My little man

Yesterday a fellow blogger and all around right on guy, Bksurviving , Tweeted the following: “Hey @SI_PeterKing, you realize that pits must be trained to attack, right? That can happen to any dog. Way to keep a stereotype alive idiot.” I fully support Bksurviving saying this. It stemmed from this comment from SI_PeterKing in defense from other comments made by LeeHaiku:

“Here’s the only point I made: Why have any dog trained to attack people in the same area as people you don’t want the dog to attack… My final words on pit bulls, in 3 Tweets: What I wrote was I laugh when I hear pit bulls are no more harmful than any other dog, and I don’t understand why families with kids use them as guard dogs or pets. That’s it. It’s not a Vick issue. It’s a common sense issue. They’re involved in more attacks than other breeds. If you have a child in close proximity to a pit bull trained to attack, it’s not smart.”

Now, my personal feeling against Michael Vick is he should be treated equally; as in the way he treated those poor defenseless animals. Now, I am not a huggy, happy, hippy dude. I hunt and fish, I grew up on a farm and that’s how life is. I, we (my family) abhor the mistreatment of animals. This case is particularly disturbing to me as I have a little boy that is close to my heart. In fact I raised him since he was first born during the wicked horrible hurricanes of 2005. I am talking about my little man: WINSTON.

m_82ed3edacc2667ec78ad8e721fc1eee1He is an English BullDogge and Black German Sheppard mix. He is an all around badass!

m_8295e7ce8b62fa01e675e94f7ca56753Look out, he’s a killer… A lady killer!

m_cc9ba216305e6c80e0bbc8ba841c7f9dSo what if he is a 100 pounds of teeth and muscle, he just wants his bone.

m_d118d6c65cd619202508fdec8d6d732bHe is chill as a pussy cat! In fact he love da Kittehs!

m_da16663e96437efc32f2166786f0d62dIn fact his favorite spot is chilling on the couch.

l_cc0c8a1248bd33a6bba517f5d7d97560He just wants to ham it up.

n753582265_1568347_658912This is my baby boy Winston. So, Michael Vick or even Peter King from Sports Illustrated, come talk shit on my dog. I dare you! Vick, you would be subject to the Texas trespassing rule and Mr. King, you may need to be smacked around with your own magazine if you feel these type of animals are dangerous. Just like with guns, its not the gun it is always the human behind it.


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18 responses to “My little man

  1. *clapping*

    I hate the bad rap that some breeds get. True, some are prone to distemper, but that doesn’t mean that they will ever actually develop those traits. I compare it to people with a history of addiction in a family (like mine), just because you run a higher risk of having the problem yourself doesn’t mean you will. Some of the best dogs I’ve known are “vicious” breeds.

    It’s all in how you’re raised… people, puppies, whatever.

    yea, he could easily rip my face off, but thats not how I raised him. He is a push over… unless you come into the house unannounced.

  2. I’ll be honest, I don’t want a pit bull or other “attack” dog as a pet. However, for a responsible owner to have one, I don’t have a problem. Fence them in if appropriate and I don’t have an issue.

    He is a house dog. To be honest the little dogs scare me, they are crazy!

  3. Matt

    If I ever got a dog, it would be a pit.

    they are cute, dont seem to shed much and are fun to play with.

    They are very mellow too.

  4. SLG

    one of my best friends had his face mauled by a loose pit bull when we were 5, then a few months later i was dragged around the block while walking my dog because a loose doberman chased after us. my hand was wrapped around my dogs chain so i was kinda fucked.

    needless to say that for years big dogs scared the piss out of me. now i know it’s mostly just the dumbass owners, but i still wouldn’t want to own a pit bull.

    i wanna squeeze your puppy though, he’s cute.

    Sorry to hear that. My boy is a cuddler!

  5. Oh man! HE IS ADORABLE!!!


    He will be your neighbor soon!

  6. Holy cow PUPPY! I want to hug your dog right now. Everyone thinks my dog’s a pit but he’s a Shar Pei mix (they think Great Dane because he’s a lot taller than Shar Peis, and definitely taller and more lightly built than any pit I’ve every seen).

    Mine was abused so he’s a little crazy and he’s had a couple of episodes where he’s kind of flipped on me and gotten really defensive, but that hasn’t happened in a long time. In fact, the craziest dog I know is my neighbor’s yappy little shithead that came running out of their open apartment door yesterday and jumped on my chihuahua. I don’t give a fuck if your dog weighs 15lbs, it’s not ok. If he was 60, no one would tolerate it.

    Yea, those little ones freak me out.

  7. liferehab

    He is so gorgeous!! Good job standing up for the puppies.

    He is my baby boy, I have to stick up for him.

  8. I freakin love pit bulls.

    It’s all about how they’re trained when they’re young. My sister had two. One was adorable and the other one ate her cat. Point proven.

    It is all in the training or lack there of.

  9. I don’t have anything intelligent to add…just that Winston is adorable. And makes me miss my puppy.

    He would cuddle with you any time!

  10. Yay! You posted pictures of your ‘fur baby’. As a fellow animal lover, this makes me very happy!

    I used to volunteer at the SPCA and honestly the sweetest, most mushiest dogs there were pitbulls. The pits were there because retards would buy them without first researching the breed and couldn’t be bothered to train them. Pits, are large, strong dogs that require a LOT of work and I don’t understand how people don’t get this.

    But if you love them, they will give you unconditional love back.:)

    He makes me happy too.

  11. kim

    Your dog is gorgeous!
    I’d like 15 minutes alone with a bound & gagged Vik. Oh, and a bottle of Tabasco. A big bottle. And a hammer.


  12. I totally agree w/ you on this subject. It’s unfair to the breed that they are stereotyped as an unsafe dog. The only reason behind that is so many people do raise them as attack/guard dogs. But only if you raise them to behave that way! Otherwise they can be sweet as a little bunny. I actually own the kind of dog that is most often a biter: a Chihuahua! 🙂 He doesn’t bite though. He’s a lover! It’s all the “small man complex”.

    Those little ones scare me. They are crazy.

  13. Anyone who needs 3 tweets to get a point across sucks at life anyway.


    This proves my point about SI only being good for the swimsuit edition.

  14. Loved this! Stupidly behaved owners = stupidly behaved dogs. Of any breed. I had a black lab, a Bouvier and a toy poodle go nutso on me last weekend, while the five pits that came through? Model patients. Aggressive pits are certainly out there, but so are aggressive dogs of every other breed you can think of – most breeds just don’t get paraded through the headlines for it.

    Soapbox aside though (ahem…), your big guy is absolutely adorable! Granted, I am partial to the brindles, as evidenced by the ridiculous number of them at my house right now. 🙂

    Your brindles are awesome.

  15. i am in love with your little man. winston. the dog. not your other little man. in case i wasn’t clear.

    He’s a lady killer!

  16. I adopted a puppy in February, and I could easily kill the person who so much as says a harsh word to her. A bumble bee flew into my living room today, and despite my own terror, my first thought was to protect my puppy. I moved her into my bedroom and went back to battle the bee. I understand the devotion.

    I had a party and a guy kicked at him. The cops that it was funny what I did to him.

  17. f.B

    where you at, dog?

    I’m here bro!

  18. ericanicole234

    Any dog can be mean if treated improperly!! It makes me so sad to go to the pound and see all the pits and other “bully” breeds left there with no hopes of finding a home. If I could take them all home with me I would!!! People are stupid.

    I am a fierce defender of the bullys. I love em! I have no fear in dropping an elbow on someone that mistreats their animals or females. Just can’t tolerate that shit.

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