Awwwwh, caught you looking


Poor bastard is going to get hit

Poor bastard is going to get hit

So every once in a while Chocolate Bear and I get a little too ricockulous at times; we know this as seen in above snapshot.  We are immature, loud, and tend to play stupid games we remember from the 5th grade. Yes, 2 grown ass men acting like 5th graders, ironic I know. The incident you see above is because of a game called, “caught you looking.”

The basic premise of the game is to make a circle with your index and thumb while outstreching the rest of your fingers. Then placing said hand at either nipple (see above) or crotch level. It has to be done non-chalantly so the intended target’s “spidey senses” are not tingled. Once your hand is in proper placement, keep it there until someone looks down. If the target looks down you yell out, “Caught you looking!” Then punch them in the shoulder and call them gay.

Think of this as mild form of the “show your balls game” as highlighted in the movie Waiting. The premise is the same, but safe to play anywhere. It is key that you punch them and call them gay for looking. If they are gay, punch them and call them straight; as we do not discriminate at the Gospel of JP. This is perfect for screwing with your friend in those unsuspecting moments. In my personal observation, girls are the best players of this game. They tend to get really into it. Plus, if any girl drops her hand to her nipple or crotch, a guy is always going to look. Damn I have to tell ya, a girl with a hand to the crotch will get me every time!

(The above picture was taken and sent to a douche bag we know. He was hit hard when he looked at the photo. Justice was served.) 


As a side note here are the latest additions to the 50+ hour ink addiction:


Another one for the ladies

Another one for the ladies


Yes, my mama is proud. Thanks for asking.

Yes, my mama is proud. Thanks for asking.



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3 responses to “Awwwwh, caught you looking

  1. For some reason, tattoos on the feet really scare me…as in they look really painful, not that I think they are scary.
    Every time I add to this piece, I get really anxious then end up getting wayyy too wasted after. The part that really hurts is the mid-line of where the soft skin meets the rough part on the bottom. That sucks!

  2. k8

    Nice. Not so hot pink anymore, eh? And any game where you get to punch your friends and call them gay is okay by me.

    Naw, I had to add depth. Totally forgot how much it hurt though. Yea, for some reason a game that allows you to punch your friend is soo awesome. Kind of like a good fart joke!

  3. Just don’t play that game in Brazil. Unless you’re in the mood for a bar brawl. Which could be fun. But might endanger your tat.

    That particular hand gesture is to Brazilians what our middle finger is to us.

    Oh yea. But more importantly, do not get caught behind a line of Brazilian tourists at a Wal-Mart. You are guaranteed to have a bad day. Just sayin…

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