Coming soon!

Okay so today I was going to put a lot of people on blast, but I was distracted by a few things last night. With that said, here is what to expect next week:

  1. On Blast Monday. I will be lighting up certain people that really deserve to have their spot blown up. So, if you have some one you want to blast as well, send me an email and I will add you in.
  2. I will be reviewing Lagunitas Brewing’s IPA Maximus, my new favorite beer of the week.
  3. The always popular TMI Thursday’s will be in full effect! ER style…

Have a great weekend and get into as much trouble as you can.




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3 responses to “Coming soon!

  1. k8

    Blast? As in make fun of? That’s not nice JP. I would cry.

    Nope, as in I have wanted to say some strong words for a while, and it is all about to come out. Think large explosion.

  2. It’s only trouble if you get caught.

    Sounds like you know something about that…

  3. Blast? Is that sexual?

    Usually, but not Monday.

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