15 responses to “Fire in the hole!

  1. Just A Girl

    Well if I’m ever in a meeting with you, I’ll be wise to your tricks.

    Um also, I totally fart at my desk pretty regularly, but it doesn’t usually stink so I’m cool.

    I do too, but this was rank. Took me by surprise.

  2. awesome…. absolutely awesome… letting someone else take the fall that is!

    I do what I can.

  3. Ha! That is awesome! And if anyone looks at you accusingly, you could just point at her and mouthe: “She did it”!

    Damn, that would have been awesome!

  4. k8

    That is mean, mean, mean. I do not like you ANYMORE.

    You still love me, don’t play coy.

  5. theblacktulip

    “an odoriferous blend of chili, Brussel sprouts, boiled hot dogs, coupled with swamp ass” – I’m beginning to think you’re a carnie. that’s quite an impressively complex fragrance.

    I felt like I should be running the dunk tank and smoking American Spirits.

  6. That’s fantastic. But that poor girl…

    Poor me. I smelled it too. Wait. It came from me. Yep, poor me.

  7. Wow I can’t believe she took the blame. Even if it had been me, I would have been like, “What? I don’t smell anything. It must be coming from the other end of the table.” LOL

    Her red face gave her away.

  8. I am so proud of your “delegation” skills!

    I was a born leader!

  9. Wait a second. WAIT ONE DAMN SECOND.

    You drank a V8? A whole one? Is that the TMI?

    I prefaced this one was lame. No, the V-8 was the catalyst.

  10. I love that you had to let us know she was “unattractive.” Everyone knows you can’t pass your farts off on hot chicks.

    Hey, even I have standards… or lack there of. Either way.

  11. Dude, what about the scientifically tested theory “Whoever smelt it, dealt it.” I would charge you with that theory and I think it would stand up in court.

    You are right, guilty as charged. However, she fell for it, therefore took ownership.

  12. poor lady, everyone knows “He who smelt it, delt it.”

    Prime example of what happens when the other person does not know the rules.

  13. f.B

    “He who smelt it, dealt it” is trumped by “A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.”

    You did what you had to to survive.

    You are now promoted to full time counsel! But I can only pay your retainer in beer, will that be a problem?

  14. stupid girls…never claim it!!! we are the fairer race…


    (welcome to my world…vegetarian…also known as stinky ass fart world)


    Veg farts, the worst!

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