PQ’s Current Love

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeey there JP-land. I’m PQ…Princess Q or just Q if you wish…I’m not picky.  When JP asked me to write a guest post today, I had absolutely no idea where to start. Do I just ramble? Do I start with a joke? End with a joke? Do I get serious? OHMYGOD THE PRESSURE! And then…I saw a commercial on TV and I was mesmerized. The commercial was about cotton but…that’s not what mesmerized me…though cotton IS pretty fab…

No…It was the gorgeous woman IN the commercial.

Have you met Zooey?

I first saw Zooey in The Happening.  Aside from Mark Wahlberg’s ZILLION EXRESSIONS(!), Zoe was what really got me hooked to the movie. Who WAS this gorgeous creature? God, could she be more adorable? Any sweeter? Sexier?


Can’t you just imagine waking up to her every morning? I can. I have. She is my new love.

And then…I watched Yes, Man AND THERE SHE WAS! SINGING! Being frigging AMAZING!

Seriously. Where has she been ALL MY LIFE?

My life will now revolve around all things Zooey. Because she is the most amazing woman I have ever seen.


Who is your current crush…male or female…or both?

Isn’t Zooey amazing? SHE’S ALL MINE DAMN IT!


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19 responses to “PQ’s Current Love

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  2. A

    *pouts* I thought I was the most amazing woman you have ever seen. Me. Me! ME!!!!! It is ALL about ME!


  3. Punisher

    Good luck getting that at lunch time! lol

  4. If I can get her, I don’t care if it’s at lunch, middle of the night or in the morning…lol

  5. How dare you steal my woman!!!!!!!

    YOU GOT WALTER! SHE’S MINE! MINE MINE MINE! I will fight everyone for her.

  6. You’re going to have to fight me then! I’m greedy. Besides, how many men and women do YOU have? HMM!!! 😀

    I have none. I don’t know what you’re talking about.

  7. You need to see Tin Man now. It’s a Sci Fi channel modern interpretation of The Wizard of Oz staring you-know-who as Dorothy. It is amazing. I own it.

    I want to be her.

    I’m pretty sure I just had an orgasm.

  8. SLG

    she is pretty perfect and adorable. she kind of looks like katy perry, except not butt ass ugly.

    Yeah, I don’t see Katy Perry. I just see PERFECTION.

  9. Pshaw, I saw her first! You back off, lady, you hear me???

    I even endured watching the tear-jerker that is Bridge to Terabithia for her…

    Everytime I see her it makes me mad that Katy Perry tots ripped off her style.

    SHE.IS.MINE. I will fight you forever for her. Now I’m gonna have to watch that movie.

  10. Oh man, I’m been in love with her since Almost Famous and The good Girl and Elf. Have you seen Elf? Where she sings, “Baby it’s Cold Outside?” So sweet, it’ll make your teeth hurt. Also, have you seen The Good Girl, she’s so snarky and brilliant in it. You really should. But yeah she’s amazing and I’ve been loving her more and more in recent years. In fact I’d say she is very close to tying with Natalie Portman for my affections. And that is A HUGE deal.

    Oh. Natalie Portman. Yeah, no one can replace her. I DID see Elf…oh man oh man. She was adorable!

  11. tinyshrimp

    She is cute, but I’m not really that impressed with her. I did however fall completely for the guy that plays the best friend in “Yes Man”. I would look for his name and picture, but the IT department is going block happy again.

    Well then…whatever floats your boat 😛

  12. pq, i love YOU. zooey is the sole reason i will watch (ehem, rewatch for the nth time) failure to launch.

    Wait. She was in Failure to Launch?

  13. f.B

    I first saw Zooey in Almost Famous.

    And current crush? I don’t know. Probably Kate Winslet. But that’s nothing new.

    Kate Winslet? She’s alright.

  14. Zooey shmooey. Bitch tries too damn hard.

    American Ferrera and Audrey Tautou would have me hoppin’ the fence.

    I don’t see Zooey as trying too hard…but I do love American Ferrera.

  15. I have loved her since Elf. She sang with Will Ferrell… and omgsheissogorgeous.

    I know. I would go full on lesbo for her.

  16. DAMN YOU COURTNI GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!! It was the moment she sang “Baby It’s Cold Outside” with him that I knew. You hooker, stealing all my lines!

  17. kolys

    Zooey is hot. No question. And a decent musician also; if you haven’t heard She&Him you should take a listen.

    But for a current crush, her sister Emily. Even hotter.

    It was truly a sad day when http://www.deschanel-love.net went away.

  18. Both sisters are amazing.

    I love crushes. They make every day like the first day of spring. And the darkest day of winter. Ah, angst.

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