Today it’s accpetable to hate me.

Woke up right about noon, just knew I had to be in Compton soon…Wait wrong post. However, my drive into work was reminiscent of a good juke box in a strange and seedy, yet classy bar. My I-Pod did me a solid rolling into work, by jamming out Portishead, Rancid, 311, Ludacris, Passafire, Hank Williams III, and Hepcat just to highlight a few. But that is still not what this post is about.

Was it the weather? Rolling strong in the Lincoln, windows down, with a cool temp of 60 degrees? Nope but we are getting close. Could it have been that I was on time for work for the first time in 3 weeks? Maybe. It has to be my dashing good looks and sex appeal! Nope. Wrong. The real reason to hate on JP today, is I have to go away next week on business and today I cannot maintain my site, due to the large volume of prep work.

Where on Earth is JP going you ask? South, way South. As in south of Cuba but north (I had to type north like 6 times, I am still challenged) of Columbia. Yes my friends I have to venture south with temps this morning of 75 at 74% humidity. At this point if I was anywhere that just had snow, I would be hating on me  as well. But friends, I do not tell you this to estrange you, I tell you in order to get excited!

Coming next week:

I review Cuban embargo products that you can’t get in the states.

Examine Island culture and peoples attitudes.

Highlight why a honkey loves the Reggae Riddim’.

And of course the ever so popular TMI Thursdays!

Stay warm and full of booze peeps!


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11 responses to “Today it’s accpetable to hate me.

  1. I would hate you, but you listen to Portishead, who I love, so that makes it difficult! LOL. Have a good trip! 🙂

    Yea, Roseland live in NYC. Great album!

  2. f.B

    no hate. not even with your permission. enjoy.

    Thanks bro!

  3. k8

    That sounds awesome! And I hope you have a fabulous time. I can’t wait to see pictures.

    I will hopefully have pics.

  4. 2 things to vitally important to remember:

    1. 2.2 lbs equals a kilo
    2. quantos kilos?

    I’ll be eagerly awaiting my souvenir. Have fun, dear and be safe. xoxo

    Actually it should go something like, yo querro dos kilo’s de la mala heriba con un caja de habanos.

  5. smoke a cigar and have a spot of scotch for me.

    Oh, I shall!

  6. I hate you.

    But seriously have a great time. If you could bring back some certain stogies I would gladly pay them for you. No big deal though. I should be in Canada sometime this year and I hear you can get them there.

    Yea, Canada and Cuba are good buddies. In fact you can catch a direct flight from Canada to Havana. Just sayin’

  7. Have a blast- I hope the weather is as gorgeous there as it’s supposed to be here. Hooray for outdoor drinking!!!

    Oh yes! Outdoor drinking in a hammock!

  8. I’m in sunny SoCal, and I’m still hating on you.

    But in complete agreement about Roseland.

    Have a fantastic and safe trip.

    Thanks! I went from Orlando to an Island, not too much of a stretch for me…

  9. Oooh, a hammock sounds terrific!!! Where in Cuba are you going? You should definitely hit a salsa club with a live band.

    Salsa Fuerte! I am just a bit south of Cuba, if I had 7 g’s to spend when our government caught up with my passport I would go… BTW: Obama! Trying to convince congress (act of “god”) to overturn the embargo. If that happens, I will most certainly be there!

  10. You shouldn’t put Rancid and Hank Williams III on the same sentence. I just got whiplash.

    But thats how I roll! I will even play it on the golf course to piss off the old guys!

  11. Sorry I didn’t realize you were telling us the name when you said, “Salsa Fuerte” I’m not so smart. I got to go to Cuba briefly, a few years back, through a loop-hole they had for education/study abroad things. Loop-hole since closed up. If Obama lifts the embargo- you and me can catch the first flight over.

    I am so there when they stop charging huge fees!

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