There is something to be said about sleeping in until 11:45 on a Wednesday morning. This is a sign that I needed a holiday bad! What a holiday it was. If you have been following me for a bit the assumption could be made, that I had my head up my ass and was a bit of a downer. I couldn’t break out of my funk and believe you me I tried. I think the past few days helped me realize that all my hard work is about to pay off.

During my holiday I met incredible people and everyone I spoke with was very helpful in my quest. Even people that had no part of this quest were supportive and helpful. This was very refreshing to go to a new (yet familiar) place and be treated so well. Now, I can’t really reveal what I have cooking just yet. Lets just say my world is going to change; location, mentality, and hopefully pay scale. 

Now that I have returned to 70 degree weather I have been able to reflect a moment. Today I am refreshed and ready to go.So, if you met, saw, or spoke with JP in the past 7 days you had a direct part in helping get out of my funk. For that, I want to say thank you! Thank you very much, you truly helped someone who was ready to call it a day. 


P.S. Tomorrow is TMI Thursday and I will tell you a little story.


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7 responses to “Refreshed

  1. k8

    Oh, you’re moving to South Dakota. I just knew it!
    Just to be with you babe!

  2. Looking forward to tomorrow. I have to come up with TWO! It’s gonna be a banner TMI day…
    I am now excited!

  3. “There is something to be said about sleeping in until 11:45 on a Wednesday morning”..STOP! You’re going to make me cry! I’ve been waking up at 5am for the past 3 months! Glad to hear that you’re all refreshed though.:)
    Yea, I woke up at 4 yesterday and drove for 13 hours. I wasted spent!

  4. I’m glad you’re feeling spunkier— I’m a little jealous about the 70 degree weather.. Ok, a lot jealous. Now get yourself up here because I need a partner in crime.

    You are always welcome to visit the 70 degree weather. Oh yes, the town has not seen our awesome powers combined!

  5. f.B

    70 degree weather? You’re leaving 70 degree weather?


    Dude, can you just bring that with you?
    You ask, so you shall receive! Yea, that 70 eventually evolves to 105 for like 8 months.

  6. When I’m in a funk, I don’t try to get out of it. I just put on some Motown so at least it has a soundtrack.
    I like old country tunes. They seems to be spot on with me.

  7. I hate you for getting to sleep in. Maybe sometime next week I’ll take a “mental health day” and sleep till noon. That would be awesome.
    It is a wonderful feeling.

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