Junkies rush

I have come to the conclusion that I am a complete and utter junkie. Adrenaline is my drug. I recently watched a special on the brain and how epinephrine receptors work when placed in stressful situations. Norepinephrine is released into the brain when placed in a “fight or flight” situation, which gives the individual the “adrenaline rush.”  Why do I even bring this up? Because like smack (so I hear from junkies), each time you receive this rush, you need to do something more exciting and extreme to get the release.

I started thinking about this release theory while I was getting tattooed. Usually, I get really nervous and get a rush right before the needle hits the skin; the rush is good. Mild euphoria, senses heightened and time starts to slow. This time, it wasn’t as strong, even with needles going into my armpit. The special I speak about was focused on base jumping: this is where one jumps off a cliff with a parachute. Each time the person jumps, they will wait longer to pull the cord, thus increasing the release of epinephrine.

It seems I have been struggling with this “addiction” my whole life. Surfing, skating, running into burning buildings (fire fighting), racing, piercings, working trauma, each time I take an up a “hobby” it gets more extreme. It has manifested into the newest ink addiction, in which I have collected 50 + hours, but as they say, “the thrill is gone.” I can unscientifically hypothesize about his as well. Ask anyone that more than 2 tattoos and 80% of them will say, yea I would like to get more, there addictive.

This brings me to my thought while I was having many tiny  needles dragged over the very fragile epidermis of my armpit. I need a new addiction hobby. I have recently pondered the idea of sky or scuba diving. My friend that has done a majority of my artwork, is an avid skydiver and he has me convinced that I need a new rush trigger. The problem is I am not sure what will be the cessation of said impulse; that and I am really cheap. So, I think I am going to take up running.

Running is something I have always hated. Boring is how I would describe it. But, each time I would run during training or run in school for a myriad of reasons, I would get a nice rush. So, with that said I think I will try something new and break out of my rut, while pumping my body full of it’s own glorious naturally intoxicating drug; my friend adrenaline! Seriously, is it wrong to punish your body in the pursuit of pleasure?



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9 responses to “Junkies rush

  1. Well, my friend, ink ain’t cheap either. At least I hope you aren’t getting bargain bins tattoos. I’d go with sky diving over running, but I just REALLY hate to run.

    I will have to show you my discount ink on Friday! Yea, I hate it too, which makes me want to do it even more.

  2. Oh, just take Adderall like the rest of us already….kidding (mostly)

    I’m old school and prefer Ritalin, the problem is it just mellows me out.

  3. Running, for me, is all about the music… it makes it or breaks it, seriously.

    Even with music I get so damn bored. But, it is my hatred for it that pushes me toward it.

  4. Running is great, in fact that’s my usual work out . . . when I work out, that is. BUT if you want extreme . . . try free running, also called by the French word “parkour”. Also referred to as “urban acrobatics” It’s mad impressive and it doesn’t cost money. Just search free running or parkour on Youtube, if you haven’t already heard of it anyway.

    2 of my friends do parkour and they are pretty damn good at it too!

  5. k8

    So when my medicine says it’s a norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor, does that mean I’m getting MORE of that in my brain or less? Because I never feel a rush of anything.

    Maybe if I had sex more.

    That is used to slow the norephinephrine transporter, so it stays in the system longer, in order to increase the good feeling drugs “serotonin” and “dopamine.”

    More sex is recommended in order to feel better. But, that is just me.

  6. OH Jeeze. Running. Ugh.

    I hate running. If running came after me, I’d run away from it.

    Or something.

    Insert bad “Forrest Gump” joke here.

  7. Tattoos are addicting! I have about 3 in lineup that I want to get added, I’m debating on them though – to make sure I’ll stay excited about them.
    Running? Its all you! If I were to help you choose, I’d say scuba diving. At least just once. Do it!

    I have been diving, but not uber into it yet. As for ink just go with it, thats my philosophy.

  8. k8

    Regardless, nothing’s ever going to get me to run.

    Awwh, don’t be a bum. Come running with me. It’s only like 80 degrees outside.

  9. The free fall is fucking amazing and as long as you don’t get nauseated on merry-go-rounds and such, you’ll probably love skydiving even after the parachute opens. Unfortunately, I’m the dizzy type and was ready to unhook the damn parachute pack to end my misery.

    I say take the jump.

    Jump I shall!

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