Black and Blue… The good kind.

Over the last week I have had some things come up in life that knocked me back. Actually, they knocked me down and out for a bit and I may have not taken the initial news very well. To fill you in I was passed over for a mega job in the desert and I was placed on a waiting list for the grad school program, that happened to be my top choice. It was a one, two punch. Then I got a letter from the state saying I owe them $2,500 in damages from an accident 2 years ago (I was side swiped, hit a guard rail and went rolling down the highway at 50 mph’s). So, there was 3.

So, seeing how I have got a few bumps and bruises to my ego and wallet I decided to splurge a bit. My splurge of choice was Dogfish Head’s Black and Blue Ale; Belgian amber with blackberries and blueberries:

Limited Release Black and Blue

Limited Release Black and Blue

The Run Down:

Found it at Total Wine for $11.99 for 22 oz’s

ABV: 10% meaning it would take 2 Bud’s to match one glass of these bad boys in the alcohol department.

IBU’s: 25- Not a strong showing on the hops but not weak either. Nice balance with the acids from the fruit.

Overall Taste and complex: I enjoyed the hue of this beer. Slightly cloudy, but I have a feeling it’s bottled conditioned and carbonated (meaning yeast is introduced into bottle to create bubbles). Fairly creamy head (that’s what she said). The berries were a nice blend with the Belgian malts, it was sweet, but not like a Jolly Rancher. I think the hop combination with the fruit washed over the palate quite nicely. I would have preferred a higher hop count, but that  is just me; I am going through a crazy hop phase right now.

On the JP beer scale (1-10) I give this: 8.5

This is the Tyra Banks of beers and is a nice treat for someone who likes a full figured ale. Sweet, bubbly, amber tones, and overall great balance. I think the ladies would especially like the tone and balance of the this beer, especially those that like a Riesling or a Beaujolais wine. Guys, it’s bold enough that you won’t feel like a pansy while drinking it. Plus, the color and head profile at first glance looks like a Orval Trappist Ale.

On a completely separate note:

If anyone from Dogfish Head happens to actually read this, I am currently available if you need someone with a communications/marketing background willing to relocate to the Del/Mar/Va area. I have 7 years of home brewing experience and appreciate your off-centered approach. Oh, I work for cheap!




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15 responses to “Black and Blue… The good kind.

  1. f.B

    Love the finish: keep the hustle.

    But I’ll also take the rec and try this.

    I am still on the grid. A little bump in the road, but all is well. This is a good chillaxin beer.

  2. PQ

    I don’t really drink beer (though I apparently downed a Rolling Rock or three on Friday) but I just might try it simply because of the awesomeness of this blog.

    Changing lives one beer at a time. Love it!

  3. Just A Girl

    Ok, 1 how the FUCK are you required to pay for guardrail damage (especially when the accident wasn’t your fault to begin with)?? That angers me.

    Also, I love beer. And Colorado has approximately 2348789 local breweries. BUT I am always down to try something new so hurrah you.

    Yea, you should have seen my surprise as the letter went to my mom’s house. She was like, “oh this ought to be a funny conversation (referencing my temper towards stupidity). This is a great branch out beer. Go for it!

  4. You’d hate drinking with me dude – I’m a light beer guy. I just can’t drink beers like that, I feel like I’m eating a loaf of bread.

    Naw, because if you and I were drinking it would be proper; Whiskey all the way!

  5. Isn’t the whole point of a guard rail to get it beaten to crap? Also, shouldn’t your insurance be covering that? I don’t see how it’s your fault if you got sideswiped.

    Urgh. There’s a beer I love. Don’t know the alcohol content, but the first time I had one, it knocked me on my ass. It’s like Bad Ass Ale or something. See? I don’t even know it’s name! But it’s like $3 a bottle, even at a liquor store! wtf.

    Oh I called Shenanigans while on the phone with the law offices. Insurance is stepping up. Actually this proves my point, don’t be cheap on the things you need. Paid a little more for a reputable company and they came through.

    I will have to look into this Ale you speak of…

  6. Do you get to keep the guard rail? That would be totally worth it.

    I would totally frame it!

  7. If I have berries in my beer it’s gotta be a raspberry Hefeweizen. Yummmmmm

    Not bad. My favorite is still my own boysenberry ale. That was on point!

  8. At least you made me feel better about the 1K I owe the government…?

    No? Not helping?

    It’s a shit week, love. I’m sorry.

    It’s mellow. I am just riding it out and happy that this is number 3. Time for some good news, eh!

  9. theblacktulip

    ah I’m sorry your week blew. totally lame.

    on the bright side…your beer review made me want to go out and buy it…and I don’t even like beer…they should totally offer you a job…that pays tons of money…where you work in your pjs….and get free beer….and trips to cancun…or Oktoberfest…cause that’s what you deserve.

    Its mellow, I am over last week already. Thanks, I hope there is someone out there listen to this… Hint, hint!

  10. beer’s not really my thing, i’m a vodka girl – but that beer sounds like something i could get into

    This is just the tip of the iceberg! There are so many good non-beer, beers out there.

  11. Send us your resume –

    thanks for the review!!!

    Cheers – Mariah from Dogfish

    Mariah, I will send this to you tomorrow evening!

  12. bwp

    I only drink Stella Artois because I am snobby.

    I am sad by this. You need to smoke 3 cigs and branch out!

  13. That sucks you have to pay for the guard rail and that you are being informed of this 2 years later.

    But that beer does look good!

    Yea, it is stone cold busted if you ask me. Yes, this is a very good beer.

  14. Just Playing Pretend

    I’d hire you. Any day.

    Seriously, three bad events mean you’re now entitled to three good events. Entitlement rocks.

    Lol, it so rocks. Thanks for dropping in!

  15. Sorry to hear about all the bummer news. On the bright side – wait list isn’t ‘no,’ and the beer sounds amazing.

    Its mellow. You never know things might work out.

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