Mucho Gusto Bucanero!

One of my favorite things about leaving the states, is I get to leave behind all the non-sense. What I should say is the non-focused bull shit that is American/Cuban relations, usually involving us taking a stand against a theory (communism) that really just doesn’t work. More poignantly, a whole failed campaign. WOW! I just alienated so many of my readers that are anti-Cuba or anti-Castro, well that just happened. This is why:

Without launching into a serious discussion, because we don’t like serious here, lets discuss beer. Yes, politics and beer, two subjects I am fairly *coughs* familiar with. What better subject to discuss while drinking your subject matter. I am talking about Bucanero cerveza, beer, bierre. From Cuba! Yes, I (may have) indulged in some fine illicit products from the some what misunderstood Cuban government. Ahhh, its good to be on a non-extradition island! 


Notice the cool hat!

Notice the cool hat!

This is not the best beer on the planet, but it has a few things going for it. 1) I have to go out of the states to get it, making me want it more. 2) A.B.V. (Alcohol by volume) is 5.4% not a bad shake. 3) The US government won’t let you have it, meaning, I have it and you don’t. Such a 5th grade moment. 4) The girl that sold me this brew is from Cuba, gorgious, and digs my tattoo’s (wish me luck)! 

But seriously this is one step above Bud, only because they use cane sugar to develop the alcohol content. While I usually applaud the increase in alcohol, sugar is not the best way to go. However, Cuban sugar has been a staple of their economy and the rum trade for well ever. So, one cannot fault them entirely. Okay, beer #5. But what truly gets me is the stamp. Its knowing I cannot have this anywhere else, because I am not in congress yet (a story for another day). I mean all that is in this is water, barley, sugar, hops. Not that impressive on its own, but combine it with years of ostrization, and we have a JP favorite.


Look at the last few words...Producto De Cuba.

Look at the last few words...Producto De Cuba.

But really why I like it, is because its cheap! Lol, so I am going to have a few more before I have to be responsible. Enjoy the thought of imbibing in something your government says you cannot have, I know I will.



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5 responses to “Mucho Gusto Bucanero!

  1. bring me back a cigar!

    hope you’re having a great time… remember to be somewhat safe in your drunken stupor. xoxo

    Baby girl, you have to read Fridays post when I will explain the cigar situation!

  2. I’m sure I have not been drinking, but I swear those labels are backwards.

    Your analysis of communism has solved the issue. While I am an American through and through, I subscribe to the theory that should a society desire democracy, they will find a way. However, beer is a good analogy.

    Everything can be explained using beer!

  3. k8

    I think I would have drank more beer in my alcoholism if it would have had more actual alcohol in it. I gave up on it when it started to take a 12 pack to get me drunk. That’s just a lesson in peeing.

    Quantity is not quality, unless you are getting laid!

  4. My government says no to prostitutes. So I will have some of that.

    Wait you have to pay?!?!

    I quit this game.

    Don’t be a quitter!

  5. So jealous. I want to be drinking somewhere there isn’t snow. Grrr.

    Then I won’t mention the pool. Opps!

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