Be Aware there is some scary stuff out there

I have been invited to play with hang out with the beautiful girls of the PQNation! Today, for STD Awareness month, we will be covering the lesser known issue of the Herps. Thats right folks, were talking herpes. So swing on by and say hi. These girls have a lot of good things going on. I mean hell, its not everyday I get invited over to play with the girls… Umm, whaaa?

So put these lovely vixens in your readers and getcha learn on son! Cause we talkin’ bout da Herps! Word.



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6 responses to “Be Aware there is some scary stuff out there

  1. Matt

    You know what the worse thing about herps is? Its for life.

    Its like getting jumped into a bad gang and no matter how many times you go to prison, you cant get jumped out.

    Matt, I am worried about you bro. It sounds like you have experience in this area…

  2. Just A Girl

    You dirty whore.

    I can’t help myself!

  3. k8

    I posted the stats on the clap and gonorrhea today. Stop spreading the shit, people.

    K8, its a jungle out there!

  4. I once told someone that they could just walk it off. I bet they’re halfway to China by now.

    I can imagine how that went, “Tish, I have the Herps!” “Walk it off champ, you’ll be aight!” LOL

  5. miss me?

    I remember seeing pics of herpes in sex ed class when I was 10. that shit still gives me nightmares.

    Of Course! Dude, you should see them in real life…

  6. I’ve wanted this since the first time I saw it:

    If they only were that cute and cuddly in real life. We have issues….

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