JP goes classy

I tried to come up with a traditional review for this classy drink, but just couldn’t put into words. So,  a first on the Gospel, I prepared a photo essay for Francis Ford Coppola’s Sofia Sparkling wine; in a Freakin CAN! With A Straw!!! This was too awesome. Enjoy:

photo-121This is Sofia. The Coppola Vineyard’s sparkling California white wine. 70% Pinot Blanc, 20% Sauvignon Blanc, 10% Muscat Cannelli. In A Freakin Can!

photo-122Did I mention it comes with it’s own flexi-straw attached?

photo-123Yes, I am drinking sparkling wine in a pink can with a straw. 

photo-124Hello, you are not too bad. 

photo-125Oh Shit! How did that pinky get out there?

photo-126Oh yea, things are looking up!

photo-127This has a bit of a kick… Yet smooth and classy. You know trailer park classy.

photo-128This stuff is really freaking good!


Why did I even bother with the straw? Oh yea, cause the straw freakin rocks!

photo-133I am sad it’s all gone. 


By the way it comes in a 4 pack for like $6 bucks. Go getcha some… for the ladies!


(My mom was with me when I bought this and she questioned my manhood. It was quite comical. I think fruity was the term.)


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16 responses to “JP goes classy

  1. I’m not going to lie, this drink looks interesting and I would try it if I found a place that had it.

    I mean it comes with it’s own straw!

    Total wines my friend. I know thats what sold me too!

  2. You had at me at “comes with its own crazy straw.” Consider me on the hunt…

    Total wines my dear!

  3. Hey if drinking with a pinky out isn’t the height of macho, I don’t know what is! LOL.

    Do they sell those cans in Canada? I could start packing them in my work bag. 😉

    I am sure you can find it Canada. Work will never know.

  4. You know, other than naming the product in the title, I think you could have gone with just the pictures. They tell the whole story (and got me laughing out loud).

    Dude I had a blast making that last night.

  5. Oh wow. I’m going to try that stuff, just as soon as I can track some down. Which might actually be a feat, considering I’m in the middle of Kentucky. Anything trendy or cool or good, comes to us last. Except bourbon. We have the market cornered there. Loved the pics. It was like a flip book! Except that it was neither book nor flip. Youknowwhatimean.

    I will trade you a box of these for a bottle of good bourbon.

  6. I cannot believe the straw is attached. This makes my day.

    I was seriously walking along and saw the can, then the straw. I did not hesitate to put it in the cart!

  7. f.B

    It’s been said, but the straw is attached?! How the genius did they think of that?

    Not just any straw, a bendy straw. Like the kind they have on juice boxes!

  8. And I’ve been drinking Bartles and James all these years…

    Time for B&J to get off the farm.

  9. k8

    Why did they not have this when I was a drunk? This is SO much better than wine in a box. Although it would have take about 8 four packs to get me hammered…. That’s alot of cans.

    The environment, you know. That’s why I resorted to wine in a box. Crisp White, if you were wondering.

    Box wine, this is how I know I like you!

  10. blondie

    wow, someone has
    Sorry about your balls hurting..ha.ha
    I don’t normally bash guys so please forgive me :p
    I love the pictures from this post..

    Some places you have to pay extra for that kind of thing. Thanks!

  11. Just A Girl

    OH pink can was enough for me. Pink can, sparkly wine, straw…too much. My brain might explode with sissy happiness!

    If only TODAY was payday.

    My manhood suffered for the good of this post, I know.

  12. theblacktulip

    OMG! I can drink this while I’m barefoot at the ampm smokin’ ruts. SCORE!

    It is portable and descrete.

  13. Matt

    You are all class, my friend.

    I tried to go for Swank, but failed.

  14. Great photo essay. But you didn’t say what food it pairs nicely with. Spam? Cheetos? What?

    It goes good with the turkey sandwich and cheez-its I had. I got pretty hammered that night.

  15. The booze doesn’t make the man, the man makes the booze!

    Man Grunt!
    Break Shit!


  16. i can’t think of anything more trashy than wine in a can with a straw. i love it! can’t wait to get me some.

    We do tastefully trashy well around here!

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