Lagunitas Maximus

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Today I would like to tell you about Lagunitas’ Limited Release Maximus IPA. For those that don’t know IPA stands for India Pale Ale. Back in the day England had to get good beer to India for their troops the problem was, beer spoiled on the long voyage. But being the clever alcoholics that they are, the English added more hops which is a natural preservative and boosted the alcohol content. Now, this happens to be one of my favorite styles because I am a hop head and love the enamel peeling bitterness of tons of hops. In this case, well its a bit different.

One of the reasons I like Lagunitas so much, is that they place beer geek info on their bottle. They are not afraid of showing what they have:

O.G. 1.080- Not Original Gangsta but close. This stands for Original Gravity meaning how much potential sugar is available for fermentation. (Okay, really short explanation of a pretty complex idea)

ABV 7.2%- Everyone favorite Alcohol by volume. Very straight forward. Oh, your normal beer hangs out around 4.5% -5%

I.B.U. 72.41- International Bitterness Scale Which measures the bitterness in a beer provided by the hops. Lets put this one in perspective. A beer such as Bud is around 8, Corona 12, Guinness around 25-30, a run in the mill IPA 40-50. This one is almost double that!

“Tats, nipple piercing, cutters, burners and hummers. A cold Maximus just makes perfect sense.” I kid you not, that’s what is written on the label!

Umm um good!

Umm um good!

This particular beer is a bit different than a normally super hopped IPA. Most IPA’s that jack up the IBU’s will feel like the hops are eating away the enamel off your teeth or leave a really residual sugar taste on your tongue (Delirium Tremens Trappist ale). This one however has a very soft sugar tone, which is awesome for having such a high alcohol content and the first dose of hops to hit your tongue is mild with a big blast of grapefruit tones at the end.

If I had to describe this beer as a woman I would say she is a full size 9 or 10, good and healthy. Not a spinner and definitely and a porker. She has a thick booty and  proportionate breast. I imagine her with long flowing dark brunette hair and a huge anti-social personality. You can bring her around your friends, but too many and she will start a fight.

For the IPA beginner, I would recommend this beer. It is subtle and palatable enough with citrus tones shinning through from the hops to really bring someone around. I do caution you, this is a damn good beer and highly addictive. Where they get you is the limited release, meaning if you are like me you will need to stock up.

My beer fridge after a run on total wines

My beer fridge after a run on total wines

Like I said, limited release means I had to stock up. Plus I plan on making Hail the Ale a regular feature. So, think of it as market research.

Top shelf booze

Top shelf booze

Next week, Dogfish Head’s Fort brewed with pureed Raspberries. Looking forward to that one! Cheers!


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19 responses to “Lagunitas Maximus

  1. Be. label. Ever. And I am a huge Dogfish Head fan…the raspberries intrigue me.

    Let us explore it together… Next week!

  2. BEST label. Wow. I am drunk. Sorry.

    Its cool. Drunk at 8 am, I know how you roll.

  3. Mmmm, beer.

    I will need to find this. And you can never go wrong with Dogfish Head

    Total wine has it in stock! Full on.

  4. Uhm. Your beer fridge makes me happy.

    Me too! And its coming to a neighborhood near you…

  5. That definitely made me want to get a beer with my lunch. I wonder if the boss would notice…

    My advice, take the boss with you. Get him/her drunk and stick em with the tab. Then, no one can call foul.

  6. This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

    Thanks for dropping in Matt!

  7. k8

    cutters, burners and hummers? Explain.

    Umm, going down the fetish line, as in there beer is so good it will appeal to those that are into these kinds of things.

  8. f.B

    That bottle of Allure next to the Maximus… Who brewed that?

    But anyway: I need a beer fridge, desperately.

    It was brewed by some chick name Chanel… Yep we put the ass in class around here.

    Oh man, I am bringing my double tap home brew fridge up! The dorm fridges work great as well and you can put it next to the couch for that redneck touch.

  9. Yes, IPAs are very delicious. And I did know that it stood for India Pale Ale, although I couldnt’ve told you how. And I love all the Dogfish Heads. I’d like to give that Maximus a whirl. <— I’m digging that sentence.

    Maximus is mega! Those Lagunitas guys have it going on with this one.

  10. Beer makes me feel buoyant. And not in a good way.

    My favorite kind of beer is the one in the vodka bottle.

    I was on a Gin kick for a semester in college.

  11. I luuuuurve Dogfish Head… can’t wait to hear your take on that one!

    They seem to be popular. I may have to make it a double feature.

  12. Impressive label. And the beer really lives up to all that? Hmm.

    I have been most pleased with this offering. I was quite surprised by it’s quality. Plus, these guys are in Cali, so you will have no problem finding it.

  13. You had me at Raspberry. Please send me a bottle of Dogfish Head.

    Sweetheart you have to help me take it down!

  14. if i were a beer, this would be me.

    Quality all the way…

  15. Tats, nipple piercing, cutters, burners and hummers.

    I have had, done, used or stolen all of the above.

    That is why you are my partner in crime!

  16. k8

    I know the cutting and the burning. I do not know the humming. Explain please. You are my font of wisdom, you know. You and Lemmonex.

    Lol, such great role models! Humming is more than a blowjob. It’s when a girl actually hums while “on duty” if ya know what I mean.

  17. The only goal I have in life now is to make my fridge look like yours.

    It is a good goal to have…

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  19. Pingback: Stoopid is, as stoopid does!

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