If only there was a sign…


Seriously was written on the side walk at the university

Seriously was written on the side walk at the university

If only life was as simple as this sign. A directory to show you where the good stuff is. However, there is  not. Its a long road with blind corners, crazy ass bus drivers, and people who can’t get their head out of their ass. To be honest I may be one of those people that may have a rectal-cranial impaction. On Saturday, I seriously felt like one of those people when I received an email from a potential employer, saying that my wildest dreams would not come true; secondary to a menical foreign government that did not want to provide external funding. I have been waiting since patiently since November. One on hand it is nice to have a solid answer finally; the other feels like I have been punched, because I was wicked excited at the prospect of being gone for 6 months, even if it was the desert. 

So, I have been a little distraught and a little reflective about my ultimate goals and ambitions. Overall, I am stoked about a lot of potential on the horizion, but at the same time, there is nothing concrete. I think the point of this post is me just wanting say, “hey world, I still cool with ya. A little bummed about stuff, but I was not promised anything. I appreciate the little curve balls you throw at me from time to time. Truly you are pretty rad. Please stop stringing me along, I would really like to put down some roots and be reunited with my brewing gear that resides in N. VA. ”

So, what do I do when I get down? I go out and bag me a hot lady. But this particular lady came with another hot lady as a delivery system. Being the nice guy I am, I went out and bought my girl some new lipstick…


She is so hot!

She is so hot!

Thanks for reading my random ass thoughts. I am going to take a break until TMI Thursday, due to a really busy work schedule. So, swing back by then and I promise a disturbing and semi-erotic story. Cheers! (that was for Smell the Glove)


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12 responses to “If only there was a sign…

  1. Now I know why you’ve been so quiet the last few days. Condolences, JP, on the desert job front. But that just gives you more time to tweet and brew beer, right? Can’t be all bad. And if things really such now, that means they’ll get better! How’s that for a silver lining?

    Oh how I have missed our flirtatious tweets!

  2. Thank you, sir.

    It works better on you. The “cheers”, I mean. Well, also the tattoo. It might look a little odd on me, since pretty much everything else I have is in grayscale.

    You’re welcome!

  3. f.B

    Street chalking is everywhere this week.

    But I feel you on trying to get life to understand you’ve got plans, too.

    I am just asking for enlightenment. A good solid answer on anything. Too much?

  4. k8

    New lipstick always helps when you’re bummed. Shoes help, too.

    My girl thought so! New green eyes too!

  5. If only signs were always that clear. (Where was it pointing? Sorority house? No…too obvious…)

    I know, right? If I told you, you wouldn’t believe me.

  6. Not to get religious or anything like that, but I believe everything happens for a reason and to make you stronger. I’ve had many tough times in my life to count, yet I’m still around. Life could be better at the moment, like if that first sign was real, but I can’t complain given what situation others are in at this moment.

    You’ll get over it and move on to better things. Times will get tough again, but that’s called life.

    We now return you to your regular happy-go-lucky programming.

    Yea I feel ya. I am not really complaining, more like talking my frustrations out. Things could be soo much worse than this. It’s petty, but still is bothering me.

  7. I am so, so very jealous of your ink.

    My girl is a hottie!

  8. how come you always get the good signs??? So unfair!

    I think I’m going to buy some chalk tonight and leave happy little messages all over the city

    I can picture you armed with chalk leaving offensive messages all over the city. Can I join?

  9. I hope some sunbeams shine through those clouds real soon, dear.

    TMI Thursday makes everything better…

    Ah, its mellow. Sun is shining bright, just feels like I am wearing sunscreen. TMI makes everything better!

  10. Yo, that ink is fuckin’ sick bro.

    Thanks bro!

  11. Matt

    I wish the sign would tell you how to get into the vagina too.

    That would be badass!

  12. bwp

    That vagina sign is hilarious. I want to write that in front of my apartment.

    It would be better than a gay welcome mat.

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