Short and sweet!

5 things your probably didn’t know about JP:

  1. Though I am a Democrat, I have the soul of a fiscal Republican. That or I am a really cheap liberal.
  2. Despite my professed love for women with tattoos and angels with dirty wings, what really gets me is the brunettes. Preferably Latina, Middle Eastern, or Persian. If they have a full sleeve, call me done.
  3. I baby talk my 98 lb. English Bulldog/German Sheppard Mix puppy. He is 4, but still reference him as my little baby boy. Yes ladies, he is a snuggler like his dad.

    My baby boy Winston.

    My baby boy Winston.

  4. I throughly enjoy gardening. In fact if I could live off the land growing, hunting, and fishing for my own food, I would be perfectly content with my life. I come from a long line of farmers.
  5. Speaking of linage, I am a descendant of King Charlemagne.


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10 responses to “Short and sweet!

  1. Dear God. Your dog weighs almost as much as I do.

    1. I’m a Socialist. So yeah, a Communist who’s afraid to take the plunge.
    2. I don’t have a physical type, but I like when guys are taller than me (I’m 5’5″) and tend not to like blonds. Hell, I’m blonde enough for us all.
    3. Salty Bob and Orla (the kittens) are a’ight, but I still miss my border collie/springer mix, Cakes, who had to be put down at the ripe old age of 14 almost three years ago.
    4. I have never successful grown anything other than boobs.
    5. I’m a distant cousin of Dr. Scholl. Yes, the foot guy.

    I can always count on you to play along!

  2. k8

    I love, love, love to garden. And I love to fish. Who woulda thought?
    Nature, its a good place to be.

  3. f.B

    I baby-talk my special lady friend’s dog. I tried to keep it balanced by also reading him Foucault and Dickens. But we both prefer the baby-talk.

    Lol, I have actually read Slavoj Zizek’s Sublime object of Ideology out load and he seemed interested!

  4. I’m a descendant of Ghengis Khan.

    I’m full of shit, but it would be pretty cool if I was.

    You are ruthless, I give ya that!

  5. I love to cook. And I had no idea until about a year ago.

    It’s awesome when you learn something about yourself like that!

  6. I’m into brunettes with some culture and tattoos as well. Blondes are boring.

    Agreed, but some how I keep getting dragged back in by them. Go figure.

  7. I lie to people and tell them i’m a descendant of Joe DiMaggio. Most of them believe me.

    Well, I would believe anything you tell me too!

  8. I would like to garden, but Nature sent me a note to keep my mitts off. Something about liking things to live.
    It does take a special touch it seems.

  9. Winston is fucking adorable.

    I’m pretty good at keeping a cactus alive.

    He is a lady killa!

  10. Your puppy is so cute! I think girls of all ethnic backgrounds with tattoos are cute, personally! Why limit yourself? 😉

    I am an equal oppertunity dater, drawing creativity from diversity.

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