is not all that good either. I mean he is an awesome guy, but these are the scenario’s you have to rehearse.

The real question is what if all the above is complete and utter bull-shit. That the last few paragraphs are me just highlighting my insecurities. The fact I have been stagnant has been bothering me, maybe this is just a way of realizing it. I am sure that I will be my charming and debonair self, as usual. Maybe, I will have another “chance” encounter with an old flame? Ha!

I am just not comfortable with this whole idea. Seriously, I have always been the guy that said 10 year reunions were for suckers. Now, I am that sucker. I am going to need a lot of vodka for this one!


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14 responses to “Old Skool

  1. Mags from TX

    I went to my 10 year reunion many years ago. It was interesting in that the kids (male & female) that didn’t have anything to do with me in high school were all extremely friendly and wanted to know all about my life.

    My best friend from high school was proud that she had the most divorces!?! (BTW – No longer best friend)

    That reunion helped me decide not to go back for any of the others unless I’m still alive for the 60th. I’ll go to that one.

    Most Divorces? What’s going on in TX?

  2. I did ok in HS but never really fit in. I think I am gonna pass on the reunion, though I do want to show up my former classmates.

    I doubt anyone will recognize or even remember me.

  3. I’ll go. I stayed thin, went to one of the best universities in the country, have a good job in our Nation’s capital, and got the hell outta dodge.

    And that’s more than 98% of THEM can say.

    Amen to that!

  4. liferehab

    I hated high school. My parents had to bribe me to get me to walk across the stage. I will not be going to my own reunion, but I’ll happily go to yours!

    Yes, please go for me! Lol, I almost didn’t walk in college.

  5. f.B

    God. I think mine is next year. But I can’t see myself going. It would have to be because some really close friends from high school were going. And, so far, no one has stepped up and said they want to go. Without them, it would be lonely.

    This is exactly how I feel.

  6. Skipped mine. Despite the fact that I kept I remained friends with the class president. I’m like you, my peak is yet to come. My real high school friends and I unfortunately lost touch. I can’t even find them on Internet, when I occasionally decide to search.

    Looking at my FB friends, they are all from post college. I have connections with some from high school, but these are mostly not the kids I was really friends with. Good acquaintances then, now better friends as adults.

    I just had the “greatness” debate with my best friend the other night. I am curious what my calling will be?

  7. I don’t want to go to my 10-yr reunion at ALL.

    a) Facebook makes it easy to see how fugly everyone’s turned out.
    c) See above.

    I was indifferent about high school. I just don’t see the point in it. I mean back in the day it was the thing to do because people died earlier than now. Oh well.

  8. SLG

    I hated pretty much everyone in high school, so I doubt that I would ever go to mine. Plus, everytime I go back to my hometown to visit my mom I see them at the grocery store bagging my groceries, so it won’t be much of a “reunion” at all!

    I see them there too! Ha!

  9. Yeah high school sucked giant donkey balls. I was suuuper skinny (like, gross kind of) and seriously awkward. I got kind of hot, but I’m not done with school and I really thought I’d be farther by now. I guess I’ll see how I feel in 3 years, but I highly doubt I’ll be at my reunion. Fuck those people. They made my life miserable so they can lick my asshole as far as I’m concerned.

    This is why you need to be my date!

  10. kim

    I didn’t go to my 10 or 20 (which was last year- yeah, I’m one of those cougars, but I’m drunk, I mean hot, so it’s ok)
    Instead, both times, I drank wine with my best friend who was skipping it as well. We reminisced and were glad we didn’t have to fake liking the people we didn’t like much the first time around.

    This may turn out to be my plan!

  11. k8

    I refuse any and all class reunions. My high school friends that blog and we read each other? We have our own private reunions. I will not subject myself to the masses. I hated highschool. And middle school. And college for that matter.

    After reading a few comments, I really just didn’t care back in the day. To be honest, I still don’t care, thus my problem.

  12. I had a friend who went to his 10 year reunion recently, despite my many warnings that it would, what’s the word?, oh yeah, suck.

    I was right, and now he owes me $50 bucks and a standing obligation to fix my car whenever I want.

    What I’m saying is don’t be that guy.

    Your advice is heeded!

  13. My 10 year is coming up soon, and I’m all, “oh snap! I only have a few more months to write a book and get it published!” Good luck to you brotha.

    See a book is the way to go! I mean, fuck their cards, I have a book. That would be epic!

  14. I assume you’re a busy dude, or at least the type who values his free time, so you and I probably have something in common…

    Why bother spending time with people who now know less about you than your favorite cashier at the local booze-mart? If you’re trying to hook-up with an old fling, or crush, that’s a different story. Like, a Hollywood-esque story.

    For the record, I was traveling around the world during my 10th.

    Yes, I am. My friend is flying in from Spain and I have no real excuse. Why is she flying in for this? I have no idea. But, se la vie. I like a good Hollywood story.

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