Taking a hot minute

Hello, I am still here. But not really. I have tons of things I have been trying to catch up on and figured I needed a break. I thought this last Friday and now it being Wednesday, I felt I needed to get around to it. Anyways, long story short I needed a break. From everything. Unfortunately the Gospel of JP has taken the brunt of this disconnect. Even my tweets have become silenced. Its cool though. I will be back with a vengeance next week reviewing some beers, taking about non-sense, hell I even get to hang out with the beautiful Emma James from pleasure notes.

So, swing back by on Monday and see whats going on. Hopefully by then I will have my work/slacker schedule back on line and ready to post. Cheers and thanks for stopping by!


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5 responses to “Taking a hot minute

  1. Cool, cool.. but don’t forget to make your voice heard over at Smell The Glove!

    My google reader is overflowing. I need to catch up!!

  2. I bought a 6pack of beer last night and thought of you. It was called Holy Sheet and it was 9% and it was damn good. I had three.

    It is always nice to hear that a girl thinks of me when she drinks! Save me one babe, I will be there soon.

  3. f.B

    Can’t wait. I need some beer recs, stat!

    Coming at you live and direct next week.

  4. i feel your pain . . . must be in the air

    More so in the water.

  5. I totally understand. I’ve been busy myself lately and had to push blogging to the side a bit.

    I am coming back full force with new ideas.

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