A good ‘ol weekend top 10

Ladies and gentlemen a short and sweet top 10 of what rocked my weekend:

  1. “The Hangover” this movie kicked total ass. Best of the Summer yet.
  2. Sleep. I finally slept in on Saturday for the first time in weeks.
  3. The small squall outside on Saturday that helped keep me in bed and away from doing things.
  4. Russian Standard Vodka, is pure bliss. I am not a vodka guy, but we were drinking it straight with Ice and a lemon. Nectar!
  5. The movie “7 Pounds.” I have to admit I got a bit choked up and shed a tear. Strong work.
  6. My Dog Winston. He is such a badass. We laid around all weekend and went to the park. He is very mellow and my little boy.
  7. Winning $2 off a scratch off ticket.
  8. Being reminded that my feelings for someone still have not faded.
  9. Not being bothered by anyone. It is a nice change of pace.
  10. Submitted another 50 applications, hopefully something will stick this time.


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5 responses to “A good ‘ol weekend top 10

  1. I am so mad that everyone saw the hangover except for ME! I need to fix that asap.

    and I loved 7 pounds. So sad but so good.

    Maxie, get with the program girl!

  2. f.B

    The Hangover. I gotta see it again. I just have to.

    Oh hell to the yes! I was laughing so hard I know I missed some stuff.

  3. The Hangover was great! Although too much male nudity for my tastes. In case it was not clear, that means any male nudity is too much.

    Lol, BMT you don’t like the wang? Classic!

  4. I think the application Gods will smile on us soon…
    well, he better…or else

    *Shakes fist* I feel you 100% on this!

  5. hautepocket

    Submitted another 50 applications…sounds like someone is in the same job boat I am in? Good luck! Wait…are we competing for the same jobs?! Kidding.

    DC area in Marketing/Communications? Damn, Papa needs a job. “Mama I wanna go home!”

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