Back to our regularly scheduled program

I have finally returened to the blog world after a solid 2 week party/distracton that was family, friends, work, graduation, and of course the parties. One such party went down this past Saturday and the goal was beerfest, but so many magical things happened. Let me give you the cronological (there was nothing logical here) order of what I remember:

  • Woke up Saturday, fighiting off Friday night. Promptly banned the roomy #2’s girlfriend from making rum drinks.
  • Rallied the troops for Beerfest and chose my horses for the race.
  • Z came over, downed a Beam and water and we were off to get J.
  • Around 4 roll into the Dogtrack to place bets. As we are walking I am telling the boys how classy this joint is. Walk up on a girl spraying liquid from her head, with the car running, in the drivers seat, at 4 pm, with a passenger.
  • Placed Bets.
  • Rolled up into the Orlando Beerfest.
  • Started to drink our faces off.
  • Tat showed some dudes a boob (I chose the right, it was the better one) for a cigarette.
  • I proceeded to smoke her well earned cig.
  • Tat and JP wander off to sell extra ticket, but get distracted by beer.
  • Found out none of my horses made it. Stupid favorite.
  • Found the Dogfish head tent and their hop infuser tower.
  • Met up with some other friends. Watched and laughed at Tat trying to run game on the guy she showed her (singular) boob to. Felt things going down hill.
  • 4 hour power session over, still standing.
  • Guy that Tat was rapping with is now with us. Z and J continue to harass him and talk shit. (this continued all night)
  • Hit the Alehouse with a vengeance. I was saying “Hi” to every girl walking by, no matter their status.
  • Picked up a married couple, because the wife was hot and tattooed. Come to find out they lived down the street from me. Bonus, she has hot, single, tattooed friends too!
  • Decided that Jack and Ginger wasn’t doing the trick. Off to Dexter’s.
  • Hit Dexter’s and pick up a few new “friends”. Get new friends number. Have a drink. Bail.
  • Walked over to some weird club that was upstairs. Promptly stopped by doorman. I was not allowed in because I was not “properly attired. Told him we came to spend money. I argued with him for a solid 5 minutes. Friends reminded me I was the smaller of the two involved in the argument.
  • Walked to the Irish Bar. Ahh, home. Find out new friend is smart and successful. Bonus.
  • End up at Spatz, minus new friend. J and Z are arguing.
  • See an old friend and her roommate. Remember thinking, “for a big girl she is cute.”
  • Decided big girls need lovin too. Just not tonight with JP.
  • Listened to Z and J argue about not getting laid. Z accused J of being jealous. J told Z to fuck off.
  • Thought my decision was horrible. I need lovin too.
  • Dropped J off. Still was arguing with Z about being the only one not getting laid.
  • Hit Odin’s with Z. Flirted (or slurred) with hot bartender.
  • Could not finish the PBR.
  • Hit up Taco Hell and got the big box meal. Laughed at the sign reading, “Eat a big box.”
  • Told the cashier that $7 was the cheapest box I have ever had.
  • Humor was lost on the poor girl behind the counter.
  • Woke up Sunday and found cinnamon twists.
  • Found out cinnamon twists get stale and suck after a few hours.
  • Promised I will take it easy next weekend.
  • Crawfish festival next weekend. New friends want me to go.
  • Damn.

So, as you can see my departure from the blog world was not in vein. I was merely doing “research” for inspiration.I also want those in the D.C. area to know, I was totally bummed for not being able to hang out. I will be there soon. Before I go, I want to think my friends that covered me while I was gone. If you are not reading these people on the daily, you suck. So, check them out:

PQ Nation

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Livit Luvit

Culinary Couture

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11 responses to “Back to our regularly scheduled program

  1. Matt


    That really exists?

    how come nobody told me!

    It was magnificent!

  2. I think that:

    1) $7 box is not a box I want to eat
    2) Neither is a big box.

    We have all done questionable things, don’t judge.

  3. f.B

    A big box for only 7 bucks? Do good things really come in things that cheap?

    Wait. That sounds… nah. It’s fine.

    Cheap and easy my friend.

  4. “Could not finish the PBR. ”

    For shame. That’s just unAmerican.

    No, I was just that hammered.

  5. DAMN,
    wish I was in that married couple….sounds like my kinda fun.

    Was pretty kick ass.

  6. PQ

    Cinnamon twists? Now I want some.

    Oh and hi 🙂


  7. welcome back, darling.

    Thanks babe!

  8. It’s not fun if you don’t drink your face off. I’m having t-shirts made with that on them.

    I so want one!

  9. Don’t worry– the picnic was in nature and therefore it was kind of grimy. Yuck .

    Its cool, I am down with nature.

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  11. JP didn’t know they drink beer seriously in your town. Will have to check it out for next beerfest. Hoboes from Wisconsin would enjoy the fun! Oktoberfest here is kinda fun too!

    Yea, it’s not too bad down here. Every year it gets better.

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