On your marks, get set, brew!

Once again it is time for the Sam Adams Longshot competition. Last year I entered in the French/Belgium ale catagory, sub-class Saison. This has been my pet project for a year now ever since I received the results from my last entry. The cool thing abut this competition is the judges are brutal and don’t let much slip by them. Let me highlight a few comments from the judges about my beer last year:

Would pay money for this beer.

Excellent job on the dry finish.

Good complexity and fermentation, just needs a bit more tart.

I scored an overall 38 out of 50 which equates to an excellent rating. 45-50 is outstanding and will put you in the winners circle. So, the big problem I have run into is the acidity or “tartness” of this style beer. While I was in DC I went to a home brew shop with a very knowledgable staff, that turned me onto an acidic-malt. Hopefully this will do the job.

Oh yea!

Oh yea!

Right now I have 5 gallons of this awesome brew cooking away in my closet. I am excited. But, I think everyone should join in on this. I know what you are thinking, but  it is cheap and easy (like me) and above all fun. You do not have to be a bio-chemist, but an understanding of how bacteria works does help.

Cooking up something good

Cooking up something good

If you have ever thought about brewing you own beer I suggest starting off light. Go with a small kit like Mr. Beer, which is what I started with and I learned how everything works. Plus, if you screw up a batch, you are not wasting 60 bucks and 5 gals. of beer. Trust me its not fun when this happens. In fact what I like to do now is slip in a couple of home brews into a cooler at a party and see the reaction. If people like it, the recipe stays, if not well, out it goes.  I have been thinking about joining a brewing club once my roots are planted. Also, I may have to cast out an invite for a “taste testing” session for those bloggers over the age of 21. Who knows, maybe one day I will have my own brew pub! Hell, even the big guys started out small.


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9 responses to “On your marks, get set, brew!

  1. f.B

    officially signing up for that taste-testing session.

    You and your lovely lady are on lock!

  2. Good luck! 🙂 I know you like beer, but have you ever tried to make wine?

    I have not tried yet. I really like wine, but I am not sure about kit wines. At least with beer I have more control over the process.

  3. I have issues making tea. Beer seems beyond me.

    It’s not as bad as one would think. You can actually brew beer with tea in it, if you want.

  4. The idea of brewing my own beer is freakin’ scary.

    A hobby and vice rolled up in one nice package!

  5. One of my good friends brews… honestly, his “Fat Tire imitation” may have been the best beer I’ve ever tasted.

    The next brew will be a bastardized version of a 90 minute IPA. I will keep the body light and the alcohol and hops thick!

  6. k8

    Damn it JP. I just want to say fuck you for not starting to blog about this kind of thing before I quit drinking.

    Wow. Sorry? Maybe. Still know how to satisfy the ladies, I’ll tell you what!

  7. A reason to drink? I’m in. As far as doing it myself, that’s why I have a job. I’ll pay someone to brew for me…maybe you someday.

    It is one of the best excuses I have come up with to drink mass quantities of beer. “What am I going to do with FIVE gallons of beer. Oh well guess I will have to drink it.” Its a good day when that happens.

  8. So when I get drunk and take off my pants at the family Christmas I can just say it is part of my hobby?

    I’m in.

    Or you could use the research excuse…

  9. Can’t wait to hear how this one turns out. I’m intrigued.
    It is cooking in a closet in DC as we speak (write).

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